You cannot prevent the truth from coming out and this article by Julia Gorin, essentially about Srebrenica, and its introduction by Pamela Geller, is part of the truth about this greatest hoax of our times, if not of all time, getting abroad.


Gorin is right, the fact that this important news source, “Russia Today” is questioning the evidence of Srebrenica is a major blow against the Oliver Kamms and the others who have labelled those of us, especially 4international, as “genocide deniers”


There are two facts which 4international has continually emphasised; perhaps I would add one other to the following two:


1.     The very weighty “Dutch Report” clearly stated that they could find not ONE eye witness to say they SAW one murder by a Serb soldier when the Serbs entered the Srebrenica town

2.     The only “evidence” was the “evidence” of the supergrass Drazen Erdemovic who claimed in The Hague Kangaroo Court that he and 7 others murdered 1200 Muslims in a farm. But the prosecutors only called Erdemovic and not the 7 others, one of whom was the commander of Erdemovic, to give evidence at their Hague kangaroo Court. Suspicious or what!

3.     And the third point which really never should be left out is that journalists reported seeing Bin Laden being entertained at the court of the leader of the Muslims in Bosnia, Izetbegovic, in the early 1990s, as he was on his way to assembling the team who carried out the atrocity in New York, some years later. Many of these killers were trained in Bosnia linked to Iran.


(begin excerpt from 4international here)


According to the report, while Prentice was waiting in Izetbegovic’s foyer for an interview she, and a journalist from Germany’s Der Speigel, “saw Osama bin Laden being escorted into Izetbegovic’s office… needless to say this evidence did not sit well with the tribunal.”


Prentice was by no means the first to make the bin Laden-Bosnia connection. Izetbegovic’s plans for making Bosnia an Islamic state were long known, and the fact that there was a strong foreign mujahedin presence in Bosnia, would both indicate that her squelched testimony was highly relevant indeed.


However, as in all the other tribunals designed to bolster the Official Truth established by government interests – not least of all the 9/11 Commission – evidence such as hers is blotted out immediately or blocked in advance.


And vitally, the mass media has lost interest too, now that the “good news” has stopped flowing in like it used to, when the prosecution against Milosevic had the momentum. Since the former Yugoslav president has taken the offensive, however, Western media coverage has stopped altogether, expect for the occasional report fearing that his various illnesses might interfere with “justice” being done.

(from an article Eve Ann Prentice



These are the issues and it is on these key issues that the disinformation is concentrated.


For example, following the arrest of Ratko Mladic, who is actually nothing more than a Serb Christian patriot thrown against his will into a fight for survival against the Islamic Jihad which is in alliance with a western capitalist elite, the website in London called “Harry’s Place” ran several articles, with extensive comments, but not once was reference made to the key document in all of this, that is the book by Germinal Civikov, written in German but translated now into English, so there is no excuse, which clearly proves that there is no evidence provided except the “evidence” of this supergrass of the Balkans, Erdemovic


What happens is this and it happened time and time again in the North of Ireland:


  1. 1.     Get somebody with a shady past
  2. 2.     Offer him or her salvation (meaning keep out of prison)
  3. 3.     Sugar the pill, a life elsewhere, money in the currency of new residency, job etc.

Having done that the supergrass becomes an empty vessel, and the evidential operation runs along these lines:


STEP NUMBER ONE…Special Branch pours “evidence” in one end


STEP NUMBER TWO…The supergrass appears for his day in court and the “evidence” emerges out the other end


We on 4international have said this all along. Now that the great freedom fighter Pamela Geller is taking up the issue things will change, a lot.


Expect sustained campaign of hatred directed at Geller. Now that Geller is on board it will be harder to “ignore” Gorin.


Also, in direct proportion to the success of the truth coming out, expect also the direct murder of Ratko Mladic, just as Slobodan Milosevic was also murdered in his Hague Prison, by poisoning. In other words Geller and Gorin are confronting an enemy which although bankrupt, is very dangerous.


