4international calls for the reléase of general Mladic fromt he Hague Court and the Hague Prison and we call on all class conscious workers and youthm and also all Jewsm to support us in this calle.


The war on the Serbs was a major link up between US and EU Imperialisms with the Jihad against the Christians. This trial against Mladic is the result of that.


Over next weeks 4international will be publishing articles on this Jihad against the Serbs and the role of the British and US Imperialists in helping the Islamist extremists in Bosnia under Izetbegovic. These are the real war criminals. Racak and Srebrenica are part of the Big Lie technique used in so many countries by the US and EU Lie Machine


The following article by the BBC is part and parcel of the same. The BBC state as fact that Srebrenica “happened” but the research carried out by 4international indicates that it was all part of the Big Lie and that it did not “happen”.


(start BBC article here)


Ratko Mladic trial blocks move to drop genocide charges

Mladic in court Ratko Mladic says the charges against him are ‘monstrous’

Judges at the trial of former Bosnian Serb army chief Ratko Mladic have rejected arguments for dropping the most serious charges of genocide.

Mr Mladic faces 11 charges, including genocide and crimes against humanity, dating to the 1992-95 Bosnian war.

He is specifically accused of a hand in the massacre of more than 7,000 Bosniak men and boys at Srebrenica – Europe’s worst atrocity since World War II.

Mr Mladic denies all charges and has denounced the UN tribunal as “satanic”.

At the session on Tuesday, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia ruled that there were still good grounds to try Mr Mladic on two counts of genocide.

The charges relate to the killings at Srebrenica, and to the expulsion of the Muslim Bosniaks, Bosnian Croats and other non-Serb populations in a wartime campaign that came to be known as “ethnic cleansing”.

Lawyers for Mr Mladic had argued that there was not enough evidence linking him to the most serious of the crimes.

However, Judge Alphons Orie said “that the accused has a case to answer on all counts”, citing material presented by prosecutors, including video footage of Mr Mladic calling on revenge against the Muslims of Srebrenica.

Mr Mladic is also charged in connection with the 44-month siege of Sarajevo during which more than 10,000 people died.






4international has followed the reports on the Stuttgart meeting with interest. This is because the future of the revolutionary socialist movement is at stake in these reports.


Let us make things very clear: we stand totally on the side of Robert Spencer and those in Stuttgart Germany who invited Spencer to speak, especially on important work they have done to explain the role of Islam in the world today.


We do have differences with Spencer, of course we do, we are a Trotskyist movement.


We see the main enemy as being NATO/UN which with its repression of Serbs, its war on Gadhafi, its continued threat against Israel and the Jews, is working on behalf of Sharia and of Islam, because NATO/UN sees Islam, as Hitler saw Islam, as a very repressive ideology.


Which is primary…NATO is primary.


Wilders is simply very wrong on this. Wilders should be lining up alongside of the Serbs and of Ratko Mladic, and on the side of all the Serb prisoners in The Hague Kangaroo Court.


But having said that, and made our differences clear, the main thing that the Stuttgart rally which was attacked by these reactionary groups, is that the rally showed that the so called left is in the pay of Islam, with many also in the pay of the German state, if you follow the logic of the above.


We have followed and publicised this now notorious meeting very comprehensively because it gives a clear picture of the degeneration of this so called left.


In the following there is a very thoughtfully wonderful report by one of these German fighters for free speech against Islam.


I like this report very much because it hints towards the use which the ruling class (the NATO/UN/Global elite) are making of this left/Islamist/state provocateur alliance


Let me introduce this article by one of the following comments, these Germans really are clued up!


The comment goes like this:


Like everywhere else, Westerners in key positions are being paid Islamoney. Islam has purchased our freedom. We are letting it become our masters.

Where does the money lead to? Who will follow the money trail?

(following report thanks to


The Message from Stuttgart
by Monika Kaufmann

Before Robert came to Germany, he asked me about security guards; I answered that there would be plenty of police and they were on our side. When we met at the airport and rode on the train to Stuttgart, I told him there were lots of places I’d never invite him to in Germany, such as Cologne in North-Rhine Westphalia, but that Stuttgart was pretty calm. I couldn’t have been mistaken more. The times they are a-changin’, and the Stuttgart 21 project, the big reconstruction of Stuttgart’s central railway station, attracts all kinds of radicals and rioters from all over Germany. Meanwhile, you can even hire “professional” protesters; you don’t even have to pay them, they join anything they deem a Just cause — and “just” is simply anti-Western.

