Gabriel Sandler, along with father and brother, was killed in the shooting attack in Toulouse France in March 2012. The Der Sturmer man at Veterans Today Kevin Barrett says on the Richard Allen show that it was a false flag operation nd that these Jews are not dead at all but probably living in Jerusalem. It was a Mossad operation Barrett says. The British Jewish owner of Talk Radio Europe, a guy called Martin Nathan, enables this Der Sturmer material to be broadcast through Europe on his Talk Radio Europe radio show run by the associate of Kevin Barrett and David Icke Richard Allen. I urge Martin Nathan and Richard Tindesley to stop immediately doing this because they are greatly harming their fellow Jews.


Hebdo killers butcher cartoonists and butcher a Jewish Deli in Paris

Kevin Barrett of and Veterans Today calls it a false flag


Islam killers attack event in Texas run by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

Kevin Barett of calls it a “false flag operation”

Barrett says that in Paris and Copenhagen both attacks were followed by attacks on Jews. Barrett then makes a reference to “Kinky Friedman and his Texas Jewboys”. (Who knows what this Der Sturmer is talking about but I for one do not wish to know!)

Then Kevin Barrett works on a picture of the outstanding Jewish person Pamela Geller. Barrett has placed a Star of David on her forehead. Has two crazy eyes put in. Has two dracula type teeth hanging down. Has splashes of blood over her chin.

Barrett then says that Pamela Geller was responsible for 9-11 as part of US Inteligence.

Then Kevin Barrett publishes a book saying “We Are Not Charlie Hebdo”.

Kevin Barrett then claims that in the attack on the Jewish school in the city of Toulouse last year that no Jews were killed, that Mossad was behind it, and that the Jews killed are now living in Jerusalem. That is the three children and the teacher were not killed.

[All on Kevin Barretts own website called truthjihad.blogspot and on]

Then David Icke picks up this material

Then the splodge of matter called Richard Allen (originally from Waterford and I Felix Quigley deny all links with Allen through Irishness) has Kevin Barrett on his nightly show, which is also placed on You Tube, and also made into other forms of transmission, to push it out into millions.

Then the radio station run and owned by prominent British Jewish man Martin Nathan and called Talk Radio Europe picks up the material and pushes it out on FM for Richard Allen. Martin Nathan who is a proud Jew (I am told) thus gives Richard Allen his only FM output, the rest is internet based, a lower order because it is indirect radio. Thus a Jew is providing a major service to Kevin Barrett who produces this Mein Kamph (pure Der Sturmer) type picture of Pamela Geller!

Then another Jewish person called Richard Tindesley attacks me and defends Obama and Iran on his weekly two hour ring in discussion programme. “Me” being Felix Quigley and me being opposed totally to Iran getting the bomb. And in yesterday’s programme Tindesley has ALL of his guests were attacking not the Garland Texas assasins but the great liberationist Pamela Geller…thus see the link right there to Kevin Barrett and the Der Sturmer picture of Barrett on Pamela. You tell a person by the company they keep Tindesley! But that is another story.

So what is the solution?…well there is one immediate solution. That is for Martin Nathan and Richard Tindesley to review what they are doing. They are offering their radio station paid for by British people who advertise there to the kind of Nazi Der Sturmer politics of low-life haters like Kevin Barrett appearing on the low-life Richard Allen radio show AND CUT ALL TIES WITH IT. Can Nathan and Tindesley come out with any honour at this stage? Poor chance! But no chance at all if they continue hosting the likes of Kevin Barrett.


What is Zionism? What is meant by Zionism?


Zionism is really nothing more or less than the nationalism of the Jewish people.


Every single people or nation in the world has its nationalism, to take a few examples out of hundreds the Irish nationalism, the French nationalism, the Kurdish nationalism and so on.


Zionism is really the nationalism of the Jewish people. It is really the attachment of this people to the area which surrounds the original town and now city of Jerusalem and to which Jerusalem is the centre and national focal point.


When Irish people think of and are attracted to the Aran islands and life there, or Ben Bulben, or New Grange, or the GPO in Dublin’s O’Connell Street, then that is not a lot different to Jewish people loving the Temple Mount, the Dead Sea, or the City of Jerusalem as a whole.


The only reason this is contested in the particular case of the Jews and THEIR Homeland is because of a phenomenon called Antisemitism.


Antisemitism is indeed a phenomenon which was never caused in any way by the Jewish people, it is just that they have been the recipients of this hatred


The Trotskyist Socialist Movement as represented by stand totally behind the Jewish people in their struggle to renew Jewish nationalism, which is Zionism.


