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The issue of the National Front or the BNP in England is causing much confusion everywhere.


I hurriedly added the folowing comment just now but you can follow the problem

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Please folks at Israpundit. Get a grip on yourselves. Have you lost all reason? Please do get out into the Rockies, find a deep pool and stick your head into the cool waters to come back to your senses.

The issue in England is this.

There are many weak links in this capitalist chain and England is one. America though is another.

These issues to do with this crisis will not be settled by Obama administrative measures re bank loans etc. There are huge forces being unleashed and the choice is either Fascism or Revolutionary Socialism.

Oh, slight complication here, there is no rev soc party. The Left has hightailed and joined with Islam and the Jihad.

It is in this vacumn of leadership that the workers see the BNP Fascists as an alternative. (I should rather say some and only some workers do this. The BNP is very far from convincing workers yet)

I would say their opposition to Muslims IS racist. It is not that they disagree really with Islam and its cruel methods and rule.

Why? Because Islam is also a Fascist ideology as is the ideology of the BNP.

The best and most principled position above, sorry I need to read them more carefully as this is in a bit of a rush, is number 13 by Kim.

This is indeed true and is the start and end of all discourse now. In order to be a revolutionary socialist one needs to be a Zionist. Yamit will just hate that thought.

And the point made by Kim that I  mentioned


If they’re not zionists – and thereby deny the jewish people their own country – they’re antisemites in my book.
Regardless of the need of any tactical alliances to defeat islam


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