Pamela Geller has come under a vicious attack from the London paper, The Independent. This is the paper close to Harry’s place, close to Oliver Kamm who now writes for the Times.

In fact The Independent expresses the very worst of British hypocricy and reaction on the world stage.

It was The Independent which led in the lies against the Serbs in former Yugoslavia. So Geller is in good company (with the Serbs!)


This revealing comment appeared after the Independent attack on Geller by Johnson. It was a comment out of the blue on Libya which followed the slander against Geller by Charles Johnson. It seems out of the blue but is actually very revealing indeed!

This person wrote:

I might start doing page for Libya Updates soon, Explanation of what’s happened that day in the evening.

However, further good news. The rebels are about to enter Zliten for the next battle. And shelling of Misrata has stopped, so all sorts of supplies and shenanigans and enter the city.


“Further good news”, this man says. The Libyan “Rebels” are in reality The Muslim Brotherhood and the opposition to Muammar Gadhafi is in reality The Muslim Brotherhood

This man on Johnson’s blog Pajamas Media (unopposed)  is lining up with The Muslim Brotherhood and against Muammar Gadhafi.

Now it so happens that Obama, the Democrats, and a goodly section of the Republicans in America are also trying to create a new virtual reality, Muslim Brotherhood good, Salafists bad.

Except that this falls apart when one remembers Muslim Brotherhood IS Salafism!

Remember also that in this Obama speak world of lies this all leads to the acceptance of Hamas as a “moderate” party and therefore the acceptance by Israel of a Hamas dominated “Palestinian” Arab State on the flank of Israel.

Would that state be peaceful? Apparently so, to follow this twisted logic being promoted, promoted by Obama and the EU Establishment, also it seems by Charles Johnson.

The appearance is an attack on Geller. The essence though, which lies within and hiding behind that appearance, is that Israel must accept a Hamas dominated Sharia state on its own land, which is Judea and Samaria, but at any rate directly on its new border.

Let us take the scurrilous attack on Geller before we do the Independent. This is what Johnson wrote:

The Independent’s Robert Chalmers has a very balanced and fair look at Pamela Geller: American patriot or extremist firebrand?

And of course, any balanced and fair examination of the Shrieking Harpy can only come to one conclusion: she’s desperately unhinged.

What’s striking about this article, though, is that Geller completely lacks the courage of her convictions. When confronted about her bizarre, hate-filled posts, she invariably attempts to pretend she didn’t really say what she did really say. It’s a “joke,” or it’s somebody else’s writing that she just happened to put on her blog for no particular reason, or it’s “taken out of context.” Like many extremists and bigots, underneath the bluster and the hateful statements Geller is a coward.

For example:

Among the many new things I have learnt from the work of Pamela Geller is that President Obama reputedly used to knock around with a crack whore.

“That,” the author, blogger and broadcaster insists, “is not what I said. You are taking this out of context. The post [on her website atlasshrugs.com] was pointing out how people were reporting lie after lie about Sarah Palin. I said to myself, there is so much about Obama we don’t print. In his youth,” she continues, repeating a story for which there exists absolutely no foundation, “he supposedly liked a girl who was a crack whore. I never reported it as fact. They say all these vile things about Palin but do we ever talk about Obama and the crack whore?”

The incredibly libellous post, entitled: “IT’S TIME TO EXPOSE THE TRUTH ABOUT OBAMA” appeared on 1 August 2009. “Why not tell the truth about Obama and his reported strange sexual predilections?” Geller wrote. “It is well known that he allegedly was involved with a crack whore in his youth. Very seedy stuff … Find the ho, give her a show! Obama allegedly trafficked in some very deviant practices.”

Pretty hard to take that out of context, wouldn’t you say?

Then Johnson adds:

Chalmers emailed me to ask for my reaction to Geller’s insults:


I would not wish to pursue Johnson’s smell any further because it is not a pleasant smell to follow.

Except to point to that  last reference (to the email made by The Independent to Johnson) that they do flock together with a sure instinct.

On the Geller blog  Atlas Shrugs I took up this reference made by The Independent above:

“the incredibly libellous blog”

as being the pivotal comment by The Independent.


