4international has followed the reports on the Stuttgart meeting with interest. This is because the future of the revolutionary socialist movement is at stake in these reports.


Let us make things very clear: we stand totally on the side of Robert Spencer and those in Stuttgart Germany who invited Spencer to speak, especially on important work they have done to explain the role of Islam in the world today.


We do have differences with Spencer, of course we do, we are a Trotskyist movement.


We see the main enemy as being NATO/UN which with its repression of Serbs, its war on Gadhafi, its continued threat against Israel and the Jews, is working on behalf of Sharia and of Islam, because NATO/UN sees Islam, as Hitler saw Islam, as a very repressive ideology.


Which is primary…NATO is primary.


Wilders is simply very wrong on this. Wilders should be lining up alongside of the Serbs and of Ratko Mladic, and on the side of all the Serb prisoners in The Hague Kangaroo Court.


But having said that, and made our differences clear, the main thing that the Stuttgart rally which was attacked by these reactionary groups, is that the rally showed that the so called left is in the pay of Islam, with many also in the pay of the German state, if you follow the logic of the above.


We have followed and publicised this now notorious meeting very comprehensively because it gives a clear picture of the degeneration of this so called left.


In the following there is a very thoughtfully wonderful report by one of these German fighters for free speech against Islam.


I like this report very much because it hints towards the use which the ruling class (the NATO/UN/Global elite) are making of this left/Islamist/state provocateur alliance


Let me introduce this article by one of the following comments, these Germans really are clued up!


The comment goes like this:


Like everywhere else, Westerners in key positions are being paid Islamoney. Islam has purchased our freedom. We are letting it become our masters.

Where does the money lead to? Who will follow the money trail?

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The Message from Stuttgart
by Monika Kaufmann

Before Robert came to Germany, he asked me about security guards; I answered that there would be plenty of police and they were on our side. When we met at the airport and rode on the train to Stuttgart, I told him there were lots of places I’d never invite him to in Germany, such as Cologne in North-Rhine Westphalia, but that Stuttgart was pretty calm. I couldn’t have been mistaken more. The times they are a-changin’, and the Stuttgart 21 project, the big reconstruction of Stuttgart’s central railway station, attracts all kinds of radicals and rioters from all over Germany. Meanwhile, you can even hire “professional” protesters; you don’t even have to pay them, they join anything they deem a Just cause — and “just” is simply anti-Western.

And these demonstrators apparently excel as brilliant minds. Here is an example: “I go to school in Neukölln (part of Berlin) and there are 20 Muslims in my class, we have no problems.” “In Neukölln the headscarf sluts beat up Polish girls.” Enraged: “How dare you call ‘em sluts!?” Not a word about the Polish girls, it escapes this brilliant mind that Poland was the first country that the Nazis invaded in World War II, and that accordingly the Germans have a certain responsibility for the protection of Poles on their soil. Or, “You’re racists!” “What race is Islam?” “You’re against everybody who looks like someone from an Islamic country, against black-haired people…” Pointing at Robert: “Is he blond?” “Uh, you know what I mean…” And so forth.

On Thursday afternoon, June 2, the idyllic Schlossplatz in the centre of Stuttgart turned into a witches’ cauldron. So-called antifas (anti-fascists) and jihadis stormed our stage and occupied it. Everything turned topsy-turvy, our agenda went down the drain, and when eventually the stage was cleared and our orators were able to speak briefly, the unleashed mob threw metal ashtrays, bottles filled with ice, eggs and horse shit at them, as there were some mounted police on the ground. Our “friends” know how to use the materials they find; they’re ecologically sensitive. But the police were not very helpful. They kept a low profile and only de-escalated when absolutely necessary.

While I was pondering this nightmarish rally in Stuttgart, I recalled another rally nearly forgotten that I had attended in Munich back in the nineties. The circumstances were similar, but not quite so. The subject was an exhibition touring Germany about the war crimes committed by the Wehrmacht during World War II. The Nazis rallied against this exhibition, and we, the democratic forces, protested against the Nazis. As clashes were to be expected, task forces from all over the Federal Republic were detached to Munich. Everything went smoothly. The two opposing parties never got any closer than 100 metres to one another. I never saw more than a few banners and a van of the Nazis, and I remember several times being told by the police not to move another step. Eventually the Nazis gave up and we won a victory. End of story.

Comparing these two rallies, some questions arise: What went wrong in Stuttgart, and why did it go right in Munich? Were the police in Stuttgart incompetent and the police in Munich efficient? The answer is that they were efficient at both locations by serving the political intention perfectly. The police are part of law enforcement; they do as they’re told. In Munich their orders were to keep the opposing parties apart by all means, and that’s what they did. In Stuttgart they were told to keep a low profile and only to interfere when absolutely necessary. The message from Stuttgart is clear: the security of some intrepid freedom fighters from all over the world standing out for our values, such as freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, equal rights for men and women, the right of physical integrity for apostates, etc., is not more important than the right of some radicalised moronic thugs to fight for their Muslim friends’ special rights. As Robert pointed out so many times, in our free societies Muslims are equal to other citizens, but as in Orwell’s Animal Farm, they want to be more equal. They always demand extra rights, and as rights can’t proliferate, granting new special rights to one group invariably means curtailing the rights of others. Special accommodation for Muslim customs at work places always implies some disadvantages for their non-Muslim colleagues. This is something the self-appointed fighters for tolerance and freedom of religion in our midst are not aware of, especially in Germany, where they drew the wrong conclusions from the past.

But getting back to the message that the new government of Baden-Württemberg, where Stuttgart is the capital, is sending out to the rest of the world: We accommodate undemocratic elements in our society, as long as they stand out for the poor disenfranchised Muslim community. Boohoo, can’t help it, why are Muslims always misunderstood? These freedom fighters are a nuisance. Who needs freedom of speech anyway? We prefer to stand with the simple-minded Muslim supporters.

Two dialogues with policemen can shed a light on this: “Why are these rioters here?” “They’ve got the same right to rally as you have.” True; but they should have kept them away from the stage, our stage. “Why didn’t you proceed more harshly against the rioters?” “I can give no comment.” Pretty helpless.

In the face of all this, I’m requesting the readers of Jihad Watch to copy and paste this little email to Mr. Kretschmann, the new prime minister of Baden-Württemberg, who had after coming to power replaced the police officials, such as the chief of Stuttgart police. Please feel free to modify the mail to your liking.

This is his email address: poststelle(at)

Dear Mr. Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg, It has come to my attention that in Stuttgart, the capital of the German state of Baden-Württemberg, governed by your administration, friends of mine were terribly harassed and abused at a rally on June 2. Some people threw manure, eggs, metal ashtrays and ice-filled bottles, only because my friends peacefully protested against a violent and supremacist ideology, Islam.I shall refrain from doing any business in your state from now on. I don’t feel safe there. I’m a free American (European, Indian, Filipino, Thai, African etc.) citizen, and I thought that Germany respected freedom of opinion and other human rights. I must have been utterly mistaken. I thought that the Germans were not ausländerfeindlich, but obviously they are.

Yours sincerely


The correct translation of “ausländerfeindlich” is hostile to foreigners, not xenophobic. Those who were rejected in Stuttgart were friends from all over the world; they were not aliens to our society. Anyway, to tell German multiculturalists that they are “ausländerfeindlich” is the worst offence they can think of. Please let them feel where their weak points are.

Monika Kaufmann is a human rights activist who writes from Germany.

Posted by Robert on June 11, 2011