by Felix Quigley

March 16, 2009

Ken Loach is a good film maker. He is also a man who has been totally taken in by Nazi propaganda, namely the Palestinian Big Lie.

It appears that there is a new organization afoot. This organization is really an off shoot of the Jew Hating Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Thus this organization when it comes to discuss the issues involved in the creation of Israel and the opposition of Jew Hating Arabs to Israel and to Zionists leaves out vital information for its followers.

Especially left out is that the real founder of the Palestine Arab movement is a man call Hajj Amin el Husseini, also known as the Mufti of Jerusalem, sometimes as “The Mufti”.

This man was a Nazi. He took part in the Holocaust of the Jews in Europe. He presided over the intentions of the Nazis to kill every single Jew in Palestine, in fact the Jew killing team was already in place ready to move into Palestine and slaughter the Jews.

There was no shortage of expertise in this enterprize. The nominal leader of the team was a top Nazi called Walther Rauff, a man of some intensity of purpose, giving to his name the distinction of having invented the Gas Vans used in the beginning stages of the Holocaust.

Assisted by the US Jew Hating elite who barred Jews from entering America, later this US ruling class was to recruit precisely these Nazis like Rauff as Christopher Simpson showed in his famous work “Blowback”.

However Rauff had a comand even above him as he waited in Athens for the dice to roll, not for him but for the Jews that he hated so. He was waiting for the Nazis under Rommel in North Africa to win through and it is a very lucky thing for the Jews of Palestine and all of the North African countries that they did not.

The command above Rauff was of course Hitler. But standing alongside Hitler, and especially standing alongside Himmler was Hajj Amin el Husseini, the Arab Palestinian Jew hater, the Arab Nazi who was representative of the Arabs in the Arab countries, a man monster from Palestine and really the founder of the Arab Palestine movement.


You see this Palestinian Arab movement was founded on a strange kind of nationalism, that is Jew Hatred of an extreme kind, so extreme that in 1942 the Holocaust beckoned for all the Jews in the Middle East.


The searing history that must not be aired on the so calle Left of the day.

So look at how today the various forces are coming together.

1. The US Nazis in the various Governments of the US. Clinton, Bush, now Obama!  They are arming and promoting these Nazis in Fatah and Hamas in order to create a new Holocaust of the Jews.

2. Obama making the way to a Holocaust possible through his alliance with Islam and with Jew murdering Iran. Blair in position in Palestine as a representative of that old Jew Hating British ruling class, which in 1939 passed the notorious White Paper which led directly to millions of Jews trapped in Europe, and those millions of poor defenceless people going to the most horrible deaths possible, where they watched their fathers mothers and children die, often minutes before they themselves were killed.

3. The United Nations of today, now totally controlled not only by the Nazis of Britain and the US, but also by the in built majority of Islamist countries in the UN slate.

4. Those phoney and illegal international courts and court system which we saw so clearly in the case of the destruction of Yugoslavia and the judicial slaying in his prison cell of the President of the Serbs Slobodan Milosevic, aided of course by the Serbian “Kapos” in the Serb ruling class.


What ingenuity these Jew haters and Israel haters of today are showing!


The call

       We are calling for the creation of a RUSSELL TRIBUNAL ON PALESTINE. This Tribunal will work rigorously and in the same spirit as the Tribunal on Vietnam that sat in 1967, under the presidency of Jean-Paul Sartre.     The Tribunal will have to judge the breaches of international law, of which the Palestinians are victims, and which deprive the Palestinian people of a sovereign State.        The Advisory Opinion given by the International Court of Justice of The Hague on the 9th of July 2004 sums up those violations, and concludes, in particular, that Israel must dismantle the Wall and compensate the Palestinians for all the damage resulting from its construction.      This Opinion reiterates, in §163,D, that “All States are under an obligation not to recognise the illegal situation resulting from the construction of the wall and not to render aid or assistance in maintaining the situation created by such construction; all State parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilians Persons in Time of War of the 12th of August 1949 have in addition the obligation, while respecting the United Nations Charter and international law, to ensure compliance by Israel with international law as embodied in that Convention”.       This Opinion was confi rmed on the 24th of July 2004, by resolution ES-10/15 of the General Assembly of the United Nations, adopted by 150 Members States. The General Assembly “demands that Israel, the occupying Power, comply with its legal obligations as mentioned in the advisory opinion” and “calls upon all States Members of the United Nations to comply with their legal obligations as mentioned in the advisory opinion”.       Drawing in particular on the Advisory Opinion and the UN resolution, the RUSSELL TRIBUNAL ON PALESTINE will reaffi rm the primacy of international law as the basis for the settlement of the Israeli Palestinian confl ict. It will identify breaches in the application of the law and will bring all the perpetrators to the attention of international public opinion.       Your support for this Tribunal will give it the moral weight necessary to advance the cause of justice and law in this part of the world.       Thanking you for your attention and your response to this appeal, and with cordial greetings.         Yours sincerely, 











