by Felix Quigley

November 25, 2008

The Israeli ruling capitalist and anti Judaic ruling class is now going full pelt ahead to create a Jihadist “Palestinian” Arab state on the land of Israel, specifically on the land of Judea and Samaria. This involves all sections of this traitorous Israeli ruling class which centres on Olmert, Livni and Barak but which also incorporates a section of the Judaic religious hierarchy itself. It is the ultimate betrayal of the Jews and it is being carried out obviously by a large section of the Jewish leadership in Israel. A traitorous betrayal because it is creating an artificial distinction between Hamas and Fatah where in reality there is none. Differences over method yes, but on the issue of the destruction of Israel and the killing of all Jews…none!


In the face of great events the Israeli Judaic ruling class is either leading the betrayal or else it is unable to do anything about it. The only barrier to this betrayal is the Israeli working class people, not the bankers or fast buck merchants of the boom period etc, the ordinary Jewish people, who are going to elect Netanyahu into power in February in a type of Coalition, and who have pledged and indeed must disregard every one of these traitorous moves now being made by Olmert.


Olmert is representative of the Sharon Stasi police and army thugs who dragged Jews out screaming from their homes and towns (not settlements which has a colonist ring to it) and no sooner were they out than the citizens of Israel proper, such as Sderot, were under fire from Hamas and Fatah.


The flunkeys who call themselves Jews and representative of the great Jewish people who centre around USrapundit, that is Israpundit led by flunkey of US in chief Mr Ted Belman, have spent a year in support of the Neocons around George Bush, McCain, Joseph Lieberman the butcher of the Serbs, in a totally pointless US election.


Pointless for Jews because it was the Bush Republican wing of politics who set the ball rolling towards this Palestinian state. It was Bush who had sent Rice on her totally bullying trips into Israel where this Republican gave vent to her hatred for all things Jewish.


Now it is Obama and Malley, plus US Army Man Jones, who is going to finish what Bush and the Republicans started going.


That is precisely what Belman and Levinson spent a year in support of. Given the facilities of a good website, built by others, Belman has wasted every single second of the past 2 years. He and Levinson should be kicked right off the Israpundit site and it should be taken over and run by real Jewish fighters. But in the hands of Belman and Levinson IT REMAINS WHAT WE NOW CALL IN KNOWING CIRCLES USRAPUNDIT.

The dire situation describing the buildup of Jihadist Abbas Nazi forces is described by Israel National News


[start quote here]


( Israel is considering granting permission for the Palestinian Authority to station armed forces in Bethlehem following similar deployments in Jenin, Shechem and Hevron. The PA and Israel call the special forces “police officers,” but they have undergone intensive military training by Americans at bases built for them at Jericho and in Jordan.

The special forces are in effect part of the growing security forces of the PA, which is not allowed to have an official army under existing agreements. However, the PA has sought advanced weapons

What they are creating, that is the US ruling class, the EU, Russia, China, South American Governments such as Chavez, is a Nazi Fatah led regime inside Israel and this will be the exact same as Hamas, full of hate for Israel, using every method to attack Israel.


In the article mentioned above the writer for INN stated that in Bethlehem it was Hamas who drove out the Christian Arabs. Even they are beginning to talk the language of the Israeli traitors. In fact it was not Hamas but Fatah as well. Even INN writers are creating a false distinction between Hamas and Fatah.


That is precisely the type of reasoning which the US is using to create a nazi state in the Middle East, and it is this pervasive ideology which can only be challenged ideologically by a Trotskyist party in Israel.


There must now be a wide and serious discussion of Trotskyism inside Israel.


In the article which 4international published recently in our 10 points we called for the arrest trial and execution of Abbas for the crimes which he has committed and which he has stated he will go on committing centring on the Jihadist use of suicide murderers.


We repeat these now for discussion:

  1. That the ordinary Arab and Muslim people break from their horrific anti-Semitism. Our fight is not with the ordinary people in any way but we are fighting for survival, remember that.
  2. We are a very small nation, of 5 or 6 millions surrounded by half a billion in the Arab nations, more if you include Islamic nations. We cannot afford loss of life. You can afford loss of many lives. That is the equation. Thus it is our aim to have as few of our fighter die and to have as many of your fighters to die.
  3. We will use every advantage. If we have a technological advantage then we will use it. The only condition is as I said above to have as few of our people die as is possible.
  4. We vacated every Jew out of Gaza. Were you grateful? The opposite. You made war on us. Now we will make war on you and we will drive every Arab out of Gaza and into Egypt or whatever Arab country they wish to go to.
  5. To the “international community”. Name your poison! Bring it on! We are totally impervious to any and every statement from the likes of Amnesty International or even the Spanish Government who keep troops in Lebanon but allow Hizbullah to build their forces on their watch. Etc. Etc.
  6. Of course we communicate to the US Government. But we communicate above all and from the beginning to the end to the ordinary American people. We mobilize the wonderful Jewish people in America to communicate with the real America.
  7. In reference to the US Government and the CIA who are training Fatah in order to erect a state in our land, that is the second state in our lands, we call for the arrest of Abbas, for his summary trial and likely execution because he calls for a return to the shahid philosophy of Arafatian suicide bombing of Jews. To Malley, to Obama, to McCain, to Lieberman, we stick to this simple point and we give it maximum publicity in front of the great American people. Not too much to ask for and is doable. Nothing else matters but the arrest of Abbas his trial and execution. That will clear the air. To call for the murder of Jews in 2008 calls for exceptional retribution. Otherwise the Eichmann experience means little.
  8. Read Trotsky above again and learn. Israel is now at war. Israel cannot afford to have a traitor in the ranks. All Jewish traitors in Israel must be arrested and placed under lock and key while this lasts. That means until the enemy is defeated. This means the arrest of those in places like Ben Gurion University who spout hatred of Israel and support for the enemy which is trying to destroy Israel. This applies to all sections of the Israeli state, the police, the judiciary, the press. Read especially what Trotsky writes about taking the Press under control of the state, the state which is organizing the people to defeat the enemy.
  9. None of this is any good if Israel allows Iran to have a nuclear bomb. This has to be incorporated.
  10. I support the Israeli people electing Netanyahu. But to fight this war requires revolutionaries who will not flinch, whether they come from the religious or secular Trotskyist conviction. But it requires cadre leaders who will put only the interests of this tiny state and people first. Act! Let the nations of the world decide for themselves how they react! Believe in your destiny! Banish fear!