For the First Time upon the Capture of a Wanted Serb, a News Broadcast Questions the Evidence

A crack in the wall of disinformation and lies in the ongoing blood libel against the Christian Serbs. The lie must be protected at any and all costs. Cowardly clowns like Jeffrey Goldberg pile on to score points with the propagandists and smear merchants (of which he prides himself of being). This faux Jew calls me a “genocide denier.” These anti-intellectuals disregard concretes and claim that the widely disputed and inflated figure of some eight thousand (though many say it was hundreds) dead is a “genocide. ” Though little is made of the “genocide” of Christians that precipitated defensive action.

The murder of six million Jews is genocide.

The slaughter of millions of Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians genocide of millions is “genocide.” But do not dare use that word. You can’t call the Islamic slaughter of millions “genocide” because …….. it will offend the ummah. As for Jeff the JINO, Jews must protect ourselves from these enemies (cowardly liars)  masquerading as landsmen.

For the First Time upon the Capture of a Wanted Serb, a News Broadcast Questions the Evidence Julia Gorin

OK, so it’s “Russia Today” — and will therefore be blindly dismissed by most Americans — but I nonetheless have to take note of the fact that this is the first time, to my knowledge, that any news broadcast has had the audacity to report the paltriness of the evidence against an accused Serb upon his capture, rather than “tastefully” joining in on the anti-Serb wilding.

This means the information is finally getting out, including the fact that DNA CANNOT tell you the cause or manner of death. Here are the RT broadcasts, with the highlights appearing in print:

“Tribunal toys with body of evidence in Mladic case

REPORTER: …The Hague tribunal does have a lot of evidence regarding the massacre, but is all of it valid? […]

STEFAN KARGANOVIC (of the Srebrenica Historical Project): The forensic evidence certainly does not support the extravagant charges of 8,000 victims, and much of the evidence of legitimate combat deaths that occurred during that period is studiously ignored by the Hague tribunal and by the press because they have to do it if they are to bolster the number of casualties to come somewhat closer to the target figure of 8,000.

REPORTER: There are questions about the way the evidence has been interpreted. For instance with the autopsy reports. The ICTY presents 3,568 reports as corresponding to 3,568 bodies. But many researchers who went through the files say most of them are body parts, which means a lot less [sic: fewer] people.

ALEKSANDAR PAVIC (Balkans and ICTY observer): The Hague always has kind of done things as they go along. It’s been an improvisation. They’ve changed indictments on people. They’ve written indictments on people who have actually been already exported to the Hague. Meaning, first you get arrested and then you get an indictment. That’s the way the Hague works. So it won’t be a surprise if they adjust the indictment a few more times. They did it with Milosevic, they did it with others, they’ve done it with Seselj. So it’s just standard procedure with the Hague tribunal.

REPORTER: So the ICTY may well find itself in a tight spot again. More and more people are criticizing their lack of objectivity, and they have yet to complete a high-profile case…

Next was a June 4 broadcast, which appeared in two different edits:



REPORTER: …Despite the claims of 8,000 murdered men and boys, many of those who have studied those documents say that most of the reports actually concern body parts. They also say that there is no discernible way to determine which of those people died as a result of the Balkans war.

MARKO GASIC (Balkans expert): Those original figures of 8,000 came about from the Izetbegovic Islamist side. They were prepared in advance. Thousands of people were hidden, soldiers, and redrafted back into the Bosnian Islamist forces without their families even being informed. So there is certainly a great deal of exaggeration in this figure…This tribunal, you should remember, is not a court — it is a tribunal, with all the dubious ad-hoc quasi-legal procedures that that can involve. The Guantanamo Bay of Europe where people are held for years without trial, waiting for trial, when their verdict is known in advance. In fact, it’s even worse than the Guantanamo Bay of Europe, because at least there at Guantanamo Bay the judges know what the rules are. At the Hague tribunal, the kangaroo court, the rules are worked out as they go along, and always at the expense of the Serbs. […]

Note: I’ve never been too concerned with the Guantanamo Bay facility or how the “people” there are adjudicated; however, I appreciate Mr. Gasic being honest enough to at least make the distinction he does.

