by Felix Quigley

August 24, 2008

How to answer the Big lie of the Media!

The Media has claimed repeatedly that the Russians attacked Georgia and they have sought to hide the Georgian Saakashvili attack on tiny South Ossetia and its tiny capital city Tskhinvali. So one will look in vain as to what really happened.

So the following report from the St. Petersburg Times we learn that Georgians living in that city have donated money and help to rebuild the Tskhinvali Hospital damaged by the troops of the Georgian Government, that is by their own government.

It has to be remembered that Saakashvili is a demagogue politician and that just last November he was closing down newspapers in Georgia proper, arresting and torturing opponents.

Naturally in recent days much national anti Russian feeling has been stirred up but there are plenty of Georgians who can see through the Saakashvili leadership.

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City Government, Business to Support S. Ossetian Hospital

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