And these demonstrators apparently excel as brilliant minds. Here is an example: “I go to school in Neukölln (part of Berlin) and there are 20 Muslims in my class, we have no problems.” “In Neukölln the headscarf sluts beat up Polish girls.” Enraged: “How dare you call ‘em sluts!?” Not a word about the Polish girls, it escapes this brilliant mind that Poland was the first country that the Nazis invaded in World War II, and that accordingly the Germans have a certain responsibility for the protection of Poles on their soil. Or, “You’re racists!” “What race is Islam?” “You’re against everybody who looks like someone from an Islamic country, against black-haired people…” Pointing at Robert: “Is he blond?” “Uh, you know what I mean…” And so forth.

On Thursday afternoon, June 2, the idyllic Schlossplatz in the centre of Stuttgart turned into a witches’ cauldron. So-called antifas (anti-fascists) and jihadis stormed our stage and occupied it. Everything turned topsy-turvy, our agenda went down the drain, and when eventually the stage was cleared and our orators were able to speak briefly, the unleashed mob threw metal ashtrays, bottles filled with ice, eggs and horse shit at them, as there were some mounted police on the ground. Our “friends” know how to use the materials they find; they’re ecologically sensitive. But the police were not very helpful. They kept a low profile and only de-escalated when absolutely necessary.

While I was pondering this nightmarish rally in Stuttgart, I recalled another rally nearly forgotten that I had attended in Munich back in the nineties. The circumstances were similar, but not quite so. The subject was an exhibition touring Germany about the war crimes committed by the Wehrmacht during World War II. The Nazis rallied against this exhibition, and we, the democratic forces, protested against the Nazis. As clashes were to be expected, task forces from all over the Federal Republic were detached to Munich. Everything went smoothly. The two opposing parties never got any closer than 100 metres to one another. I never saw more than a few banners and a van of the Nazis, and I remember several times being told by the police not to move another step. Eventually the Nazis gave up and we won a victory. End of story.

Comparing these two rallies, some questions arise: What went wrong in Stuttgart, and why did it go right in Munich? Were the police in Stuttgart incompetent and the police in Munich efficient? The answer is that they were efficient at both locations by serving the political intention perfectly. The police are part of law enforcement; they do as they’re told. In Munich their orders were to keep the opposing parties apart by all means, and that’s what they did. In Stuttgart they were told to keep a low profile and only to interfere when absolutely necessary. The message from Stuttgart is clear: the security of some intrepid freedom fighters from all over the world standing out for our values, such as freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, equal rights for men and women, the right of physical integrity for apostates, etc., is not more important than the right of some radicalised moronic thugs to fight for their Muslim friends’ special rights. As Robert pointed out so many times, in our free societies Muslims are equal to other citizens, but as in Orwell’s Animal Farm, they want to be more equal. They always demand extra rights, and as rights can’t proliferate, granting new special rights to one group invariably means curtailing the rights of others. Special accommodation for Muslim customs at work places always implies some disadvantages for their non-Muslim colleagues. This is something the self-appointed fighters for tolerance and freedom of religion in our midst are not aware of, especially in Germany, where they drew the wrong conclusions from the past.

But getting back to the message that the new government of Baden-Württemberg, where Stuttgart is the capital, is sending out to the rest of the world: We accommodate undemocratic elements in our society, as long as they stand out for the poor disenfranchised Muslim community. Boohoo, can’t help it, why are Muslims always misunderstood? These freedom fighters are a nuisance. Who needs freedom of speech anyway? We prefer to stand with the simple-minded Muslim supporters.

Two dialogues with policemen can shed a light on this: “Why are these rioters here?” “They’ve got the same right to rally as you have.” True; but they should have kept them away from the stage, our stage. “Why didn’t you proceed more harshly against the rioters?” “I can give no comment.” Pretty helpless.

In the face of all this, I’m requesting the readers of Jihad Watch to copy and paste this little email to Mr. Kretschmann, the new prime minister of Baden-Württemberg, who had after coming to power replaced the police officials, such as the chief of Stuttgart police. Please feel free to modify the mail to your liking.