The other edit:

…GASIC (holding up a few documents): Here you have pictures of people’s graves who were on the list in the Srebrenica Missing, as it were, and they died in previous years. Or there are people here, again who died in previous years, who are on the Srebrenica list of missing-presumed-killed by the Serbs.

REPORTER: It’s impossible to talk about Srebrenica and not mention all the other atrocities that took place here. This is Srebrenica; just a few miles out is the village of Kravica where Bosnian-Muslim general Naser Oric literally wiped out the entire village. Throughout two years, Naser Oric tore through the region of Sreb destroying at least 150 villages and massacring over 3500 people, so the case against Mladic…does seem to be biased…The very prominent cases of course concerned mostly Serb generals….[Oric] was cleared by the Hague tribunal of all charges, so these fears of the Hague’s inability to be objective do seem to be substantiated.

The reporter also makes the key point that the Hague, for all the universally deferential citing of its rulings and “judgments” — as if they’re legally legitimate and adhere to a Western understanding of jurisprudence — is a political tool, not a legal one.

The only additional point I would make about the reporting is that she cites the “3,500″ figure in reference to the number of Serbs killed in and around Srebrenica. The opposing figure is closer to 1,500, and what accounts for the difference is something Stefan Karganovic — who goes with the smaller figure — explained to me. The higher figure includes the deaths at Bratunac in 1992, before the Srebrenica enclave was set up and therefore a separate chapter, as he sees it:

I was raised in the US and everything I do I try to be fair and honest about it, and not just push a tribal “truth.” Bratunac was under Serbian control throughout the war, although Moslem lines were just a short walk away. The only time Bratunac Serbs paid with their lives was in 1992 when Moslems, who had been arming themselves way before the conflict actually started, tried to stage an armed takeover there, as they did in a number of other communities, and failed. But that was before the Srebrenica enclave was set up and the carnage in the villages surrounding Srebrenica began. Our focus is on deaths that resulted from attacks originating from Srebrenica. I am trying to keep things separate on the Serbian side, just as I am insisting that Moslems keep their legitimate column casualties separate from execution victims. Balkan people are great at twisting everything to fit their agenda, but I was not brought up in the Balkans.

Meanwhile, I learned yesterday that even with all the pro-Muslim shenanigans at the Hague for the past 20 years, the Congress of North American Bosniaks, the Institute for Genocide Research Canada (IRGC), and the Australian Council of Bosnian Herzegovina Organizations (ACBHO) “request that the ICTY Court remove Judge Flügge from his role in the proceedings against Ratko Mladic, or in any case dealing specifically with charges of genocide. We are surprised that Judge Flügge would be once again assigned to a case dealing with charges of genocide due to his unapologetic comments in 2009 in the German weekly magazine “Der Spiegel” in which he openly questioned the classification of Srebrenica genocide.”

Now, if you read the Der Spiegel story, you’ll see that the judge holds all the typical, “correct,” pro-Muslim opinions about the Balkans wars. Not good enough! Why? Because he said it’s not any better to kill people because they all happen to be in a particular location than to kill them because of who they are — basically a statement against the legal classification “hate crime.” Which, if one thinks back a decade, had a lot of opponents who questioned whether the law should consider it worse to kill someone because you hate him than because the victim is, for example, elderly and an easy target to rob and kill.

But, again, the Muslims desperately need their genocide, and Flugge has the gall to deprive them of it. Not only did the judge commit the unforgivable sin, he added insult to injury by adding, “Strictly speaking, the term genocide only fits to the Holocaust.” Which, off the bat, negates the whole point of the whole exercise of the hard-won “genocide.” (Equal political footing with Jews, whom they see as deriving much of their sympathy and clout from the Holocaust.)

Never mind that he still grants them mass murder, a greater crime than what actually happened, and never mind that everything has been going their way for 20 years at the Hague — this guy’s gotta go!

