It is quite amazing the hatred for Netyanyahu and how this hatred is really hatred for Israel and at the end of the day for Jews. Big issue really big issue over Jeremy Bowen’s tweets during the Bibi Congress speech. This was stream of consciousness stuff and tells us everything ABOUT THE BBC ALSO!

Before Bowen I make these points:

On a radio programme a station owned by a British Jew called Martin Nathan the most filthy Israel and Netanyahu Hatred is allowed nightly by a man called Richie Allen connected to David Icke. Station is called Talk Radio Europe. Please do not touch it….ever. It is lethal and remember it is owned by a Jew a British Jew and his name is Martin Nathan and he allows this hatred against Jews ie Israel on nightly on HIS station

The same station Talk Radio Europe had a guy called Richard Tindesley (big wheel there on TRE) claim that “experts” say Iran has no interest in Nuclear Bomb. Who are these experts? The whole Arab world is even afraid of Iran and the Nuclear Bomb and there is now a race to everybody getting the bomb. Thanks from us all ie rest of humanity Tindesley and very well done. Tindesley also is a Jew. So all you Jews in the world sit back and relax re Iran Bomb cause Tindesley says its all a hoax pulled by who???

Now at last to Bowen… He was tweeting like Billyo during the Netanyahu speech. Who is not obsessed here? Just pulled out two of Bowden’s tweets and rest are on

#NetanyahuSpeech Iran dominates 4 Arab capitals. Iran is not joining community of nations, it’s gobbling them up. 7th standing ovation.

There are a hundred others. That was though classic and typical BBC sneaky. I see this trick a lot by the Fascist Lefts. They will tweet a statement. And leave it there bare and standing. But Bibi was right and Iran is dominating 4 capitals which are Beirut through Hizbullah and UN suport for Hisbullah, Baghdad now too obvious, Damascus through Alliance with Sadat, and Bahrein capital. But even that does not give the full picture because Turkey even Sunni Turkey is added because remember Obama is in Alliance with Iran and Turkey and Obama are brothers. There IS an Arc!

Now to the tweet the very one the one that tells us all about the BBC and we conclude to let you the reader figure out what goes on here:

#NetanyahuSpeech He acknowledges Elie Wiesel in audience. Once again Netanyahu plays the holocaust card. don’t repeat mistakes of the past



you would think that all people would be defending Israel and Netanyahu against the Fascist Mullahs of Iran (seen above is pictures of Gays recently hung under the new “moderate” regime)…But no way and that can only be explained by total Antisemitism

Felix Quigley says…The reason that people attack Netanyahu for speaking to Congress about the danger from the Iranian Nuclear Bomb threat is all due to Antisemitism in the world.

This paragraph is worth repeating:

“Rather, he said, his purpose in addressing Congress was “to speak up about a potential deal with Iran that could threaten the survival of Israel.” Pointing to a map that he had arranged to have projected on the wall, Netanyahu described the terrorist operations that Iran was coordinating around the world. “As Prime Minister of Israel, I have a moral obligation to speak up in the fact of these dangers while there is still time to avert them,” saying Jews could never be passive again. – See more at:”

Bibi Netanyahu must carry on and must not be put off by lies against him. I am a socialist and from Ireland and I see the struggle of the Jews against the Iranian bomb as being connected with all of our survival also.

This is the central issue.

There are many people who are attacking Netanyahu. I see this as pure Antisemitism. And in the ways of Antisemitism facts do not matter, that is facts about anything.

First of all there is a tradition for American Congress to invite people in to speak on issues that concerns Congress. The Congress elected Leader asked Netanyahu. He was within his rights.

But here is the kicker. If it was Congress who invited Netanyahu then why attack Netanyahu? That is where Antisemitism in the world comes in.

Netanyahu was asked and he agreed and that should have been that. Antisemitism does not allow that.

This issue of the Iran Bomb, the Mulahs, Obama, Netanyahu and a thousand other things in our life today is ALL about Antisemitism

Hatred of the Jew pure and simple.

It takes so many different forms. The crude form you can see plainly. It is the polite and “civilized” form that is most lethal.

Finally Netanyahu correctly told AIPAC that he has no personal problem with Obama. Or the Democrats. He was right to say that. The hatred is coming totally from the other direction.

He thus made my point: It is ALL about Antisemitisdm.