This is his email address: poststelle(at)

Dear Mr. Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg, It has come to my attention that in Stuttgart, the capital of the German state of Baden-Württemberg, governed by your administration, friends of mine were terribly harassed and abused at a rally on June 2. Some people threw manure, eggs, metal ashtrays and ice-filled bottles, only because my friends peacefully protested against a violent and supremacist ideology, Islam.I shall refrain from doing any business in your state from now on. I don’t feel safe there. I’m a free American (European, Indian, Filipino, Thai, African etc.) citizen, and I thought that Germany respected freedom of opinion and other human rights. I must have been utterly mistaken. I thought that the Germans were not ausländerfeindlich, but obviously they are.

Yours sincerely


The correct translation of “ausländerfeindlich” is hostile to foreigners, not xenophobic. Those who were rejected in Stuttgart were friends from all over the world; they were not aliens to our society. Anyway, to tell German multiculturalists that they are “ausländerfeindlich” is the worst offence they can think of. Please let them feel where their weak points are.

Monika Kaufmann is a human rights activist who writes from Germany.

Posted by Robert on June 11, 2011







I have major problems with the following article. To me it is too clever by half. It is not a campaigning article. Not really an article to campaign behind

I disagree strongly with this

Ratko Mladić is neither a monster nor a saint.

Mladic is no monster! the only monsters are those on the likes of Harry’s Place who call him that, and worse. So why say it anyway!

Rather than being a monster Mladic is indeed a hero, because he fought a valiant struggle, and is still fighting, just as much as is Geert Wilders, or as is Muammar Gadhafi, and those with Gadhafi in Libya who are fighting against NATO

Unlike this writer in this article we on 4international have no equivalence between these forces. At every point we take the side of those who are fighting against this alliance of NATO and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Yes indeed…take very strong exception to that phrase.


I make these points:


  1. The famous Dutch report specifically said that they could

find not one eye witness that the Serb soldiers on retaking Srebrenica murdered a single human being, much less Muslim


  1. He leaves out the key Germinal Civikov book in this article, although it is central in his previous article. It is right to make Civikov central. I will tell you why


Civikov proves that the whole of the Hague kangaroo Court evidence that the Serbs executed prisoners in any number was based on the “evidence” of Drazen Erdemovic.


Why is this fact so important?


It is so important because Erdemovic was a supergrass in the mould of Christopher Black of Derry.


Christopher Black was like an empty vessel in the hands of the RUC Special Branch. They the RUC Intelligence simply poured their evidence in one end of Christopher Black and it came out the other during the critical trials of republicans. It was a closed system. The supergrass was kept in high isolation, away even from his family. No other witnesses were needed, except the police (!!!) and in fact were not only not necessary, but would cause “cross contamination” of the evidence of the supergrass.


So in that case Erdemovic claimed that 1200 Muslims were executed thanks to the labours of himself and 7 others plus 2 higher up the command chain


What happened those 9 others, guilty of “the greatest crime since the Holocaust” as The Hague kangaroo Court told us.


These 9 others were to this day not even questioned although the key evidence of Erdemovic named them.


Not only were they very well known, absurdly so, but one of them was arrested in America on a driving charge, and the Americans made sure that they were not interested in him appearing in the Hague.




There was no execution of any kind at any farm nohow nowhere!




There are other issues in this article concerning Tito.


It is not made clear, in fact the very opposite.


Tito was no communist, he was a Stalinist.


As far as I understood at the time when Stalin made the pact with Hitler, Tito whether he agreed or not, did not oppose it publicly. He was part of the Stalinist Comintern.


The writer of this article does not even distinguish between Stalinism and Communism


That is the swampland of American and British Imperialism and their ideology. Why should Serbs go down that track either?


Much in this article is minor and incidental.


We on 4international say that the ONLY important thing is not about bounties for families, but that Ratko Mladic like all other Serbs in this Kangaroo Court, many now languishing in prison, are all innocent in the court of revolutionary socialist or communist justice and must be immediately set free.


