Reuters has produced a report in which they follow a man called Hammarberg (who is the Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner whatever that may be!) around South Ossetia. They visited a village name of Khetagurova which is Ossetian surrounded by Georgian villages.

The report seems largely truthful and sticks to facts. This is not to be sneered at because Reuters has been found out to be creating fake photographs against the Ossetians and Russia. See


From this it would seem that the attack on South Ossetia by US and British Imperialist puppet Saakashvili was certainly a war crime. There is also an incident in which the Russians release two Georgian militia men who were involved in the attack and in doing so the Russians are in direct conflict with the Ossetians in this village, because the Georgians took 4 of their number prisoner, and they by that date were still prisoner. It must be remembered that over many years Russia had delayed recognizing the independence of Ossetia, until it was too late and the US puppet Saakashvili launched his genocidal attack.

Only one thing in this Reuters report, They refer to the Jewish Quarter as “so-called” Jewish Quarter. Why?

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By Dmitry Solovyov


KHETAGUROVO, South Ossetia, Aug 24 (Reuters) – Georgian troops arrived Khetagurovo on Aug. 8 in a storm of steel and bullets, killing eight people and badly damaging the village of ethnic South Ossetians. Continue reading