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If you are a regular reader of www. 4international.me then have you got this book on your bookshelf and if not if possible get the download version from Amazon (The Vatican Against Israel J’accuse) autor Giullio Meotti


The news from Aaron Klein whose information is usually fact based is that this Antisemite Barack Obama and Kerry are trying to take Jerusalem from Israel and place it under the control of an International body, basically the United Nations, which calls Israel a racist state.


Sometimes the news of this growing Antisemitsm is just too unbearable.


This was the lesson of Hitler and the Nazis. The forces of Antisemitism and of Fascism thrive on one thing above all others. That is the degree to which their victims do not fight back.


The Nazis were in their element because the Jews did not have their own country to use as a base to fight back from.


Also the Nazis were supreme because the working class had been betrayed in 1933 by the action of the Social Democracy (Labourism…think Tony Blair or Zapatero here) and also by the deadly action of Stalinism on the working class movement.


Add into that the reality that Judaism is a very old and respected religion of mankind and is not nor could it be a method to fight against Fascism, which is a modern phenomenon.


RESULT…the Jews were leaderless and therefore relatively helpless.


Bring that into the present the Jews do have a country Israel.


But But But the same conditions exist. The Jews are again leaderless.




First step is that the Jews must withdraw from the talks with the Arab Palestinians


Second step is that Israel must take concrete steps to make itself safe against Iran and others…that is self-defence no matter what self-defence takes


Third step is to recruit into www.4international.me because if you agree with the above then leadership is important above all other things.



U.S. PLAN GIVES JERUSALEM HOLY SITES TO VATICAN. International mandate to control sections of Israel’s capital Posted on December 15, 2013 at 6:55 PM




By Aaron Klein



Secretary of State John Kerry quietly presented a U.S. plan for eastern Jerusalem that calls for an international administrative mandate to control holy sites in the area, according to informed Palestinian and Israeli diplomatic sources. The exact composition of the international mandate is up for discussion, the sources said, but Kerry’s plan recommended a coalition that includes the Vatican, together with a group of Muslim countries such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The international arrangement is being proposed as a temporary solution for about two to three years while security arrangements in Jerusalem between Israelis and Palestinians are finalized, said the sources. Israel, the sources said, was not receptive to the particulars of Kerry’s plan, especially the concept of Turkish participation in Jerusalem. Kerry told the Israelis he would hold talks with the Kingdom of Jordan about it playing a leading role in the proposal in the place of Turkey, the sources added. Kerry was in Jerusalem on Friday as part of an Obama administration effort to reach a deal for a Palestinian state by April, a timeline that is still on track, Kerry told reporters. “We are working on an approach that both guarantees Israel’s security and fully respects Palestinian sovereignty,” Kerry added. According to the Israeli and Palestinian diplomatic sources speaking to KleinOnline, Kerry’s trip this time around focused specifically on the particulars of security arrangements for the strategic Jordan Valley following a deal. In October, KleinOnline exclusively reported Kerry was strongly urging Israel to give up the Jordan Valley in closed-door talks with the Palestinian Authority. The current round of U.S.-brokered talks is attempting to hash out the details of a plan for the valley. The Jordan Valley cuts through the heart of Israel. It runs from the Tiberias River in the north to the Dead Sea in the center to the city of Aqaba at the south of the country, stretching through the biblical Arabah desert. The U.S. proposal calls for international forces to maintain security control along with unarmed Palestinian police forces, a senior Palestinian Authority negotiator told KleinOnline in October. Israel will retain security posts in some strategic areas of the Jordan Valley, according to the U.S. plan. Previous talks incorporated an element of Jordanian authority in the Jordan Valley, but the Kingdom of Jordan is wary of participating in a future Palestinian state, the negotiator said. The Palestinian negotiator pointed to the insurgency in Syria and changes of leadership in Egypt as reasons for Jordanian reluctance to assume any security control over Palestinian areas. – See more at: http://kleinonline.wnd.com/2013/12/15/u-s-plan-gives-jerusalem-holy-sites-to-vatican-international-mandate-to-control-sections-of-israels-capital/#sthash.SUlcarLp.dpuf













The following is a post from the famous newspaper Jerusalem Post, which all the anti-Semites in the world hate.


It came to 4international via Ted Belman of Israpundit


Some comments by 4international at the end of the Jerusalem Post entry



The IDF is taking extra precautions and preparing a firm but non-lethal response to any attempt to force the nation’s borders in the coming days, as Palestinians plan mass marches to mark Arab losses in the Six Day War.

IDF units have dug a barbed-wire-protected trench along the Golan Heights security fence at Majdal Shams, Israel Radio reported.

Residents of the Druse village have been instructed not to approach the fence, which some 100 Syrians crossed on May 15 in a dramatic cross-border breach.

Near Moshav Avivim, troops have fortified the border fence with Lebanon and set up new lookout posts, the radio station reported.

The IDF Northern Command has ordered soldiers on the Syrian and Lebanese borders to follow the usual rules of engagement before opening fire. They are instructed to shout warnings at protesters approaching the border, then, should those instructions be ignored, to fire warning shots in the air, a military source said on Wednesday.