The only crime of Ratko Mladic was to fight on behalf of the Christian Serbs against the alliance of Jihad and Imperialism, especially American and British Imperialism

(start article by Srdja Trifkovic here)

General Mladic: The Facts

Jun 2, 2011

By Srdja Trifkovic | Mladic may have allowed himself to be discovered in return for a substantial financial reward for his family, sources from Belgrade say.

The circumstances surrounding arrest of the wartime commander of the Bosnian Serb Army, General Ratko Mladić, seem puzzling. On May 26 he was captured in the house of a close relative with the same surname in a village north of Belgrade. Prima facie this means either that Mladić was entirely left to his own devices and had to seek shelter with people certain to be under police surveillance, or else that the Serbian authorities had been conniving in his hiding. The former is unlikely in view of the effectiveness of Mladić’s concealment after he finally went underground in 2002. The latter is even less likely in view of President Boris Tadić’s constant desire to please his mentors in Brussels and Washington and get Serbia a step closer to the ever-elusive EU membership.

According to our reliable sources in Belgrade, Mladić would not have been discovered had he not decided to give himself up in return for a substantial financial reward for his family. He is a very sick man and unlikely to live much longer. In addition to a chronic kidney ailment and high blood pressure, he has suffered several minor strokes over the past decade. Two years ago he was treated—under an assumed name—for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma at a clinic in Belgrade. Aware that his wife Bosiljka and son Darko had been living in penury since the authorities stopped paying his pension in 2005, Mladić decided to offer the government a deal. The final settlement is well below the $10m previously offered for Mladić’s capture, but sufficient to enable his wife and son to live in comfort for many years to come.

The price Mladić will have to pay is to endure, in the closing months of his life, a show trial at The Hague, where his guilt for genocide, crimes against humanity etc. is treated as a long-established fact. That he will not be granted even pro forma assumption of innocence was evident in the statement by the viceroy of Bosnia (“International High Representative”), Valentin Inzko of Austria, who described Mladić as a “war criminal” even though the trial is unlikely to start until some time next year.

Ratko Mladić is neither a monster nor a saint. He is a soldier, groomed in the Titoist tradition of the JNA (YPA) trans-national Yugoslavism, who rediscovered his Serb roots in late middle age. He was a skilled tactician but he was not a master strategist: he knew how to win battles, but ending the war was beyond him. His masterly conquest of the fortified Muslim positions on Mts. Igman and Bjelašnica in the summer of 1993 was a neat case of deep penetration by platoon-sized shock units in the center, immediately followed by panic-inducing flanking pincers.

Mladić’s freedom of action was partly curtailed by the latent tensions between the military and the political leadership of the Bosnian Serb republic. He and his staff were former YPA officers mistrusted by the ruling Serbian Democratic Party. On the other hand, Mladić’s view was that the Serbian Democratic Party establishment was both corrupt and inept. Dr. Karadžić retaliated by referring to the Army top brass as “commie bastards,” komunjare. The underlying animosity was based on the politicians’ claim that the officers had divided loyalties, since many of them (including Mladić) were still on the payroll of the Yugoslav Army, which at that time was controlled by Slobodan Milošević.

Needless to say, Ratko Mladić is not guilty as charged. The heart of the indictment against him, “Srebrenica,” is a myth—a genocide-that-never was, a postmodernist exercise in pseudoreality. It is a matter of record that thousands of Muslim men were killed in the vicinity of that small town during the Bosnian war, and that most of them lost their lives during an attempted breakthrough after the pocket fell to the Bosnian Serb forces in July 1995. At least a fifth reached safety of the Muslim-held town of Tuzla; a few hundred crossed to Serbia, across the Drina River to the east. An unknown were killed while fighting their way through; and many others—numbers remain disputed—were taken prisoner and executed by the Bosnian Serb soldiers. The numbers remain unknown and misrepresented. The War Crimes Tribunal at The Hague (ICTY) never came up with a conclusive breakdown of casualties. That a war crime did take place is undeniable, but the number of its victims remains forensically and demographically unproven. According to the former BBC reporter Jonathan Rooper, “from the outset the numbers were used and abused” for political purposes.” The most startling aspect of the 7-8,000 figure, he says, is that it has always been represented as synonymous with the number of people executed.  This was never a possibility. (Check out my Srebrenica and the Power of Reason, April 15.)

