by Felix Quigley

August 30, 2008

We on this site separate from all on the so-called “Left” because we identify Zionism as the right of the Jewish people to have their Homeland and that this is Israel. This is also the position that Leon Trotsky took up in the 1930s.

For a defence of this position the reader could turn to because on this this writer argued strongly that Leon Trotsky in the late 30s was supporting the setting up of the (to be) Israel and was doing so with great urgency. This information had been and is still being totally obscured by “Left” and Imperialist alike. In the case of the “Left” – Stalinism has been a big factor. Not only did Stalinism murder Trotsky but they have tried to obscure his life history as well.

But what do we do when today Jewish organizations are ignoring the destruction of the Jewish Quarter by Saakashvili in the town of Tskhinvali, the capital of Ossetia.

Let us turn to Canadian website Israpundit, editor Ted Belman. This site is engaged in a campaign to have McCain elected to be President of the US. As part of this the site is totally in support of Saakashvili and it has thus hidden the reality that the Georgian state machine aided by the US, and with some aid from Israel, launched the genocidal attack on Tskhinvali just after midnight as the 7th turned into the 8th of August.

In the course of this attack the Jewish Quarter was destroyed.

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The Jewish Quarter in Tskhinvali after NATO’s Saakashvili struck in the early hours of August 8, 2008

August 21, 2008, 1:52 An entire Jewish area has been wiped out as a result of Georgia’s military offensive in Tskhinvali. Witnesses in the South Ossetian capital say there’s hardly a home standing in the area where the city’s Jewish population lived. Continue reading


August 27, 2008

The great Russian conductor Valery Gergiev who works in London has travelled to Tskhinvali and given a concert among the ruins of that city. NATO lay behind Saakashvili in the attack just past midnight on 7 to 8 of August, an attack which has killed very many innocent civilians, including the complete destruction of the Jewish Quarter.

It is a great thing which Gergiev has done. The responses from the British public and presumably many music lovers is not half bad either.

The theme was Russia’s victory over Georgia; the spirit was Second World War defiance; the music was from Leningrad — and the conductor was from London.

Surrounded by soldiers and barbed wire, hundreds crowded into the centre of Tskhinvali to see Valery Gergiev conduct the Maryinsky Orchestra from St Petersburg as Russia staged a victory concert amid the ruins of the capital of South Ossetia.

From the mournful first bars of Shostakovitch’s Symphony No 7 (known as the Leningrad) in the makeshift arena, it was clear that the theme of the night was a stirring appeal to patriotism and the memories of Russian suffering during the Second World War. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

August 24, 2008

The big issue in the world today is the same as it was 2 weeks ago. When in the early hours of August 8, 2008 the Georgian military, closely aligned with the US Government, and with a significant Israeli imput attacked South Ossetia and especially its capital city Tskhinvali (really a large town) – what did happen?

This is the issue which has been covered over in the most remorseless fashion by the Media in the whole of the West.

So all of the 8th, all of the 9th, and only then did the Russian troops arrive in the outskirts of Tskhinvali. This is the most vital question, to understand what happened during this time. What were the true intentions of the Americans because they surely were involved. Please dismiss from your mind the idea that Saakashvili moved against South Ossetia because he is impulsive etc! And were there really Israelis involved in this attack? Those are the questions an awful lot of people are trying to hide.

The following website has done some work on this issue. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

August 14, 2008

The vicious attack by the Georgian Government at the prompting of US on the small Ossetian people is a major turning point. The Russians are now drawing all of the lessons from the destruction of Yugoslavia, especially the ethnic cleansing of the Krajina by the combined forces of the US and Tudjman Nazi forces. Many thousands of Serbs, including many elderly and children were murdered in the Krajina and hundreds of thousands were driven from their homes. We on 4international believe the same was tried against Ossetia by the reactionary Georgian leaders in league with US Imperialism. The wonderful Byzantine Blog is alive to the link with the Krajina bitter Serbian experience.

[tart article here from Byzantine Blog from August 13]

NATO Rewrote the Rules


Russia Will Not be Treated Like Serbia

By Dr. Michael Pravica

Re: “McCain calls for U.N. resolution against Russia,” August 11.

I must caution Senator McCain (who is known for his legendary irrational tirades) as we ponder Russia’s recent actions to save South Ossetia from total annihilation and genocide by Georgia lest we start WWIII.

Due to the eagerness of such people as Senator McCain to disregard international law in their fanatical and irrational actions against Serbia, Russia has seen the writing on the wall and is not playing by the “rules” anymore because Senator McCain and many other American “leaders” rewrote them: might makes right.

The West, via NATO, has set the very dangerous precedent, destroying international law, that by occupying territories such as Kosovo, “independence” can be illegally granted de facto. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

13 August, 2008

We have to examine the attack which Georgia made on the town which is called the “capital” of South Ossetia. Tskhinvali may be the capital but is really only a town. Numbers in this situation do matter to understand the nature of the CIA backed Georgian Government.

It is clear that this was a cowardly attack, unprovoked and done in the most cold blooded manner, using a situation when the gaze of the world was on the Olympics and when the Russian leaders were present at the Olympic Opening ceremony in China.

We also have to examine the results of this attack. If 2000 or even just 1000 citizens of South Ossetia were killed, do the maths and see how this would work out as a comparision with America. I make it many millions of America killed in one night.

I make this genocide on a scale that has not been seen since the Nazi Holocaust of the Jews.

Then there is as the Russians have remarked the strange treatment of the Media in all of this. This genocide is ignored, and is immediately pushed into the background. Then the lying machine of the Media based on anti Slav racism took over.

We have to also get an understanding of the nature of the CIA backed “Revolutions”, given by the Media various colours of “Rose” “Orange” etc. What a nice image, a “rose” revolution!!!

What kind of regimes did the CIA foist onto the ordinary people of these regions.

“Slate carried this article which may be useful now to look at again.

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The Blush Is Off Georgia’s Rose Revolution

Another U.S. ally declares a state of emergency.

Protests in Tbilisi. Click image to expand. A Georgian opposition supporter falls as police disperse protesters
TBILISI, Georgia—It was a clear and cool afternoon—and the 90th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution—when thousands of protesters marched Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

August 9, 2008

Tropas georgianas se desplazan durante un conflicto con separatistas de Osetia del Sur.

Georgian troops have attacked a small area which has a Russian majority, South Osetia. Note the very latest hardware, courtesy of US and British Imperialists!

We have now moved into the field of Neo-Nazi politics with the brutal attack of US puppet Georgia on a disputed area in which there is a Russian majority. It is called South Ossetia which lies to the North of Georgia. There is also another disputed area called Abjasia, which is located on the North West of Georgia (in the shape of a triangle with one side running alongside the Black Sea)

It is the Georgian pro Imperialists and reactionaries who are attacking. But it is US and British Imperialism (NATO) which is pulling the strings. Continue reading