All of these issues are connected, but the interconnection can only be made by a definite type of leadership

1. The issue of the Hague Court (Kangaroo) and its persecution of the Serbs in the interests of Muslims and their NATO sponsors


2. The war on Gadhafi while Iran and Syria escape with a toothless UN resolution


3. The continual attempt to deligitimise Israel, especially by the US Government


Out of all of these the very worst is Libya, for the simple reason that NATO as I write this, is raining down bombs on Tripoli


It is because of this, that it (The War on Gadhafi) is actually happening, that I measure people up by what they are doing on this war.


Iman Al Odeidi

This woman, let me call her Al Obeidi, you can google if you wish, a couple of months ago burst into a very posh hotel in Tripoli, where the western journalists were being well fed and watered, shouting her head off that she had been raped


Who really knows! I strongly suspect not and that she was working with western intelligence and those very reporters themselves.


Anyhow as you would expect the media were all over this story.


Never mind that Al Obeidi refused a medical examination. The young gadhafi soldiers and their families wanted to press charges.


The story eventually slipped out of the news, Until this morning when the BBC World Service began to bring it up to add to the story that Gadhhafi has a programme of rape underway, a story that seems to emerge out of The Hague Kangaroo Court itself, buit taken up by the BBC


This has a very long history with the attempts of 4international. to refute lies about concentration camps, rapes etc, especially the lies around Srebrenica.

We also had to take up a big struggle against lies about rape at the time of the arrest of Karadzic with a main writer on Pajamas media.

Now the situation has moved on and NATO is out to crush the Gadhafi opposition to NATO…hence these lies about the Gadhafi troops committing rape. It is all very vague and will remain vague until they groom a supergrass such as the Libyan equivalent of Drazen Erdemovic to bring forward supergrass “evidence”


These lies are well explained (until we get to the bottom of these rape lies) in the Bosnian sense in this extract:


Srebrenica, as it really was: one of hundreds of war zones in Bosnia-Herzegovina, torn apart by the civil war between catholic Croats, orthodox Serbs and Muslims forcibly converted under Turkish rule. Just like the Nazis, the US imperialists subjugated the country by using the Islamic-Catholic axis, and the lie ruled right from the start: the Bosnian Serbs are supposed to have killed more than 250,000, while it has been proved that a total of between 30,000 and 60,000 people of all the parties to the civil war died; the evil, evil Serbs are supposed to have “systematically mass-raped” 60,000 women, no, 40,000, no, 20,000, until finally 119 documented cases remained (without the Serbian rape victims, of course) etc., etc. The propaganda “Srebrenica” is to a certain degree the generic term of this orgy of lies that has been raining down on our heads for years. There was fighting in the real Srebrenica too – of course, one almost is willing to say – resulting in about 2000 Muslims dying in battle. There are serious studies that exist on this matter, none more exemplary than that presented by the co-author of this documentation, Alexander Dorin (‘Srebrenica – Die Geschichte eines salonfähigen Rassismus’, Berlin 2010), the Bulgarian Germinal Civikov and several others. Admittedly, their voices are faint, which is inevitable under a worldwide regime of censorship.


But before the propaganda “Srebrenica” there were real crimes committed in the same region, which have been suppressed, kept silent, covered up, swept under the carpet: because they were committed against Serbs. And these are what this documentation is about. Alexander Dorin has spared neither effort, time nor money in his years of painstaking research in order to bring these denied facts to light, and without a stroke of luck – in the form of a meeting with the co-author Zoran Jovanović – he still would not have succeeded.