Far from bringing the Srebrenica myth to some long-overdue critical scrutiny, Mladić’s transfer to The Hague will be used to reconfirm old prejudices and old myths. In reality, the crimes and violations of human rights between 1992 and 1995 were not the direct result of anyone’s nationalist project. These crimes, as Susan Woodward of Brookings notes, “were the results of the wars and their particular characteristics, not the causes.” Yet the effect of the legal intervention of the “international community” with its act of recognition of Bosnia-Herzegovina was that a Yugoslav loyalty was made to look like a conspiratorial disloyalty to “Bosnia.” In 1943-4 Tito was able to force the Anglo-Americans to pretend that his struggle was not communist revolution. In 1992-5 Alija Izetbegović forced the West to pretend that his jihad was the defense of “multi-ethnicity.” Both pretenses were absurd.

Ratko Mladić will be duly convicted of genocide and crimes against humanity. He will not come out of jail alive. The verdict is already written, but it reflects a fundamental imbalance. It ignores the essence of the Bosnian war—the Serbs’ striving not to be forced into secession—while remaining mute about the culpability of the other two sides for a series of unconstitutional, illegitimate and illegal political decisions that caused the war. The judgment against Mladić at the U.S.-sponsored and largely U.S.-funded tribunal at The Hague will be built on this flawed foundation. It will be neither fair nor just. It will also give further credence to the myth of Muslim blameless victimhood, Serb viciousness, and Western indifference, and therefore weaken our resolve in the global struggle that used to be known as “war on terrorism,” and now no longer has a name, or a purpose, or a strategy.

The long-term agenda of the Tribunal’s architects is obvious when we read Geoffrey Robertson’s “Mistakes the Mladic trial needs to avoid” (The Independent, May 28, 2011): “The Mladic indictment … should be replaced by just one charge, the crime against humanity constituted by his command responsibility for ordering the worst war crime since the Japanese death marches of POWs at the end of the Second World War, namely the slaughter of more than 7,000 prisoners of war—the Muslim men and boys killed at Srebrenica.” It remains the Serbian government’s duty, Robertson says,

to clean out the Serb orthodox church, whose priests blessed the death squads at Srebrenica. Without their blessing, I believe that some soldiers would have disobeyed their orders to shoot defenceless, hog-tied, men and boys. It is widely known that the church has harboured Hague fugitives in its monasteries and has been deeply implicit with the murderous aspects of Serb nationalism… They should remember … the fact that the wheels of international justice grind slowly but they grind exceedingly small.

This is a statement worthy of a senior jurist in Moscow, cca 1937. It is unimaginable that Mr. Robinson would suggest a similar clean-up of the Prophet’s Religion of Peace and Tolerance, of course. His call is based on the construct of primary Serb culpability that is supposedly unique among the warring factions. In Robertson’s scenario The Hague is not a vehicle of judicial reconciliation but an instrument of quasi-legal retaliation.

The forthcoming verdict against Ratko Mladić, signed and sealed as it is, will be based on a lie and on an arbitrary apportioning of guilt by the self-appointed guardians of the “international community.” It paves the way for a new, even worse conflict a decade or two from now. It guarantees that the absurdity known as “Bosnia-Herzegovina” will become even less tenable than it is already.





The liars at Harry’s place are continuing to hide the vital book on Srebrenica by Civikov


NAME OF THIS GUY IS Aymenn Jawad Al Tamimi


Not one word of Civikov in his article on


We found out that this guy did not answer basic questions on Jihadwatch. Now he appears on Harry’s Place, still not answering any questions, this time about the questions posed by Civikov’s book

When you find a book being obscured you know there is something rotten


Anyway his name is


You will find in Civikov important information on how the Prosecution at the ICTY constructed their case that the Serbs murdered 8000 in Srebrenica.


It appears that the prosecution case was based on the evidence of little more than a sujpergrass, who goes by the name of Drazen Erdemovic


The book by Germinal Civikov is important and you will find important information on pages 26 and 27




According to Erdemovic he joined 7 others at a farm and in charge was Commander Branjo Gojkovic



From 10.00am until 3pm they shot 1200 civilians



It has been questioned by Civikov if this was physically possible as the prisoners arrived by bus and were shot in batches…they certainly had to be efficient


That is not my question though.