We in are indeed Zionists in this respect. What else could we be? What other way to describe us?


We stand totally behind the Jews in their return to their Homeland. The Jews should never have surrendered the name of Palestine so easily and allow this antisemitic monster to raise its head.


What has been called the Arab Spring has thrown all political movements into great crisis. What has so far been and what is the Arab Spring? We on believe that the Arab Spring is nothing more than the gathering clouds of dictatorship of the same level as that experienced by the world under the Nazi and Mussolini Dictatorships, carried on into the present era.


This has taken a new turn in the coming to power of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt with Morsi as just elected and announced President, and with the Egyptian Army deciding not to stop the Muslim Brotherhood, not actually ever wanting to tangle with the Muslim Brotherhood, and so allowing the Muslim brotherhood to take power of the state, state power, in this case, which is a state power taken by the Muslim Brotherhood through a Parliamentary Election, but remember this is exactly the same way that Hitler and the Nazis took power in 1933 in Germany.


Whatever Morsi will say about being for peace and as he plays a game working with US and EU Imperialism, he is telling lies. The real aim of the Muslim Brotherhood is written into the Constitution of Hamas, which is the Arab Palestinian wing of the Muslim rotherhood.


In that Constitution also known as the Hamas Charter there is an open call for the killing of all Jews on earth, just as there was in Mein Kamph.


The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt will likewise set out to kill all minorities and non Muslims in Egypt. Directly in the firing line of the Muslim Brotherhood here in Egypt will be first and foremost the Copts, who are Christian Arabs, going back to the time of the birth of Christianity, and some 600 years before Islam.


There is also a great crisis within Jewish or Zionist leaders. Just this past week gone, a few days ago, Pamela Geller and her organizational website was stopped holding an event and rally which had been publicised for months by a Jewish organization. They simply cancelled the event at the last minute under pressure from CAIR, which is the American Branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, and also under pressure from rich Jewish donors to the campaigns of this Jewish organization.


So a woman, Pamela Geller, a Zionist and a Jewish campaigner, who fights against the take over of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and calls it for exactly what it is, is attackled by a Jewish organization in America.


This is common.


I have seen Geller attacked continually by British Jews on Harry’s Place.


I also have experienced this. I have been prevented from speaking by journalists at a radio station in Spain called Talk Radio Europe. This station is actually owned by a Jewish Spanish man. The reasons for blocking me are roughly the same as that of against Pamela Geller.


Thus there is a great crisis in general inside the Jewish leaders of Zionism.


For many years I have commented on Israpundit which is controled by a Jewish person called Ted Belman. In recent weeks I have had my comments totally removed by Belman the editor.


At the top of his blog Israpundit Belman is calling for an Arab Spring for Jordan. This is another great betrayal.


Apart from Geller I never saw one clear call by any Jewish leader for Jews to defend Mubarak against the Muslim Brotherhood.


Geller must now know the truth of what we have been saying and what we say now. You cannot move forward a single inch without the most intense and ruthless struggle against these Jewish traitors of the Jewish people.


The growing censoring of my remarks on Israpundit by Belman is not one little bit different to the dreadful betrayal of Geller by her fellow Jews in California last week.


I know that Geller thinks this is serious. But we on think it is far more serious.


This is why we will be fighting for clarity on the issue of Jewish Leaders and Trotskyism by making a deep study of the pivotal book published in 1971 by Joseph Nedava, called “Trotsky and the Jews”, more details will be found on this site and on Facebook.




It is easy now to defend Mubarak against the Muslim Brotherhood. It is much harder to defend Assad, as it was Gadhafi, against the Muslim Brotherhood, but that must be done.



by Felix Quigley

August 9, 2008

Belgrade protests

Righteous demonstration of Serb Patriots against the Neo-Nazi ICTY Hague Kangaroo Court run by NATO on the arest of Radavan Karadzic


Phyllis Chesler and Pajamas Media should beware! With the recent attack on Radavan Karadzic Chesler was moving towards the position of Harry’s Place and of people like Hoare and Kamm. Harry’s Place is a neo-Nazi organization according to the analysis which our site makes of the political situation of today.

The following is a letter which our regular contributor Mick Tanzer has sent to Chesler and Pajamas Media. In this letter Tanzer spells out that in setting up the Hague Court to condemn Milosevic and the Serbs the US, Britain and Germany have moved into the area of Nazism. Those who have supported this Court we can rightly refer to as Neo-Nazis.

Let Tanzer himself take it up: Continue reading