We will call it from now on the Party of War or the “War Party” and everybody will know. This is what the United States has becomem from a haven for liberty to the Party of War against its own American people and against all freedom lovers world wide. The Party of War maintains great friendship though with the Muslim Brotherhood (Morsi)


Hannity/Fox had a large segment tonight.


Those Fed’s no longer deserve our respect, they are becoming Fascist Stormtroopers.

 I wonder if they realize what kind future they are bringing to their children and family.

(a comment on Gates of Vienna)


In Nevada the War Party sent its Feds down to the Bundy Ranch where there was a dispute on grazing rights. The Bundies are probably not native Americans (sarcasm)


BUT AT THE SAME TIME the US, their Fascist underlings in the Ukraine Kiev takeover merchants, Germany and Putin gathered  in order to avoid war.


They reached an agreement in order to try to avoid war which could be a nuclear war.


The ink was not even dry when within minutes of the agreement Obama was polluting the air with his threats again against Putin and Russia  “You better carry this out and if you don’t there will be trouble!” kind of thing


Yes the Party of War. Against its own American citizens and against World Peace because…


There is a total crisis in world capitalism. Many are saying that the whole economy of the world is like a deck of cards liable to collapse at any momento with unbelievable amounts of CREDIT splashing around


This superstucture is totally unstable and this gives great ímpetus to the drive to dictatorship. The good people of America who travelled to support the Bundys at their ranch know this as well. They also fear the Party of War.