Please read the above post which comes from that website and via the Zionist Freedom Alliance which is a quite wonderful organization demonstrating the power of the Zionist ideal in the hands of the Jewish youth, an ideal which stands somewhat separate from the thinking of the crusty old Jewish elites especially in the West.


The essence of their point is that the US Government, ruling class, elite, establishment, New World Order (chose your name!) are still intent on grabbing Judea and Samaria and handing it over to the bunch of Arab terrorists known as Fatah and Hamas…


Which is as Robert Spencer of Jihadwatch and Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs continually are pointing out these days…is nothing more or less than the Islam Jihad in action in that particular neck of the woods.


You cannot really, no matter how you might wreck your brains, find a better word or description for this than the “New World Order”.


But the present “left” is not left at all and is linked to Palestinism Antisemitism, and is in alliance with Islam, and with Jihad.


Result as far as the left is concerned is one big headache. The left talk about the “New World Order” but do not totally, or even dare I say at all, understand it.

Iit seems rather obvious to us on that the American and European elites are moving towards outright dictatorship (THEY know that this capitalist crisis is WORSE than the 1929 crash)


But in moving towards this dictatorshnip our revered friends in the CIA, and even in European Intelligence, understand, accept and are working upon, that the best allies which they have in this move to outright dictatorship, may, will, must be, none other than the Muslim Brotherhood.


You doubt me. Ah well, we are just bogging down in the empirical facts that prove this…from Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo onwards and taking in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Ivory Coast…the list is now scores long.


Just remember that in the capitalist “New World Order” of the future Jerusalem is a big and special prize.


And to cement that Alliance with the Muslim Brothers Fascism there is essentially no place for Jews in Jerusalem.


It all boils down to this very unpalatable fact for many elderly or conservative minded Jews, under a capitalist system sliding towards fascism, a Zionist Jewish state is not possible to maintain.


You have to think anew and one more time about the New Socialist Commonwealth. That is why the revered and reverend Ted Belman of Israpundit just hates to hear the name of Leon Trotsky uttered, and takes quite dramatic action on his site to ensure that it is not uttered.


But out of this acorn a great movement will grow. While Ted will wither without any water in the desert sun.