I highlight this off the cuff remark by The Independent because it points to where the centre of this struggle really must be concentrated, it must focus on defence of the First Amendment

This is not to suggest that struggles in Israel or in Europe in defence of basic rights should not be fought, but to say that the focus has to be the defence in America of the First Amendment

And that is why this spokesperson for Obama, Johnson, and why this mouthpiece of British Imperialism, The Independent, attack Pamela Geller

Thus you will find my comment in defence of Pamela Geller on the Atlas Shrugs site this morning:

I defend Pamela Geller against this abomination who calls himself a journalist.

But the issue is wider even than this attack.

What is called in historical socialist circles as the United Front

As opposed to the present Fascist “Left” hatred of Pamela Geller and many others.

I take these attacks on Pamela very seriously and they are a major danger to free speech to all

Geller is leading the fight against Obama, but in essence this is leading the fight against dictatorship, which is taking a number of forms, one but only one of which is the Sharia issue

Remember the Independent led in the destruction of Yugoslavia and the hounding of its President Slobodan Milosevic, who was it must be remembered and emphasised poisoned by the NATO in his NATO jail

The most serious charge by this Independent writer was that the article by Pamela was incredibly “libellous”.

This writer is actually correct on that. If Pamela was writing in any country in Europe, any at all, it would be libellous.

Only because there exists the First Amendment is that article not libellous in America.

This points to the best way forward which centres on the defence of the First Amendment in America, where this battle now should concentrate.

I call for a United Front to defend Geller from The Independent, and to defend Spencer from threats of physical attacks, to defend Geert Wilders etc.

I represent true socialism and there is another history to this socialist movement that not everybody is aware of.


may 16 2.56 am (american time)


I wrote>


by Felix Quigley

August 5, 2008

Just recently I noticed that somebody called John Peter Maher has provided us with a vital piece of evidence. The place was interesting. The writer was responding to the scurrilous attack on the Serbs and Karadzic by Pajamas Media and Phyllis Chesler. I wish to report the highlights of this research here because it confirms other research that I have been doing in recent times on the record of Irish newspaper of record The Irish Times.


I discovered hundreds of articles on the Irish Times all asserting the Massacre of 8000 men and boys, which is a hoax. I reckoned this means that there would be a major article on this Srebrenica issue in the Irish Times of about one every ten days.


But there were none at the time of the alleged massacre, and none for at least a couple of months after the alleged event. In other words there was a very strange gap.


This simple fact backs up the reports of the Dutch soldiers (not the Dutch politicians) on the ground who stated that they knew of no murders by the Serbs.


That is basically no Srebrenica Massacre for the Irish Times to report on at all until it was essentially put together by false stories by a whole number of people connected with the EU, Dutch politicians (but not Dutch soldiers who were on the spot, US politicians in the UN like Albright etc etc.


The putting together of the story thus needed time. It also needed ambiguity and mystery.


So for example these liars created a mystery about missing Muslims which they numbered as thousands of missing Muslims. They were not missing at all. Those thousands had reached Tuzla. So this initial period is very important to understand how this Lie was created. The great strength of the work of this writer is that he focusses on just this period.


Hence in reading those comments in answer to the scurrilous piece by Phyllis Chesler I fairly pricked up my ears when I saw what John Peter Maher was writing.


At least Pajamas Media allows some dissenting opinion although some of our readers and supporters have been censured.


But in any case this one reader has placed a number of comments which are a direct challenge to the whole of the Srebrenica Hoax story. I will reprint some of his work here and I thank that writer for his invaluable contribution.


It is so important because it deals with the period immediately following the retaking of Srebrenica, and especially during that first month until Albright made her false accusations to the closed session of the Security Council of the UN. That is the key period to understanding how the greatest hoax in the history of humanity was created.


[start quote here]


John Peter Maher:

When did commentators first start using the formulation, the catch phrase, “The Srebrenica Massacre [of x-thousands of Muslim men and boys]”?

When did the “Srebrenica Massacre” story break?

No reports from 10 July 1995 and the immediately ensuing days and weeks ever refer to “the massacre of 8000 (or 7000 etc) Muslim men and boys”.

FROM Iran, no mention of a massacre having taken place:

“Iranian foreign minister [Velayati], in a message to the UN secretary-general, has asked for immediate action to prevent a massacre of the defenceless people of Srebrenica by the Serb rebels. SOURCE: Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran Network 1, Tehran, in Persian 0930 gmt 11 Jul 95; Source: Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran Network 1, Tehran, in Persian 0930 gmt 11 Jul 95; SECTION: Part 4 Middle East; THE MIDDLE EAST; IRAN; ME/2353/MED. Message to UN secretary-general. Text of report by Iranian TV on 11th July.

