This is the real difference between Europe and America


In Europe people like Geert Wilders are prosecuted for opposing Islam as is enunciated in the Koran. That is all. He takes what is written in that book and he takes it so seriously that he publishes it and talks about it in his speeches. That is forbidden in Europe.


In the US there is the First Amendment which allows Americans to freely criticise any religion, including Islam.


That is a big difference.


The excellent Debbie Schlussel blog has a vivid demonstration of an American person exercising his rights a la First Amendment.


The political line of Schlussel is always precisely correct in relation to Islam. Look at the very first thing she does in relation to this American Mosque. She asks that they state their position on Hamas. That is SO correct. If they support Hamas then they support the killing of Jews, which is written right there in the Hamas Constitution. All politicians in Europe, the English, the Irish, the French and so on, all should be asked the same question. It is a vital question and Schlussel is exactly right:

Betcha anything the leaders and congregants of this mosque, the Jaffarya Center of Amherst, New York, won’t denounce HAMAS or Hezbollah.  They probably proudly support both groups.  And that’s why the First Amendment exercise of the mosque’s neighbor, Michael Hieck, is especially laudatory and fantastic.  Welcome to good, ole’ American Freedom of Speech, Muslims.  Sadly, I bet they wouldn’t allow this in Dearbornistan.  Only Swastikas and Hezbollah signs go there.

An angry upstate New York man says there’s not a prayer that he’ll remove a nasty sign prompted by a feud with the mosque next door.

“BOMB MAKING NEXT DRIVEWAY,” reads the stenciled message on the front lawn of Michael Heick.

The message outraged many residents of Amherst, a Buffalo suburb where Heick is upset by the Jaffarya Center’s proximity to his property and its bright lights.

The sign is more a poke at town officials than a political statement, he insisted. And local authorities can’t order him to take it down, because the message is protected by the First Amendment.

“The place is too close,” Heick griped to the Buffalo News. “I don’t care what people think. It doesn’t matter what people think.” . . .

Mosque officials complained the sign was offensive and could instigate trouble against its worshippers.

“I would really think it’s an incitement of hatred against Muslims,” said mosque board of trustees member Syed Jaffri.”

Really? How ’bout the incitement of hatred against Jews and Christians that you read in your Koran and Hadith, every single day? Will you denounce HAMAS and Hezbollah, Syed Jaffri? Probably not. But that’s who’s inciting hatred.

So pathetic that none of these mainstream media reporters have the guts to point those things out and ask him when he will denounce those.

Three cheers to Mr. Heick! I love his sign because, again, while they may not actually be building the bombs, I guarantee you they celebrate HAMAS’ and Hezbollah’s bombs and won’t condemn those.

I would add another sign, which reads:

HAMAS Martyrs Recruitment Center. Kill a Jew or Christian, go to Paradise.