If marchers continue to approach the fence, troops are ordered to direct nonlethal fire at their lower bodies, the source said.

“We could also use tear gas and stun grenades. But we won’t tolerate the idea that our international borders will become like Bil’in,” the source said.

Bil’in is a village near Modi’in Illit and the site of Friday protests in which the West Bank security barrier is routinely damaged.

“We are talking about protecting our international borders,” the source said. “We won’t let the other side get its wish and have 70 people killed…

We have no intention of letting Syria and Lebanon use these incidents to delegitimize Israel.”

An extensive campaign on Facebook and other Internet forums is calling for marches on Israel’s borders with Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Gaza, and for Arabs in Israel, the West Bank and Jerusalem to converge on the Aksa Mosque to declare their “allegiance” to the city. Three separate but similar rallies are planned for this Friday, Sunday and Tuesday, with Sunday – the anniversary of the war’s outbreak in 1967 – expected to draw the largest crowds.

An IDF officer told The Associated Press this week that the army would set “red lines” for demonstrators and would provide troops with crowd-control tools such as rubber bullets and water cannons to handle “life-threatening situations.”

The official said the army would be better equipped to handle protests than it was two weeks ago, when on “Nakba Day” – the annual Palestinian day of mourning over Israel’s creation – at least 10 people were killed on the Lebanese and Syrian borders while trying to enter the country.

The most active group organizing the rallies on “Naksa Day” – the day of the Arab “setback” in 1967 – calls itself Third Palestinian Intifada. The group’s Facebook page features a clock counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds beneath a banner reading “June 7.”

The page has been removed by Facebook several times for inciting violence, only to return under a slightly different name. Since going back up in April, the site has amassed some 375,000 followers.

Lebanon’s press has also been abuzz with plans for mass rallies. The pro- Syrian Ad-Diyar daily quoted organizers suggesting 100,000 people would participate in processions from refugee camps in Beirut, Sidon and Tyre to the village of Maroun al-Ras, the site of border clashes on this year’s “Nakba Day” that left more than 10 people dead.

As-Safir, a left-wing pan-Arab daily published in Beirut, reported that the Lebanese Army has no intention of allowing a repeat of last month’s disturbances.

“Senior military sources told As-Safir that the Lebanese Army has ‘good control of the border’ and will not allow anyone to tamper with security,” the paper said. Western sources said Maj.-Gen. Alberto Asarta, commander of the UNIFIL monitoring force in south Lebanon, would be traveling to Israel to discuss plans for dealing with the unrest, the paper reported.

UNIFIL spokesman Neeraj Singh told Beirut’s English-language Daily Star newspaper the force had no official confirmation so far about the march in its area of operations. He added that it was the Lebanese Army’s responsibility to secure the safety of protesters, “although we always stand ready to assist the LAF [the Lebanese Armed Forces], if they so request.”

A Lebanese military source told the paper the LAF might keep protesters from approaching the border altogether.

“The army has reservations about allowing protesters to reach the border,” he reportedly said. “We will not allow a repeat of what happened on Nakba Day, in terms of the killings of Palestinians.”

The same report quoted a senior Fatah commander in Lebanon saying a peaceful rally would proceed from the coastal town of Nakoura, across the border from Rosh Hanikra, to the Shi’ite village of Khiam, 4 km. north of Metull





Obviously war is being stepped up on the Jewish Homeland. By whom…there can only be one answer…by world anti-Semitism



This war against the Jewish Homeland is being fought by ignorant savages some of whom are masquerading as journalists


Some even masquerade as the learned people of the Guardian, Times, Independent, the Churches…the list is endless because world anti-Semitism is endless


The response of Israel and of Israeli politicians is not sufficient and is not adequate to this threat. But in saying that this war is being fought in every country, and since we do not live in Israel that is our responsibility to do something about this


The very first thing that must be done is that we on the side of the Jewish Homeland must form a United Front against this


Pamela Geller has noted that these anti-Semites in the world have had their inspiration from the election of Obama. This has nothing to do with the colour of the man’s skin, in fact blacks should be in alliance with Jews. It has to do with his politics, and his clear alliance with the forces of side of American politics, which is to use the Palestinian Arab issue to, and the forces around Palestinian Arab anti-Semitism.


Obama has come from the Khalidi/Edward Said/Pastor Wright area of American anti-Semitism


How this can be combatted…we have to start from fundamentals and ask what this “Palestinian Arab State” is all about.


To answer that question means that we have to be very familiar with this history, from 1920 onwards, especially 1948 and 1967.


It is around these dates that the big lies are told.


Can I add a few words about the Irish radio presenter Richie (“Finkelstein is a great scholar”) Allen


My most fundamental disagreement with Allen is on a question of philosophy and method.


Allen thinks that there are 4 or 5 different versions of this history. Bull Shit Allen! That is relativism and total Bull Crap.


We will fight you on that Allen.


We have 10 major articles on history being prepared on our sister site www.wedefendisrael.com


Slow progress but we will get there.


Write us here, join us, help us.