My question is why was commander Branjo Gojkovic not charged at the ICTY, and not even questioned it seems?


Nor any of the other 7 associates of Erdemovic


Could the answer be that Erdemovic has the same stature as that other well known supergrass Christopher Black of North of Ireland record.


The implication being that the evidence of supergrass is by its very nature bought and paid for, and exists inside a sealed system.


In other words the supergrass becomes the empty vessel of the prosecution into which they pour the evidence, whatever evidence they see fit to pour.


They did not prosecute the other “murderers”, of 1200 souls!!!, because they did not wish any cross contamination or contradictions hard to explain to arise.


This is the strangest dammed thing that you ever experienced in the world of law and prosecution. Or anywhere.


The crime in question as far as the Hague kangaroo Court…the murder by Serbs of 1200 Muslims, at a lonely farm, by shooting in batches


The Prosecution at the Hague know then names of all 7 Serb soldiers and the 2 superior officers.


They pick one of these, an unstable character with a bad past. They prosecute only this guy…Erdemovic of course.


Why not follow them all? the crime is not small, 12oo Muslims.


They just go for one guy, who is not even in command, but appears as a reluctant killer, according to himself.


Why are the rest of the 7 and the 2 higher up walking around free as the birds?


These are the questions that Civikov, based on the evidence which was given at the ICTY itself, asks


Perhaps they thought that the crime, the killing of the 1200, was not so big, but that is an ABSURD IDEA.


The whole programme of the ICTY is that it was a monstrous crime.


The writers and commenters on Harry’s Place certainly think so and their invective against the bestial Serbs is really something.


One called Alex mcPherson draws a parallel from this killing of 1200 to the kiolling of a million Jews in open field situation pre Wannsee


So they know a lot these guys in Harry’s Place.


But they do not seem to know enough to be able to answer the simple question posed by Civilov


Why did they prosecute only Erdemovic?


A simple question but very difficult for these liars, professional liars, to answer.


The Nazis who are in charge of Serbia today did the work on behalf of their fellow Nazis in the EU and US Government, the BBC, and The Hague kangaroo Court, and sent Mladic off to the Hague. No expense was spared by these Serb Nazis under Tadic.


There is no separation to the bombing of Gadhafi and Libya by Cameron, to the promoting of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt by Obama, and to the growing war against Israel by those Nazis in Hamas and Fatah


This is the sharpest sigh that the world is driving towards dictatorship, of a type that we cannot yet predict, and can only see the general signs of.


All is connected.


Along with this drive to dictatorship represented in the Hague Kangaroo Court we have the continued efforts of the world to drive towards anti-Semitism.

Meanwhile George Galloway is exposed by brilliant writer Habibi as meeting with Arab terrorist Jew hating types.

This patriot Mladic has been hounded by these Fascists for so long, that he is now physically a very ill man, having suffered 3 strokes.

No matter about that, the Hague kangaroo Court has got to continue the hatred stirring against the Serbs. The whole lie machine that created the Srebrenica Massacre Hoax has got to be kept going because actually if the truth came out people would see and understand this drive towards world dictatorship

From the M. Bozinovich Blog (which is located on

May 28, 2011


The arrested General Ratko Mladic urges peace and respect for law in Serbia, says his son Darko Mladic.

“His message is that people that wish to express their dislike of today’s government they have to do that in a peaceful and dignified way, without fights and without insecurity for people and objects,” the son of the arrested General said after conveying this message of his father, Serbia’s General Ratko Mladic that is wanted for war crimes.


Before being taken to The Hague, the General said that he wants to visit the grave of his daughter that was buried in 1994.

“Congratulations, you’ve found the one you have been looking for,” are the words that the wanted General Ratko Mladic said to the arresting Serbian officers.

After 16 years of searching, General Mladic was apprehended inside the house of his relative in Serbia’s northern village of Lazarevo near Zrenjanin.

Authorities say that Mladic has aged so much that he does not resemble much of his old self. Mladic lived under an assumed name of Milorad Komadic and some villagers say that they “never saw him here”.

Villagers also say that the house where Mladic was arrested was searched several times in the past.