 Ken Coates                              Nurit Peled                                   

Leila Shahid

Chairman of the Bertrand              Sakharov Prize 2001            General Delegate of Palestine to the

Russell Peace Foundation                                                       European Union, Belgium, Luxembourg


EU-wide rise in anti-Semitism described as ‘understandable’

British film director Ken Loach says that a rise in anti-Semitism in Europe since the Gaza crisis is “not surprising and understandable”.

He was responding to a report earlier this week by the Vienna-based agency for fundamental rights (FRA) which said cases of anti-Semitism had risen across Europe since last December.

The agency, which collected information from 19 EU members, said rises in anti-Semitism, ranging from vandalism to physical attacks, were a serious concern.

“There does seem to be a relationship between the rise of anti-Semitism in the EU and the situation in the Middle East,” said Ioannis Dimitrakopoulos, one of the paper’s authors.

But, speaking in Brussels on Wednesday, Loach said, “If there has been a rise I am not surprised. In fact, it is perfectly understandable because Israel feeds feelings of anti-Semitism.”



Israel feeds feelings of anti-Semitism

Loach, famous for films like Kes, Cathy Come Home and Riff Raff, stressed that “no-one can condone violence”.

But the director, who has spoken out against Israel in the past, branded the report as a “red herring” designed to “distract attention” from Israel’s recent military actions.

Loach was speaking before the launch of the ‘Russell tribunal on Palestine’ which aims to highlight what he described “Israel’s war crimes”.

Italian GUE MEP Luisa Morgantini, who recently visited Gaza, was also speaking at the event. She said the tribunal’s aim was to collect evidence on recent developments in the region for presentation at a hearing later this year.

“It will not be legally binding but the aim is for it to operate in the same way as a court of law,” she said.

“The results will then be made public.”

“If it is proved that Israel committed war crimes then it should be held accountable.”

An Israeli speaker, Nurit Peled, who won parliament’s Sakharov Prize in 2001, said, “As far as I am concerned Israel violated international law in its recent actions in Gaza.”


And we on 4international ask our Jewish friends in Israel and abroad who is this excrescence Nurid Peled who shouts such Kapo filth and who associates with such filthy Jew Haters.


By Felix Quigley

December 30, 2008

The most important part of the previous article on 4international based on the wonderful DEBKAfile report , you find this great site on, are these 2 paragraphs containing the ever perceptive Debka rhetorical question


[Start quote from DEBKAfile here]


The most important mission carried out by the Israeli Air Force Sunday was the destruction of 40 smuggling tunnels, severing Hamas’ arms, fuel, ammunition and reinforcements lifeline from Iran and Syria via Egyptian Sinai. It raised the question of why this feat was not carried out during the three years since the tunnels began functioning.

Whereas Saturday, the Israeli bombers struck with missiles, Sunday, they dropped Guided Bomb Unit-28s (GBU-28) on the Philadelphi tunnels. This laser-guided, 5,000-pound conventional munition was developed for penetrating hardened Iraqi command centers located deep underground. It carries a 4,400-pound penetrating warhead.

This raises many questions.

But first it is necessary to point out that situations of open war in the Middle East always brings out the extreme Israel Hatred that exists in the Media and in broad sections of especially European populations, indoctrinated over decades by that very Media.

Yesterday I experienced this where I presently live here in Spain. And I am just one person existing in a small bubble of reality nor do I pay too much attention to the bourgeois Media at any time. Yet it hit me forcefully.

On the REM Spanish station run by Jewish Dublin man Maurice Boland, Boland confronted Stephen Ritson with a simple question which Ritson did not answer.