Joining this judge in running afoul of Bosnian Muslims is an Ottawa Sun columnist named Michael Coren, against whom one of the above-named groups (IRGC) sent a letter of protest to the editors. Never mind that his Thursday column began with the following dutiful paragraph:

I don’t think any civilized and informed person either condemns or doubts the reason why Ratko Mladic was arrested by Serbian security forces, and handed over to an international war crimes trial in The Hague. He is alleged to have led a force that slaughtered 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys, and almost certainly did so.

It’s what the rest of his article showed he understood, that got to them:

Why are the Serbs the only ones targeted, [Mladic supporters] say, and why does the west, for example, not deal with the Islamic terror groups in Kosovo, and with Serbs being pushed from their homes in that troubled region?

They have a point. Washington and Europe have been enormously selective in their morality, and some of this is likely connected to the Americans and British in particular wanting to show the Islamic world that they care for the safety and plight of the world’s Muslims.

If so, they are incredibly naive.

Various Arab leaders may talk about the suffering of their fellow Muslims, but it is in fact their fellow Muslims who they themselves treat so badly on a regular basis.

The Serbian Orthodox nationalist Mladic may well have murdered 8,000 Muslims in Bosnia, but Hafez al-Assad, the father of the current Syrian leader, killed more Muslims than that in a single day when he wanted to demonstrate his authority and dissuade his people from revolution.

Boy Assad, the weak son, has probably gone past the 1,000 mark now, as he kills innocent people who even attend a funeral for a fallen protestor.

The Jordanian government is one of the more reasonable in the Islamic world, but in 1970 it killed more than 10,000 Palestinians, and the Arab nationalist icon General Nasser gassed entire villages in Yemen…The arrest of a Serb warlord is irrelevant to people who have no concern for their own, let alone for others.

If I were a Serb, I’d feel a little angry. As an unaligned commentator, I’m absolutely disgusted.

What Flugge and Coren seem to be almost alone in not having learned: Even minimal dissent will not be tolerated. Look around, guys — do you see any anywhere? That’s why even non-dissenting dissent like yours has kicked up a shit storm.

As for you specifically, Coren: No one has ever had the audacity to put themselves in the Serbs’ shoes, so don’t think of starting now. Speaking of which, why are you trying to do your own thinking on this? It’s been done for you, and so far everyone’s happy with it.

In closing, let’s notice that Coren has hit on yet another Israel-Serbia commonality: the fixation on Israeli/Serb behavior in the face of incomparably more numerous and heinous crimes by truly terrifying regimes, most notably those of Muslim governments against Muslims.

That Coren was able to notice in regard to Serbia what so far has only been noticed in regard to Israel is to his additional credit

The key Germinal Civilov book about Erdemovic is on

This book is brilliant. It details basically the making of a supergrass. The name of the supergrass who is so critical to the whole Srebrenica Massacre story and Case in the Hague is Drazen Erdemovic.

Without the “evidence” of this supergrass, as the weighty and respectable Dutch Report made clear, there is not one iota of evidence that the Serb soldiers on capturing Srebrenica murdered a single Muslim. They fought a battle yes, but carried out murders…no!

Mladic and all the other Serb prisoners in the Hague and elsewhere are innocent. They must be freed at once.

Meanwhile Nasir Oric and other Jihadists are walking about ikn freedom, with heads held high, protected by the international lie machine, the same lie machine that is threatening Mubarak with execution at the hands of The Muslim Brotherhood, and threatening thanks to Cameron et al the very life of Muammar Gadhafi, in the cruel bombing (by the great RAF) of Tripoli…IT IS ALL THE SAME BATTLE





Julia Gorin nails it (yet again) on the violent language used to protect the most despicable (and widely accepted) lies of the leftist/islamic machine.

The idea that the widely disputed and inflated figure of some eight thousand (though many say it was hundreds) dead is a “genocide” is an outrage. Though little is made of the “genocide” of Christians that precipitated defensive action.

As for the Armenian, Greek and Assyrian genocide of millions, don’t dare call it “genocide.” They’ll just have to be satisified with what Obama calls it, the “great atrocities.” You can’t call the Islamic slaughter of millions “genocide” because …….. it will offend the ummah.

