Washington is increasingly concerned, the Wall Street Journal reported Saturday, that Israel is preparing to strike Iran’s nuclear sites over US objections and has bolstered the defences of US facilities in the region in case of a conflict.


That is a sentence from the most amazing sentence. The most revealing sentence.


Look at this sentence closely because the fate of the whole world, the whole of humanity, the whole existence of ALL life including All human AND animal life on the planet hangs on understanding.


First of all it applies to Obama and Israel, but Mitt Romney is little and maybe no different than Obama. Gingrich is better because Gingrich stated that the “Palestinian thing” is a fraud. Full marks then to Gingrich. He did what NO American leader ever did before. He exposed the Hoax/Big Lie of the Palestinian Arab Muslims.



So the question from the above is:


Why would the US, Obama and Mrs Clinton, be “increasingly concerned”?


As we write the Iranian Islam fanatics are working like crazy on their centrifuges increasing their uranium from 20 to 80 per cent. They have the latest very modern machines doing this. Thousands of them. By their own statements it isa in deep secrecy INSIDE a mountain near Qom.


By April they will have sufficient to make 5 nuclear bombs.


Then a decision will be taken GO FOR IT and withing a very few weeks the bombs are made.


In the meantime they are creating a test facility underground also. That will be the announcement to the world. Then it will be too late to the world.



Obama is a mixture of being an anti-Semitic Christian and a Muslim. He was trained as a Muslim in a Muslim school/madrassah situation. This comes out in a direct fashion in his hatred of Israel the Jewish Homeland. He denies and opposes the essence of the Jewish Homeland.


The Muslim part of Obama wants Israel cleared away (off the face of the map). The Christian part of Obama hates the Jews as do most Christians who are outside Bible Evangeliocanism and even they lay conditions on the Jews. OBAMA IS NOT SOCIALIST OR LEFTIST AS AGENTS OF IMPERIALISM ASSERT.


Obama basically hates Israel. Obama basically does not “hate” Iran and believes that as Muslims they can be talked to (that is talked sense to)


These issues means that in concrete politics Obama is on a collision course with Israel in this sense:

If the Israeli leaders are to fight for the safety of Israel they have to break with Obama and his whole team that he has built around him, many of whom ironically are “Jews”!




Antisemitism lies at the root. Iran with the Nuclear Bomb cannot destroy the US, but Iran with the Nuclear Bomb can destroy Israel. They reckoned on this long ago, they know this, and they said this.


What Obama in that last Thursday phone call bullying of Netanyahu implied was the following:


We America come first, always. It matters not to us Iran having the Nuclear Bomb. Anyway you Jews caused all of this as you always have and do. In the end Iran will have the Nuclear Bomb and then I will insist on you Israel and you Jews living with that reality. You live with the reality wioth a Nuclear Jihad”.


It is pure anti-Semitism on the part of Obama representing America.


Where then is the outswell of opposition from the American Christians? It is nowhere!


In fact in the whole of the world Israel is on its own and alone standing with Israel is us, 4international. We are the only socialist movement standing with Israel. This is important.


This present day world does not deserve the Jews and does not deserve Israel and very often what you do not deserve you do not get. If things continue along this path, for example if Obama and even Romney win, then there may be no more Israel and eventually no more Jews. (Gingrich has played a great role in stating the Palestinian thing is a hoax. But still he will be an unknown quantity)


The Nazi Holocaust will have been completed.





Can anything be done? The answer by Trotskyism is most definitely yes.


The place to start is that there must be a Trotskyist party.





Why must there be a Trotskyist Party? The answer is that the analysis of 4international is unique and unique in a vital manner.


Only the method of Trotskyism which is Marxism/Dialectical Materialism can lead. I will refer here to a few issues only which fairly shows this. I do hate that we on 4international have to draw attention to this because these are good sites and very good people to whom we are allied and whom we defend and will defend:


1. The great website against Jihadism “” stated clearly that they had “no dog in this fight” in the battle between Mubarak and the Jihad/Empire. That abstentionism led to the fall of Mubarak and 75 election win by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (the Salafist Party is also MB). Mubarak may be executed by the Empire/Jiadists who control Egypt again thanks to Jihadwatch and Robert Spencer who runs it.


Pamela Geller on her equally great and vital site followed Spencer. Geller read that article and did not voice ANY opposition.


Spencer and Geller ARE the antiJihadist movement. Their position “no dog in this fight” was very common among all of the Jewish blogs.

(This political position was articulated in a very notorious article on Jihadwatch by Roland Shirk at a critical point early 2011)


Israpundit and Ted Belman called for the bombing of Libya by NATO planes. Belman is linked with a whole array of Jewish people in the field of Jewish blogging etc. The following NATO bombing and the intervention by a combination of US and British Special Forces which were allied to the Fascist Jihadist Qatar with its also Special Forces and most especially Al Jazeera meant a now Sharia becoming Libya.


Once again we emphasise that Belman does great work in Jewish blogging. But look where he was on Libya. He too has big responsibility for the Jihad coming to power in Egypt and Libya.


Caroline Glick is also a great Jewish writer but as we write calls for the overthrow of Assad and thereby condemns to obliteration vital Syrian minorities, Christans Kurds and Assyrians, who will all have to flee if Assad is overthrown.


Glick again is in denial that Assad is in a fight against the Jihad. But he is. Glick allows emotions to determine here programme. It is a repeat of Belman on bombing of Libya, and Spencer/Geller no dog in the Egypt fight.


Glick by calling for Assad to be defeated is threading the same path and is enabling the Jihad to come to power, is facilitating the Muslim Brotherhood to come to power in Syria. Almost unbelievable!



I can go on. The list is endless. There are many others adding up to a huge crisis of leadership in the world of Jewish leadership.


There are other reasons outside the Jewish leadership situation.


Look at Ireland, where the intervention of Felix Quigley on the Indymedia Ireland site has shown that the Irish left has covered up for the role of the CIA. The CIA was funding Libyan Jihadists against Muammar Gadhafi IN Dublin and IN Ireland throughout 2009 and 2010.


We will explore this later. But basically the CIA was using the Left in Ireland, especially the SWP and the Flotillas against Gaza, in order to promote the Jihad against Muammar Gadhafi, which ended in the massacre of big numbers of poor Black Africans in places like Masrata.


This has proved that the Irish Left is a tool of the CIA and also of British Intelligence.

Some of this is shown towards the end of this: War on iran has started





This certainly throws a new light on the Republican Sinn Fein Gerry Adams leadership and how they caved in on the issue of national self determination, thereby Sinn Fein making a deal with the British Imperialist Government of Blair, and with the most reactionary side of Ulster Protestantism, the totally Catholic Hating DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) of Ian Paisley, the eternal anti catholic bigot.


Due to this discovery of CIA involvement we now can ask who really was guiding Sinn Fein in those days of the “Good Friday Agreement”?


Where does this leave us?


The left is in the pocket of the CIA and of British Intelligence.


Irish Republicanism is totally a busted flush and has to answer questions about the Good Friday Agreement with Paisleyism.


Jews face a potential Holocaust at the hands of Iran and the Arab Spring Jihad movement. Yet Jewish leaders could not defend Mubarak, Gadhafi and now Assad. This is sadly fact.


Only our movement is true on these issues. We must build a leadership organization around