Volker Robert Krauleidies's photo.
Photo: This is the anti-Semitic cartoon that appeared on the official Fatah website showing Palestinian reaction to the kidnapping of 3 Jewish teenagers.
This is Fatah, the party of PA leader Mahmoud Abbas, not Hamas.
This is the party of our so-called 'peace partner' who claims he is not anti-Semitic.
Yet another display proving that Palestinian hatred of Israel is Palestinian Antisemitism.
The Facebook Page of martin Sherman has this terrific and instructive example of what the “Palestinians” is all about. It starts with this image from the present Palestinians in which the three unfortunate kidnapped youth are portrayed as rats. Then a commenter took that image and provided a very siilar image from the Antisemitic stink holes of the German Nazis. The “Palestinians” are Nazi and the very founder of the “Palestinians” was a Nazi. He was named Hajj Amin el Husseini and he was the uncle of Arafat. Present leader of the “Palestinians” is Abbas and he worked with Arafat for 30 years and he is responsable for this present image which is using Nazi imagery of Jews being rats. What will Christy Moore say of that? Silent…you don’t say!