LGF Comment Poster in Response to Pamela Geller on the Serbs: Geller Should be Chained to a Wall Republican Riot (hat tip 1389AD)


The letter by Mr. Edward Spalton (included further down in this blog) was sent out to local British papers and Euro-skeptic political journals, he informs me. Mr. Spalton is Vice Chairman of the Campaign for an Independent Britain, “a cross-party group trying to extricate our country from the European Union,” and he frequently writes on matters relating to Serbia, “as they are part and parcel of the European ‘empire’,” he explains, adding, “I have taken an interest in the Balkans since the early Nineties when I got the feeling that reporting in the mainstream media was very badly skewed – and, boy, was I right!”

*****************The tantrum-prone Charles Johnson, proprietor of the Little Green Footballs blog which was briefly conservative in the immediate post-9/11 era but whose love for Muslims has grown in direct proportion to the pro-Muslim propaganda we’ve been enduring since that day, has a sort of “Geller Watch” in which he tries to paint anti-jihad activist Pamela Geller as a vile nut job. The pitch reaches new levels when she touches on — guess what — the Balkans. Here is what Pamela posted this weekend (original emphasis included), followed by the usual sort of response that LGF does on the topic (look for the ubiquitous buzz phrase to stifle debate — you know what it is — “genocide denier”):Distorting History

Why aren’t the Bosnian Muslims held to the same standard as the Serb Christians? Why is this fabricated narrative protected so fiercely? The left is spitting bullets every time I post on Bosnia. They are so vested in establishing a militant Islamic state in the heart of Europe. Why?

The American people were fed an endless supply of distortions and deceptions in order to grease Clinton’s war. It began with a lie. How long will these human rights activists and international law clowns ignore the Serbian people and their stories? Refuting the Bosnian Lies.

The international community jumped to manufacture a “genocide” of a couple of hundred people, when real genocides like the millions of Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians by the Muslims are systematically ignored, demied [sic]. Enough. When does the truth get a hearing? Scroll here.

This letter in the [Edmonton] Journal speaks truth to lie:

Mladic’s record distorted
Edmonton Journal May 31, 2011

Re: “Mladic trial a time for Balkan truth,” Opinion, May 28.

Thanks for the ambitious headline: “Mladic trial a time for Balkan truth.”

We can only wish that truth were the goal of The Hague.

The Journal says that “Unquestionably, justice is the prime imperative behind the arrest and coming trial of the Balkans’ dreadful Ratko Mladic.”

Using the preface “unquestionably” doesn’t make it unquestionable.

The Journal says that “It is true that in the most passionate of conflicts, nothing will shake some people from false or distorted versions of past events.”

Serbians and the many reputable critics who have witnessed the reporting and trials that came out of these civil wars will firmly support that statement. What is a false version of past events? Could it be that changing the definition of genocide to fit the crime Mladic is accused of is a falsehood?

Thousands of Serbs around Srebrenica were slaughtered, tortured and beheaded by Muslims based in the Srebrenica “safe haven.” There was no question about who did it: Naser Oric, the leader of the killers, photographed his victims and bragged to Western journalists. This man got a light sentence -a slap on the wrist.

Who would believe that Mladic will get a fair trial?

There was never a Serbian plan, much less a Mladic plan, for a greater Serbia, but sloppy reporters, including The Journal, in using those words.

Anybody can pick up a package of past articles written about the conflicts and spit it out again. The Journal coyly states that if Mladic is convicted it will be for specific, verifiable crimes, but he has been convicted again and again in the press until he is finally being sent to this kangaroo court to tie things up.

The Serbian people are a dignified, justice-loving people whose story is ignored.

N. Jakovac, Toronto, Ont.

What the media refuses to report on are the facts.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur June 6, 1996
Senior official admits to secret U.N. report on Sarajevo massacre

For the first time, a senior U.N. official has admitted the existence of a secret U.N. report that blames the Bosnian Moslems for the February 1994 massacre of Moslems at a Sarajevo market.