From the front, no mention of a massacre having taken place:

Reports from the front in mid-July 1995, e.g. Chris Hedges in the New York Times of 18 July 1995, reported that thousands of armed Muslim fighters “slipped” through Serb lines under fire and arriving safe in Tuzla, held by Muslim forces (and a US garrison).

The lag time between as yet unbaptized “Srebrenica Massacre” on 10-11 July 1995 and the first press reports is over a month. David Rohde, who spearheaded the story that became known as “the Srebrenica Massacre”, did not himself use any such phrase or make such a claim. In his story, in the Guardian of 19 August 19 1995 we find “…I saw what appeared to be a decomposing human leg protruding from freshly turned dirt…” He repeated Albright’s fabrication about a massacre in a soccer stadium in a nearby town, [where] human faeces, blood, and other evidence indicated large numbers of people were confined, and perhaps shot.” Also: “United Nations official estimate that 4,000 to 6,000 Muslim men are still missing in the wake of the Srebrenica and Zepa assaults.”

Zbigniew Brzezinski:

The news would have still been hot when Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote an Op-Ed piece in “The New Republic” of 7 August 1995, under the headline: AFTER SREBRENICA. Zbig Brzezinski says only that something awful “might” happen.

Nowhere does Brzezinski mention a “Srebrenica massacre”. That catch phrase does not appear until weeks after the alleged event. It will not be found in the press until the American-sponsored Croatian “Storm” (Oluja) on Serb Krajina in August-September 1995.

(In)Consistency: Madeleine Korbel Albright, whose “Albright Group” now has the franchise for the cell phone business in Kosovo, brought the earliest allegation of a Serb massacre of Muslims on August 11, 1995. The chief United States delegate to the United Nations told a closed session of the Security Council that 2,000 to 2,700 missing Bosnians from the Srebrenica enclave might have been shot by the Bosnian Serbs.– She did not use the formulation “Srebrenica massacre.”

So, the numbers in Albright’s document and subsequent tellings and re-tellings are not consistent. What this implies we know from the Book of Daniel, chapter 13, where Susanna is denounced by corrupt Elders. Since their testimonies were inconsistent, as Daniel showed by “debriefing” the corrupt judges separately, the judges were condemned for bearing false witness.

LEXIS-NEXIS searches now permit us to track down press reports on whatever story. Readers can see for themselves what results turn up in searches dated between 10 July 1995 and the beginning of October 1995, using parameters such as

(Srebrenica AND massacre)
(Srebrenica AND missing)
Srebrenica AND 7000 OR 8000)
(7000-8000 men and boys) …

(Koranically, once boys attain the age of fifteen, they are “warriors” for Islam.)Remeber boy bombers in Israel.

Did the Srebrenica Massacre” happen? Draw your own conclusions.
Remember the the “Jenin Massacre” in the world press’ satanization of Israel

Jul 28, 2008 – 1:59 am John Peter Maher:




Just to repeat what John Peter Maher said once more:


“Madeleine Korbel Albright, whose “Albright Group” now has the franchise for the cell phone business in Kosovo, brought the earliest allegation of a Serb massacre of Muslims on August 11, 1995”.


And this was a lie and based on lies.


The hoax was constructed around the whole lie, or speculation, that there were thousands missing.


By about 2 weeks later though Chris Hedges of the New York Times no less had totally taken the ground from under that speculation with his article that the thousands missing had reached Tuzla, a Muslim and US controlled stronghold.


Hence as Maher points out a dearth of reports in the Media because essentially there was nothing to report on.


This Srebrenica Massacre is a Giant Lie. It never happened. It was made to happen by the repetition hundreds of thousands of times by a World Media which is totally corrupt.


To understand this giant lie you have to understand the giant corruption in this giant world media that capitalism and imperialism has inflicted upon us.



Thank you Maher for a vital piece of evidence.

The Maher piece was written as a comment on this article



by Felix Quigley

August 4, 2008

Who is Phyllis Chesler and who is Pajamas Media?

At the end of an article I find this self description

Phyllis Chesler is an Emerita Professor of Psychology and Women’s Studies at the City University of New York”.

I have also noticed Chesler promoted as a supporter of Israel and as an opponent of Jihad. I think I have seen her work being promoted on Israpundit. One of her articles goes like this:

March 7, 2007

How my eyes were opened to the barbarity of


Is it racist to condemn fanaticism?