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Israpundit, run by the hard working and Jewish patriot Ted belman, features an article by Gil Hoffman on his site, which deals with moves by MK danon to set up a campaign for Jews to take over (annex) Judea and Samaria, which as you know is called by many other names

I will now note the article by Hoffman, and will follow by 3 comments which I have just placed on Israpundit. I want to have people’s opinions on this

1. The article by Gil Hoffman of Jerusalem Post

Danon’s ‘annexation campaign’ set to begin

Campaign calling for all of Judea and Samaria to be made part of the sovereign state of Israel to be launched on Facebook.
As the Palestinian Authority prepares to ask the United Nations General Assembly to declare a Palestinian state unilaterally, a pressure campaign will begin Wednesday asking Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to unilaterally annex the West Bank.
The campaign is the brainchild of Likud MK Danny Danon, who has sponsored a bill that would begin the process of making all of Judea and Samaria part of the sovereign state of Israel. The campaign will begin on Facebook, spread to top Israeli websites, and perhaps after that to the streets.

Danon: If Palestinians act unilaterally, so will we

    “The campaign will call for the Israeli government to respond to the Palestinians’ unilateral step by taking a Zionist unilateral action of annexing the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria,”

The Likud legislator said the campaign was intended to remind the public and the government that many major decisions by Israel were taken unilaterally, including declaring the state by former prime minister David Ben-Gurion, annexing eastern Jerusalem by former prime minister Levi Eshkol and the annexation of the Golan Heights by former prime minister Menachem Begin.
He neglected to mention former prime minister Ariel Sharon’s unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.
Support for such a move is growing as the Palestinians’ September 20 initiative comes closer. More than half the Likud faction has endorsed the idea, including ministers Gilad Erdan, Yisrael Katz, Moshe Kahlon, and Yuli Edelstein.
Vice Premier Moshe Ya’alon has also spoken about Israel taking unilateral actions without being specific. Outside the Likud, Israel Beiteinu minister Uzi Landau and Habayit Hayehudi’s minister Daniel Hershkowitz have endorsed the move.

    “The Prime Minister’s Office doesn’t comment on the issue, but it helps Netanyahu to show that there are possible internal actions for Israel and political risks for the Palestinians,” Danon said. “The Palestinians need to know that they have a lot to lose by taking a unilateral approach.”

Danon said that if the Palestinians move ahead with the declaration of a state, he would ask to expedite the legislative process. Government support would likely be necessary to pass such controversial legislation.
Peace Now secretary-general Yariv Openheimer said he was confident the coalition would not take what he called a “suicidal action.”
Openheimer said such threats would only encourage the Palestinian Authority to take unilateral steps and the nations of the world to support the moves of the Palestinians




4international supports this action but warn that this Likud will betray and will not carry this through to the end. Only a Trotskyist party in the leadership in Israel and uniting with those Jews who will fight for a future can carry this out because it is a revolutionary issue.
As the above commenter (HCQ) (interesting name!) on Israpundit writes

If the PA does unilaterally declare why shouldn’t Israel annex? One unilateral action deserves another unilateral action

But why should anything that Israel and the Jewish people do be made as a response to what a bunch of Fascists otherwise known as Palestinian Leadership think or do
Therein lies the present weakness in the Israeli leadership at all levels.
The reason for taking over Judea and Samaria and for expelling all Muslims from these lands, and from Israel is found elsewhere.
1. this is the ancient Homeland of the Jews
2. The great majority of the Muslims show that they hate Jews and hate Israel
3. The great majority of the gentile world also hate Jews and hate Israel
To overcome all of those it is necessary for Jews to live alone in an area in which they can defend BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY INCLUDING THE MAKING OF WAR AGAINST THOSE, SUCH AS IRAN, WHO THREATEN DEATH AND HOLOCAUST TO JEWS.
Ted, with all respect to you, do you really think that there is a leadership in Likud or elsewhere in Israel, that can face up to and address these issues?
I think it is correct to pose the issue like you do (THAT IS WHAT YOU CALL ANNEXATION). But it is not enough to just pose the issue, you have to consider what kind of a leadership can carry this out, to the very end, which means especially
1. The forcible remaoval of Jewish traitors from Israel, and the enactment of the dictatorship of the Jews in Israel, and by dictatorship I mean that the dictates of the Jews are primary. That in itself means war. I wish that were not necessary but there is no other alternative, because in order to live in peace the Jews have to defeat their enemies who have declared and will declare war on the Jews.
2. This cannot be done Ted without a revolutionary Trotskyist party being in the lead, and to that not only are you Ted opposed, but you do not even consider the key issue of leadership. Who can lead in this scenario? What type of leadership will stand its ground and fight for such a programme as I suggest is necessary?


As Gil Hoffman so perceptively remarks

He neglected to mention former prime minister Ariel Sharon’s unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

Hoffman is very intelligent onthat score. That is a real warning about Danon.
Of course he did not because these kind of Likud leaders are essentially programmed to pull the wool over the eyes of Jews in Israel, to put up a show, to spout things and not consider the implication
Why would he propose this without considering the nature of Jewish leaders, that Jews have gone through many experiences in Israel since 1948, one of which was the betrayal of Sharon in Gaza
That should be one of the major issues on the table to be discussed. How was that Gaza withdrawal made possible?
And answering that would make the Jewish movement, now a defensive movement, stronger and not weaker, because it will remind us that it was Likud who betrayed, not Sharon, who was an old man out of his depth (I speculate here), but it was Likud who after the well known poll in Likud which opposed removing Jews from Gaza, still refused TO EXPEL SHARON FROM THE LIKUD when he disobeyed the poll results
It may not be an accident that he did not mention the Gaza issue because that would bring up issues concerning leadership. What kind of leadership can prevail in a situation of fast movement and great tension?
I certainly believe that Netanyahu is a creature of the US imperialist setup, just as is Pamela Geller, as is Robert Spencer, as is Laura here and many others, perhaps all others. These have good anti Sharia credentials but that is NOT EVERYTHING
He (Netanyahu) may be a direct agent, bought from way back, or less conspiratorially an ideological agent, but it amounts to the same thing
I do not know Danon but all things need to be considered and it is not inconceivable that Netanyahu would actually promote an action with Danon in the leadership knowing full well that Danon will not follow through
I repeat…we need a party and I do not see it.


Peace Now secretary-general Yariv Openheimer said he was confident the coalition would not take what he called a “suicidal action.”

Jews in Israel and Israel as the Jewish Homeland will have a chance to survive and win but only when it has a leadership or government which has placed Openheimer and his followers in a jail, and when his expulsion along with Muslims is next on the agenda
Only then will Jews have a chance of survival.
It is not that Openheimer has got huge support. It is that Jewish patriots are in a state of paralysis. As an Irishman in solidarity witht he Jewish people I say do not let this man walk the streets of the Jewish Homeland…please act on Openheimer!