This is wonderful news. You need to live in a country like Spain or in any Arab country, plus Turkey, to understand how wonderful. I welcome this. welcomes it. BUT…


I need to find out about a few things. One is the tieing up of dogs 24-7 or the whole question of not walking dogs, that is not giving them exercise because dogs are a free animal


There is the question of the survival of species in Ireland, and at the front of these is The Irish Hare, an historical animal for the Irish people. I am totally opposed to the Coursing of Hares, first on cruelty basis, second on the ssociated basis that they are persecuting an animal which already is threatened with extinction. But the saving of this species is going to be a gigantic struggle and the struggle to save it challenges a great deal in the Irish capitalist and profit driven culture


The success of the legislation depends not just on education but on the issue of fines. I know these low life types who abuse animals and the only language they understand is hit them, hard, in the pocket. But the pólice are from these backward layers to start with. Will they take a break from persecuting left wing individuals like Margaret Darcy to attack the dog abusers? I wonder.


But believe me this law is a step forward by the capitalist Irish state.



ISPCA Inspector Conor Dowling with Minister Simon Coveney and ISPCA CEO Dr Andrew Kelly

ISPCA Chief Inspector Conor Dowling with Minister Simon Coveney and ISPCA CEO Dr Andrew Kelly

Three of Ireland’s  leading animal welfare organisations  (ISPCA, Dogs Trust and The Irish Blue Cross) have today joined together to issue a statement welcoming the new Animal Health and Welfare Act (AHWA) which is fundamental in preventing cruelty to animals in Ireland. 

Animal Welfare Charities with Minister Simon Coveney

Leading animal welfare organisations with Minister Simon Coveney

ISPCA Chief Executive Officer Dr Andrew Kelly said: “This is a momentous advancement for animal welfare in Ireland and we congratulate the Minister and his Department on bringing this progressive legislation to fruition.  For too long our fully trained Inspectors, have had to deal with horrendous cruelty to animals. This Act will enable them to be more proactive and to concentrate on the prevention of cruelty rather than having to wait for cruelty to occur before being able to take action. We look forward to working with the Department of Agriculture, the Gardai and other interested parties in maximising the benefits of this new act.”

Dogs Trust Executive Director Mark Beazley said:  “We welcome this ground breaking piece of animal welfare legislation, which is the most significant since the foundation of the state. We would like to acknowledge the extensive and inclusive consultation process carried out by Minister Simon Coveney and his officials at the Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine, which has resulted in legislation that will be the envy of our European neighbours.”

Irish Blue Cross Manager Chris Conneely said:  “We greatly welcome the commencement of the new AHWA, which heralds reform in the animal health and welfare sector in Ireland.  The new legislation has been carefully brought together and stealthier measures permitted in the Act, will prove invaluable to enforcers in safeguarding our animals against cruelty and neglect throughout Ireland.  As an animal welfare charity that promotes responsible pet ownership and serves the needs of responsible and needy owners, we can now look forward to improved conditions and health for pets generally as a result of this reform.”

ISPCA Chief Inspector Conor Dowling said: “For too long our Inspectors have been attempting to work with archaic and ineffectual laws that have often hindered their efforts to make a meaningful difference to the welfare of animals. The new act will close up old loop-holes and will allow us to address welfare issues in a far more effective manner.”


Minister Simon Coveney with two Irish Wolfhounds

Minister Simon Coveney pictured with two Irish Wolfhounds