Yasushi Akashi, the Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and the former head of the U.N. mission in Bosnia, told the German Press Agency dpa that the secret report is “no secret.”

An international outcry over the massacre, in which 68 civilians perished at Markale marketplace, led directly to a toughening of Western policy towards the Serbs, who were widely blamed for the incident.

But there have been persistent rumours at the United Nations ever since that a U.N. report clearly blamed the Moslems for firing on their own people in order to create international sympathy and get the West to fight on their side against the Serbs.

Until Thursday, U.N. officials strongly denied the report existed, even after it was quoted in press reports.

Akashi told dpa that not only did the first report exist, but that some journalists already had a copy. He said the details were in a 1995 story by U.S. journalist David Binder, who quoted from the confidential report.

According to Binder, the report said U.N. peacekeepers were prevented by Moslem police from entering the site in the aftermath of the explosion. No doctors were allowed on the scene and the 197 victims were carried away to hospital within 25 minutes.

After studying the crater left by the mortar shell and the distribution of the shrapnel, the report concluded that the shell was fired from behind Moslem lines. U.N. monitors reported no Serbian shelling that day from points near the marketplace.

The official U.N. report that was subsequently released said the evidence as to who fired the shell was inconclusive, since it originated from an area where Moslem and Serb lines were very close. The two reports represented divergent views, but the United Nations chose to publish the neutral report and keep the other secret.

The incident led to a NATO ultimatum to Bosnian Serbs to withdraw their heavy weapons from around Sarajevo.

At the time, Madeleine Albright, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., said: “It’s very hard to believe any country would do this to their own people, and therefore, although we do not exactly know what the facts are, it would seem to us that the Serbs are the ones that probably have a great deal of responsibility.”


Bosnian Serb leaders have claimed that the attack was engineered by Bosnian Muslim forces to lay blame on the Serbs and some UN officials in Bosnia have speculated that it may have been the case.

[Dragomir] Milosevic has argued that Muslim forces were entrenched in Sarajevo from where they shelled Serb positions, thus making the city a “legitimate target”.

Since its founding in 1993, the ICTY has indicted 161 individuals, mostly Serbs….

A source and reader of Pamela’s (Armaros), whom I’ve fought with in her comments section because he’s still a bit brainwashed on the Balkans (but more fair-minded than most), sent her the following email containing Johnson’s post yesterday:

When you call out “genocide denier” no wonder the hate follows. Funny this is what he is claiming to be fighting:

Pamela Geller, Genocide Denier

“…Today, Pamela Geller crossed the line into outright genocide denial, claiming that only a “couple of hundred people” were killed in Srebrenica by Serbian commander Ratko Mladic. The truth, of course, is that Mladic oversaw the massacre of thousands of innocent Muslims — including many children — who had sought safety from the genocide being perpetrated by Serbian forces in other parts of Yugoslavia. And that’s just one of his many documented war crimes.

“And it gets even worse. Geller also claims that Muslim forces fired on their own people to create international sympathy, and that the well-documented attempted genocide by Serbians was completely fabricated.

“Her despicable post supporting the mass murder of Muslims: DISTORTING HISTORY – Atlas Shrugs…”

How can the separating of the men of fighting age and allowing the women and children to join the UN camp [be] genocide? Even if they killed 8000 that would be a serious war crime but not genocide.

Armaros gets it.

And we should thank Pamela for putting herself out there on this, the untouchable subject.

OH, these were two of the comments to the LGF post:

By ‘albusteve’: “Geller has become a demented freak that should be chained to a wall…her reckless fabrications ought to be criminal

By ‘Summer’: “You know……you’d think that the bitch would learn some day…

Notice that, like the Muslim world, LGF readers and bloggers don’t seem to believe in free speech. I mean, if Geller should be chained to a wall and all.

