Israel is being visited next week by German Israel hating Angela Merkel



This comes down to the issue of the Palestinian Arabs. Who are they? Are they victims or Antisemites?

4international is clear that they are Antisemites and this has got great importance when we on 4international see various governments, groups and individuals supporting them.

Angela Merkel sees the Palestinian Arabs as being victims. She does not see the Jews as being the victims of history.

It was HER people, the Germans, who murdered in the worst crime in human history the 6 millions of Jews in Europe.

Britain, which Cameron and Hague represent today, was also very much involved in this greatest crime of history

On this very theme 4international makes it clear time and time again that the Palestinian Arabs are not victims of anything but are the victimisers.

Why is Netanyahu welcoming leaders from either Germany or Britain into Israel? Israel is the Homeland of the Jews. This Homeland of the Jews because Germany and Britain murdered 6 millions of their total 12 millions

Israel is now a capitalist country and that is the essential reason why Netanyahu accepts these British and German leaders into Israel.

What do these Israeli capitalists care about the crimes of the British or the Germans towards the Jews! What do they care really about the Holocaust!

When it comes right down to brass tacks, and money, these Israeli capitalists care very Little.

There is only one political force on earth that really does care and that is the Jewish people led by 4international. I say this aware of the fact that we are quite small but only at this particular point

When I look around at the various political groups, parties, individuals, of those who claim to speak for Jews (with few exceptions one being Martin Sherman) I see only traitors to the Jews

And some of these leaders are Fascist communist baiters of the Joe McCarthy type, in essence Fascists, and claiming to be Jews carrying on a treacherous programme towards the Jews.

So at this late stage I say that Merkel and Cameron should not be allowed to enter into the sacred soil of the Jewish Homeland, and for what the Germans and British did in the Holocaust, NEVER be allowed to enter the Jewish Homeland.

I and 4international are the ONLY ones who are saying this

You see we do not care for money. We do not care for making a profit. We only care about telling the truth



Still, Merkel has not indicated any willingness to bend on what is proving to be the biggest sticking point. The chancellor and Foreign Minister Steinmeier both believe that Israeli’s settlement policy represents a decisive barrier to the peace process. It’s also something they don’t shy away from saying in public, much to the Israeli’s chagrin. “It is precisely because we are committed to the future of Israel as a Jewish state that we will remain so firm on this point,” a source in Merkel’s Chancellery stated.  )