On Thursday morning, however, police stormed the house once again and made the arrest of the General who is wanted at The Hague war crimes court


The whole world must be roused to defend Mladic and karadzic

This is of the greatest importance for everybody, for every nation, and especially for the Jewish nation

This also raises the vital question which is, what type of organization can actually fight on this issue.

It is clear that Mladic had to work in order to live in those 16 years, and that he lived in great hardship.

This more and more has the signs of a Serbia which was crushed by the NATO Fascists, and they put their own Fascists like into power, thanks to George Soros money.

Fighters for freedom in America like Pamela Geller should think on this. This is exactly what Obama, and his agents in, would like to do with you also.

This is a drive to dictatorship.


Srebrenica is really at the centre of our political life today. Let me explain.



The world was taught that the wars in Yugoslavia were unequal. On one side was the Serb Fascist Expansionist aggressor. On the other side were the victims of this aggressor.


When it came to the war in Bosnia Herzegovina this was even more pronounced in the Media as it implanted just this Christian aggressor/Muslim victimhood into the consciousness of the general public.


So there is an immediate connection right there to the present.


The main factors in this link are Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy and their Media machines.


They spin the story that:

Mubarak was the cruel dictator amassing huge fortunes and savaging his people.


Then with Mubarak forced to resign the attention switched to Muammar Gadhafi and here the cry was raised everywhere that Gadhafi was attacking “his own people” or was “attacking civilians”. It seems that most people will swallow anything they hear on the Media.


But this was what was happening in Yugoslavia, and it is very wrong to create a disconnect between the two.


What was hidden was that the leadership of the Bosnian Muslims around Izetbegovic was Jihadist Muslim in their political orientation.


Just as the main and strongly organized force in the “Arab Spring” is also Jihadist Islam (The Muslim Brotherhood)


Something else happened in Bosnia. The Muslims led by Izetbegovic employed the American public relations firm Ruder Finn, and in the United States this Ruder Finn broadcast repeatedly that the Serbs were Nazis and that they were running concentration camps, just like the Nazis did in the Holocaust.


This was the precise and admitted job of Ruder Finn, to paint the Serbs and their leaders as Nazis.


It was all a lie. There were no concentration camps. It was a civil war and a war of defence by the Christian Serbs against the Izetbegovic Jihad on Christians.



Before he died Izetbegovic admitted to the French diplomat Kouchner that the concentration camp propaganda was just that, a propagandist lie


The Srebrenica Massacre emerged out of that, was and is the biggest hoax of all.


In fact this Srebrenica Massacre was being talked about 2 years before it happened, in 1993, when Izetbegovic emerged out of a meeting with Bill Clinton, to tell his Islamist colleagues from Srebrenica that Clinton wanted a “massacre” staged, in order that the US could intervene with bombing against the Serbs and Serbia.


About Srebrenica we on 4international said and say:


There is not one item of proof that the Serbs murdered a single Muslim on retaking Srebrenica



It is true though that…The Serbs walked into a carefully laid trap which involved Izetbegovic and the Jihadist leadership removing the main Muslim Squadrons, and thus the surprised Serbs walked straight in without any fight

It was a trap.


From there the lies started and continue today and this is the only significance to the arrest by the “Serbs” of this aged and mentally ill former general Ratko Mladic


We will turn the tables on the ruling class and on the Ruder Finn pro Jihad liars here.


The real tragedy in the situation is that this proud Army Serb leader has been hounded in the latter part of his life and his only and real crime was that he fought against Jihad on behalf of the Serb Christian people.


The way that this giant hoax of The Srebrenica massacre is of supreme importance for us all to recognize, but especially for Israel and the Jews.


The natural allies of the Jews ARE the Serbs because the Serbs and the Jews suffered together in the Nazi Holocaust, and both Serbs and Jews are linked together in recognition of the previous and precedent setting Armenian Massacre by the Turkish government on defenceless Christians. But Jews, especially American Jews, have got to learn the main lesson which is that the power of American Imperialist ideology is great, and that American Jews and their organizations were largely taken in by the ruder Finn propaganda, and this problem is carried into the present, especially over the destruction of Mubarak and Gadhafi, again being replaced by the equivalent of Izetbegovic, The Muslim Brotherhood. It is also to recognize this strategic alliance between capitalist imperialist power and the forces of Islam, essentially the present day Jihad, which we call the Empire Sharia Alliance. It is real.