by Felix Quigley

July 7, 2008

Right from the beginning of this hugely important polemic between the Islamofascist and Croatian Fascist apologist Ramic and the American Mary Mostert, Mostert shows a concern for the truthful interpretation of history absent from the reactionary bombast of Ramic.

For example, early on Mostert challenges the Islamist reactionary thus and he does not answer:

“In the Holocaust Museum, the second largest number of people slaughtered by the Nazis, after Jews, were Serbs. And, who was it that was doing the slaughtering? You must know it was mostly the Croatians.

As for your mythology about Draza Mihajlovic, I’ve heard all those fake stories before. When tracked down – what do I find? Croatian communists, mainly, who were behind the tales told Major Felman about the Serbs cutting off the ears of American pilots. Pure garbage and you must know that. A bit in the same category of the KLA tales of “100,000 Albanians slaughtered by Serbs and buried and in mass graves in Kosovo in the 1990s. After the bombing, forensic experts from many nations looked all over Kosovo for those bodies – and did not find them. They found mass graves with Serbs in them – however. “

This is an important addition to our material examining the reactionary myth (Big Lie) promoted by Kamm and Hoare on behalf of their masters US Imperialism that Izetbegovic was a moderate and not an extremist, in fact a fascist.

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