by Felix Quigley

August 10, 2008

Anti-Georgia rally in South Ossetia, June 2004 

protestors against Georgian troops in south Osettia

Very predictably, the editor of Israpundit Ted Balman and his very strange friend there called Yamit82, have attacked me personally in order to distort the real position ( which we hold over the cowardly Georgian attack on South Ossetia, an attack which looks like the beginnings of war on Russia and China. Along with JoshR and Neil Craig of A Place to Stand () I also heard yesterday morning the same BBC reporter state clearly that Georgia had attacked first in an opportunist fashion when Putin was at the Olympics, and when the world was distracted by the opening of the Olympics.

This is not a time for throwing insults about. The disagreement which we have with Belman and Yamit82 is not personal but is rooted in how we see the role of US Imperialism in the world today.

People like Belman and Yamit82 do not distinguish between US Imperialism (the US ruling class or as some say “elites”) and the ordinary people of America. This is a fatal position to take. It means in the end aligning with the US Imperialists class (say Bush) and possibly perhaps inevitably by some strands against the Jews of Israel and their true compatriots the 60 million strong US Christian Evangelicals. The latter is not of course the position of Belman but without clarity on this issue it can lead there.

Is it possible that such a harmless sounding disagreement could lead to those drastic ends. I am afraid so. History is full of items like this, when disagreements may seem small but actually grow into great issues. Continue reading