Boland pointed to the Wall, that the building of the Wall by Israel cut down the suicide bombs from the “Palestinians” by 98 per cent. Ritzon refused to confront this thus showing that he could care less about those thousands of Jews spattered on the pavements of the streets of Jewish Homeland (remember Ritson refuge from the Holocaust etc)  If he had cared then he would not have dodged Boland’s point and challenge!

Second yesterday I happened to pick up the La Verdad Spanish newspaper and had a look at their 3 full pages devoted to the war, I swear to you it could have been written by a “Palestinian” journalist and maybe indeed it was.

Back to the loaded question above by Debka. The point they make is if Israel had the technique to finish those tunnels 3 years ago then why on earth wait until all this rocketry enters into Gaza proving now such a danger. Yesterday 5 valuable Israeli Jewish lives were lost.

A little aside on this issue of Jewish lives…Israel is surrounded and for every one Jew there are about 5000 bloodthirsty Islamists all eager to destroy the Jews. That is why those 5 Jewish lives are so valuable and are irreplacable.

Ritson would not understand.

So back again…To answer that question of why the Jews did not destroy those tunnels 5 years ago…you have to go into the weaknesses in the Jewish psychology. You see there are elements in it which makes Jews always talk about peace, and living at peace with people who have declared time and time again that they are the enemies of the Jews.


That is the past of the PLO, of the PA, of Hamas and of Ahmadinejad. It is the past of the Holocaust.

What must be repeated over and over is that the November rejection of the UN plans in 1947 by those Arabs of the time was just 2 years following the end of the Holocaust in which the whole Arab population were closely intertwined with the Nazis. So some subterfuge by the Arabs was necessary.

The trick here is that after the Holocaust the Arabs and world Islamists learned quickly that they had to dress this obsessive Jew Hatred in different language.

Hence the “poor” Palestinians image and brand name was created and was promoted heavily, taken up by the Stalinists in Moscow for their own evil reasons, taken up by the mouthpiece of the British Establishment the BBC for their evil reasons, taken up more lately by CNN, hence on to the scruffy little Spanish La Verdad

In this regard let us take a cut off point in the historical timeline. Let us take say 1960. Before this date there was not a mention of the “Palestinians”.

The whole concept is advertiser’s imagery. Before 1960 it was not heard. There were NO Palestinians in that these people called themselves Arabs. Now it is everywhere.

This imagery was sold through lies, lies and more lies. Over the past 15 to 20 years this has seen the rise of clearly pro anti Jewish terror groups like the ISM. Indeed what is a real giveaway yesterday the BBC employed one of these ISM groupies to give an on spot report from Gaza.

So back to the Jews of Israel. Why not use those tunnel busters at the beginning many years ago? Why wait?

The reason is that the minds of too many Jews are filled with “Peace” with their enemies’

It is Shalom this and Shalom that.

That is a nice concept and peace or Shalom is a wonderful idea. But it is NOT a wonderful idea when that hungry, antisemitic wolf is howling at your front door. You get my point. Then it is far better, safer and more conducive to eventual peace to stare that cold hard reality of Jew Hatred right in the eyes and to see that Jew hatred smoking out of those hairy nostrils.

And that really is why those Israeli politicians like Olmert, Barak and Livni kept putting it off. Maybe there is another way they reasoned.

By the way on REM I believe that Jewish man Boland is paying the wages of Ritson That means Boland has a problem if he is true to himself. Ritzon cannot even confront the issue of how to stop suicide bombers, Palestinians, coming in and plastering Jewish brains and muscle onto the pavements of Jewish cities.

Or put another way Ritson cannot confront the question of how Jews can stop suicide bombers.

I am a Trotskyist and we on 4international are Trotskyists. In war if the enemy is coming to kill you we say kill the enemy before he has a chance to do so. Those who talk about being peaceful to your enemy are real hypocrites and worse.

Little children in the Jewish areas of Judea know better. They know the Arabs. That the Arabs want to end the only Jewish state which is Israel while the Arabs have 21 states in existence, including Jordan which was given to the Arabs by the British, carved out of the land given to the Jews in the San Remo League of Nations Treaty of 1920, and peopled now by those Arabs from Palestine.

Little Jewish children know these basic facts of reality. But the suave REM Ritson will never get it. Boland has to or at least as a Jewish man should ask why but I doubt if he will!

The Jews in struggle have a real chance now to understand history. Ritson NEVER!