This issue going to tear the British Imperialists and Ruling Class apart. Already the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust is highly implicated in Jihadi John apologists “Cage” and has given these Jihadists of “cage” up to half a million. British workers must urgently waken up.

The working class is asleep both in Britain and in Ireland. The trade unions in their down the line support including financial for Jihadist movemernts (who seek the destruction of Israel and a new Shoah) lull the workers to sleep and encourage indifference.

Surely it is time for conscious workers to take a close look at this dangerous group Cage Prisoners. How do you see this group? Any comments are helpful here if you have information share it NOW.

Campaign group Cage (short for Cage Prisoners) described Jihadi John as ‘beautiful’ person
-Lord Carlile, a former reviewer of anti-terror legislation said there are ‘serious concerns’ surrounding the group
-Added that he would never advise donating money to organisation
-Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust has given £305,000 to Cage

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2972757/Fury-charities-fund-ISIS-Jihadi-John-apologists.html#ixzz3T0UKGtL5

PS I am not a fan of the Mail but check is this factual and if it is it demands action.

First step therefore is to investigate this “Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust”

I would also ask that conscious workers in Ireland begin an investigation into Adams and Sinn Fein in their role in the promotion of Antisemitism and Jihad against Israel and their telling lies to the Irish people over the nature and role of Hamas and Fatah alike