The picture above was posted online by the party of Palestinian Arab President Mahmoud Abbas. The picture has skulls with Star of David imprinted and has the words in Arabic alongside “lingering on your skulls”

The Muslim who took over the Jewish kosher store in Paris stated that he did so deliberately and specifically because it was Jewish. Four Jews lost their lives at the hands of this Muslim. The Young son of this Jewish man was in Israel when he heard the news of the murder of his Father,

Abbas is responsable for the Múnich Olympics Massacre and with Arafat for the murder of thousands of Jews in the Intifadas

Oh and he got his doctorate in Stalinist Russia by writing a tract based on Holocaust Denial

This man who is a fiendish Antisemite in the mould of Hajj Amin el Husseini and Hitler walks today in Paris.

That Abbas is welcomed there tells us lots about the nature of the march.

Only one party in France actually fights against the Muslim Jihad which is fed by the immigration into France of some 5 to 6 million Muslims

The majority of these Muslims in France, the great majority, are opposed to the rights of free speech and it was in fighting for this right of free speech that the Charlie cartoonists were murdered.

The French Governments brought these Muslims in. It is the presence of these Muslims in such numbers that mean today that Jewish lives are NOT safe. So Jews must leave France and go to the only country in which they are accepted as Jews and that only country is Israel.

That needs to be emphasised. The Muslims in France are opposed to the free speech rights of the Charlie murdered cartoonists. The Charlie cartoonists were murdered by the same Antisemites of Islam that forcé Jews to flee today.

Today the government heads are walking in order to deflect and in order to pretend that Islam is peace.

That is a very big lie. It is a brazen lie that needs urgently to be exposed by building a mass Trotskyist Party – also to combat the lies of the Stalinist “Liberation” and  various antisemite anarchist groups in France

These Government heads say that the cartoonists were murdered by “extremsits” etc but not by Islam

By pretending to be concerned about the Charlie cartoonists the finger from these capitalist politicians points straight against the national Front of Marine le Pen.

In Ireland the Labourites in the Government are planning a law against “Hate Speech” which in reality means a law to prevent us from making a critique of Islam from an historical and contemporary political viewpoint.

Yes they too will march today in Paris.

But freedom of speech was what the Charlie cartoonists were all about.

4international as a Trotskyist movement which defends Israel and Jews say that Netanyahu should not be there. Instead Netanyahu should seek a close Alliance in these political conditions with Marine le Pen and against the ruling clases of Europe

This is not imposible to do but Netanyahu will not do it and I doubt of Bennett would either so it expresses the crisis inside Israel and inside the Jewish people as well.

The man behind this will be narching in Paris this afternoon