Notice something else, a consistent pattern when it comes to the Balkans. It doesn’t matter if the Serb-exculpatory information is coming from a report by an otherwise Serb-hostile UN, or from an AFP dispatch (as in Pamela’s post), or from Amnesty International, HRW, any number of UN generals or officials — or even from more honest members of the designated victim sides. The charge is always the same: “Geller says…” or “Gorin says…” and stuff like ‘These blinded-by-anti-Muslim-hate bitches have lost their marbles.’ I don’t think that Generals Satish Nambiar, Lewis MacKenzie, Philippe Morillon and Mauro Del Vecchio are crazy bitches — as aren’t the Dutch UN battalion or Canadian former ambassador James Bissett, nor the score of non-Gorin, non-Geller columnists who have been trying to call attention to the fallacy of the official Bosnia and Kosovo narratives (on which policy continues to hinge and certain state-building projects are based). What reminded me of the phenomenon in which the people and reports that Pamela or I quote are completely ignored as sources (and instead Pamela and I magically become the only sources of what we’re saying) was the following letter posted at the 1389 blog. I’m in the process of finding out which publication it was intended for and whether it was ultimately published there or not:


The capture of General Ratko Mladic has brought the Balkan situation to the fore again. Very successful EU and NATO propaganda has created an impression in the public mind which is at considerable variance from the facts.

Readers might like to guess which Balkan leaders said or wrote the following:

A. “Genocide is a natural phenomenon in keeping with the human-social and mythological divine nature. It is not only commended but commanded by the Almighty…”

B. “Protect brotherhood and unity…nationalism always means isolation from others, being locked in a closed circle and stopping growth…”

C. “There can be no peace or coexistence between the Islamic faith and non Islamic institutions. The Islamic movement can and must take power as soon as it is morally strong enough, not only to destroy the non Islamic power but to build a new one….”

The answers may surprise.

They are:

A. Franjo Tudjman – leader of Croatia, backed by EU/NATO
B. Slobodan Milosevic – Serbian leader branded as “the butcher of the Balkans” by EU/NATO
C. Alija Izetbegovic – Muslim leader of Bosnia, backed by EU/NATO

So it is no surprise that things are not quite as portrayed with General Mladic. Atrocities there certainly were at Srebrenica but on both sides, as testified by the Canadian UN Commander, General Lewis Mackenzie. He states that the Muslim forces used the UN “safe haven” at Srebrenica as a base for murderous attacks against surrounding Serb villages in which thousands of civilians were killed.

So when the Bosnian Serb forces arrived in the town, they were not in a forgiving mood and many murders undoubtedly took place but, as for the claim of 8,000 killed, “the math just doesn’t add up”. Neither does anyone committing genocide allow women and children safe passage — as Mladic’s forces did.

Whilst saying that two wrongs don’t make a right, General MacKenzie believes that the Serbs were fooled into their attack to provide a pretext for NATO air strikes….[Yes, it’s called winning by losing — as dubbed by Nebojsa Malic.] The Muslim Commander, General Nasir Oric, got off at the Hague tribunal but I doubt whether General Mladic will.

Yours faithfully,
Edward Spalton

All the facts aside, I’ll ask an obvious question that I’ve asked before: Are we really still supposed to mourn Muslim soldiers? Really?

In closing, to Mr. Spalton’s “Guess Who Said” list, at least three other statements off the top of my head could be added:

D. “One can’t be bothered with prisoners.”

E. “A breach must be made. Kill all that stands in front of you. I am permitting and ordering that the enemies be killed using all necessary means, knives, bombs, hunting knives, teeth.” “Can we rape?” [You have the right to do anything you want.]

F. Serbian women should be used to satisfy potential Albanian rapists.

D. Bosnian-Muslim commander Naser Oric, as paraphrased by UN General Philippe Morillon.

E. Quote and paraphrase of Hamdija Delalić, commander of the V corps’s 502 brigades of the Muslim military, talking to his soldiers in a video, in which he calls for an attack on Serb-aligned Muslim moderate Fikret Abdić’s area.

F. Paraphrase of leading ethnic Albanian politician in Kosovo, Fadil Hoxha, at an official dinner in 1986.

As for the chuck: Once influential, now out of his mind.


