Who knows whether this woman was raped by Gadhafi troops or whether it is the opposite, a psyops operation against Gadhafi.


This is hardly the first time that psyops has been involved!


The hatred from the Media towards Gadhafi has been at an all time high, and has been on the level of hatred of Milosovic or of the Israelis when they took on Hamas a couple of years ago.


What is certain is that the world media were onto this case immediately and they were ALL on it.


Further that it is used now by the ICTY and Cameron in their Viagra psyops scam black propaganda


Wikipedia has a huge tract on this woman


She wanted to be a journalist, she became a lawyer, and was doing post grad…sounds a tragic case all right! (sarc)


Also I learn that she went into that hotel in Tripoli, knowing the journalists were there, and from the Wiki seems to have been very well clued up re the journalists, asking to speak to specific ones, including The new York Times (very reliable paper that according to Jared Israel!) (sarc again!)


Then the son of Muammar Gadhafi set up an interview for this woman (is he mas?)


And it is a bit of this interview that I publish.


She here jumps out a window of her cell in a table cloth, grabs a lump of iron which was lying there handy, makes a rugby dive at two armed African guards, and they open the gates for her. Then the neighbours get her a taxi etc etc


I submit that this woman lies through her teeth


The extract from Wiki


[edit] April 11: Interview with NPR and AP

On April 11 al-Obeidi gave her first uncensored interview since March 26, after Lourdes Garcia-Navarro of National Public Radio (NPR) and an Associated Press reporter managed to avoid their government minders to interview her. Al-Obeidi repeated many of the details she’d given in previous interviews, and added that the most brutal of her attackers was the son of a government minister. She also explained how she had escaped. She told NPR that, after the 16-year-old girl held with her untied al-Obeidi’s hands and feet, she managed to jump out of a window, covered only in a tablecloth. The compound was surrounded by a wall, and there were two African guards sleeping by the electric gate. She said she grabbed a piece of metal and ran at them, screaming, and they opened the gate for her. After that, she was helped by people in the neighborhood, who put her in a taxi, paid the fare, and told the driver to take her to the Rixos Hotel.[25]


(Note the typical racist thing done on those 2 African guards there! And do the people who write this Wikipedia stuff, and these western journalists, do they really take us for people who have no brains!)


It is obviously a strange country is Libya.


But do you know the strangest thing of all is?


Why these vipers in the Western media were being allowed to remain in that country at all, when their masters in NATO/UN were slamming their people with bombs?