There is only ONE answer to the kidnapping of the 3 Jewish boys from a Yeshiva in Judea and Samaria (the correct name for this historical Jewish land and not the incorrect name of the West Bank a name which emerged after 1967 and was destined to rob Jews of their history in the area)


There really is only the ONE answer and it is this. It means pushing back a little bit in order to make up for past mistakes/betrayals of Jewish leaders, especially in the post 1967 Arab Genocidal War against the Jews


“The build up to the Six-Day War came from President Gamal Abdul Nasser’s call in mid-May 1967 to all Arab nations to drive the “Jew into the sea”. This was Israel’s greatest fear. It was surrounded by hostile Arab countries…” (interesting article this)


Yesterday on a local commercial radio station Pippa Jones had as a guest the Breaking the Silence ANTISEMITIC JEWISH group spouting their LIES about the Israelis having a great responsibility to observe human rights, while the “Palestinians” have a little responsibility too but not so much because there is what the Pippa Jones show called (repeatedly meaning over and over and over) an “Occupation” . Jones may even be a Jew and the owner of the radio “Talk Radio Europe” is Jewish, a guy called Martin Nathan.


As I said there is only the one answer to this. It is this:


  1. End all talk about areas A B or C
  2. There is only one “AREA” and that is Israel
  3. The Arabs in that area are there by Conquest, a brutal conquest carried out by the Islamic Jihad, just as much as the Arabs in Jihad invaded as Jihadists into Spain
  4. Israelis must have a new leadership which will meet the Jihad in a certain way
  5. The area must be conquered in battle again even as it was in 1967. The Arabs have got to leave the area. Israelis are kind and civilised and will even make it easy for them to leave
  6. There is no alternative to this method…NONE
  7. The setting up of huts on hills or whatever else has been attempted since 1967 and is really pointless. They are essentially “Jewish do-gooders” and they dismiss the rules of war…First you conquer the area. Then you settle in the area.
  8. These youth were unprotected and were sitting ducks. First you get a leadership which will conquer the area, drive out the enemy of the Jews. THEN you settle the area.


Since 1967 and arguably before (Herzl and Ben Gurion) everything has been done arse about face