March 26 2011

This is from a Russian website. It does not name the source. However in the absence of knowing what they talk about in these secret CIA/MI5 meetings we also asserted from the very beginning that the forces of what we call the “Empire Sharia Alliance” would place their forces on the ground and would eventually murder Gadhafi:



Mar 26, 2011 10:23 Moscow Time

Print Email Add to blog

The international coalition may launch a ground operation in Libya as early as in one month’s time, says a high-ranking source in the Russian Intelligence Service.

According to the source, NATO is drawing up plans to that end in an effort that involves the UK and the USA.

The operation may start unless airstrikes at the Muammar Gaddafi forces will fail to make him surrender.

It transpired a day earlier that the US started transferring more than 4,000 seamen and Marines to the Mediterranean to reinforce the coalition’s Operation Odyssey Dawn.


I have been attacked for publishing detail on Julia Gorin, why she wrote nothing on Libya.

Is that attack on me fair? I defend Julia Gorin and support her campaign to expose the lies against the Serbs. But I do not operate as part of a clique in any area of politics.

In one respect I may be unfair to Gorin. She may be ill and unable to write or something like that. In any case time will tell.

Note I and 4international will never operate as `part of a clique in any area of political life.

I have answered the attack made on me, I was accused of dumping on Julia, by stating that the Srebrenica Lie against the Serbs was carried out by precisely other cliques of people.

It is my opinion that the great killer of free speech in our period is silence.

It is far from being just orin. We have attacked the whole of the present Jewish leadership in the world on the issue of their position towards Gadhafi, which is really all about their position and political relationship towards the “Empire Sharia Alliance”, my term, and I stick with it because it sums up the essence.

What is happening in Libya?

What is happening in Syria?

To see what is happening consider this:


The attack on Gadhafi by the “Empire Sharia Alliance” can only be compared to Hitler and the Nazis, Czechoslovakia and beyond


The centre of the Arab opposition is laced by the Muslim Brotherhood, and by antisemitism as was the Nazis


It is all orchestrated by the Empire and goes hand in hand with the Empire Sharia Alliance continual campaign to delegitimize Israel and to make the Jews a hated people big time once more


These are the New nazis, those who are waging war on Gadhafi and on Libya

It is in essence an Alliance, where these modern state and international Nazis like Obama and Cameron, are in alliance with the Nazi ideology of Islam. (Note these are NOT Nazi states but they carry on a Nazi type policy abroad, and the two are connected…we move towards Fascism at home also, note that Obama went to war without bothering about Congress, the centre of American democratic life)

It is all laced with Antisemitism , Jew Hatred, which is why they will NEVER attack Iran, or Syria. Syria and Iran will be allowed carry on murdering oppositionists

But they will murder the essential anti-Islamist and tribalist Gadhafi in order to create an Islamist, fascist and Jew Hating state on the Med.

It is a firm alliance on a world scale between world capitalist governments in crisis, and the essential Nazi ideology and practice of Sharia Islam

They thus are a great menace to all Jews, these Jewish elite leaders who support and defend this Empire.

The position of all these blogs and leaders who we attack here has not really been explored.

In supporting this Empire they are supporting the New nazis. Why do Jewish people support this Empire? THAT is what has not been explained!

More on this later



By Felix Quigley

August 29, 2008

What reactionary rubbish from Julia Gorin!

Her latest piece shows that she has had no clue what the war by US and British Imperialism against Yugoslavia was all about. This is where we separate totally from Gorin.

The war to destroy Yugoslavia and the Kangaroo Court in the Hague was really the first shots in the war to destroy China and Russia, and to capture the huge Asian market of decadent Imperialism.

The worsening of the crisis in capitalism in the recent years has meant that this is ever more the case.

Gorin in the end is an apologist for US and British Imperialism, for this decadent capitalist system, and is an out and out opponent of socialism.

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Indeed, this Year of the Rat has seen the Olympics hosted by China itself – further legitimized by an American president’s insistence on taking the unprecedented step of attending an out-of-country opening ceremony. Continue reading