Yakobson, 2009

I ask who in political terms is he?


I challenge what is meant by Israeli bloggers when they use terms like “Radical left” or even “Leftists”. Some of the articles by Steven Plaut use the term “Radical Left” it seems to me about 40 times in one article. In any case a lot. So is a member of “Peace Now” such as Alexander Yakobson one of those too (radical left) and what then does it mean? In what way is “Peace Now” in any way connected with Lenin or Trotsky…they most likely know nothing about Lenin and Trotsky, and if they did know would be absolutely opposed. Is this then part of a lie that is being put about by people like Steven Plaut who seek to lie and discredit our socialist history because they seek capitalism for the Jews? Who then is Yakobsen? What does he mean for us or represent in reality, politically? All of us Jews and non Jews in this period have to be absolute precise in our language and meaning.


Steven Plaut a Business lecturer in Israel has called the Jews in Israel who are anti-Israel as being “Radical Left”. There is another article on Israpundit which is filled with historical lies about the Russian Revolution. Another article and sentiment among these circles completely ditches the Jews in the rest of the world that have not made the journey to Israel to settle there. Basically they are saying if Nazis get them (and on this Holocaust Memorial time then no problem…believe it or not that is the essence) then TOO BAD FOR THEM. I have read this on Israpundit and all over the place on so called Jewish blogs.


Plaut is really a fool. Capitalism is in a crisis of gigantic measure. It has caused unending unemployment in Europe of 60 to 70 per cent among youth in countries like Spain. The whole deck of cards which is seen in American debt and in Chinese links to this debt may collapse at any time…and like earthquakes it is not a matter of if but when.


As Lenin said in so many words it is reaction all down the line. Unable to solve its domestic crises the whole system led by Obama plunges towards Nuclear War against Russia and China. NATO has been surrounding Russia now for decades. It has been occupying the old Warsaw Pact countries. This was an agreement between Bush Snr. And Gorbachev that if Russia dismantled Warsaw Pact NATO would respect that and stay out. It was Bill Clinton who was the worst in breaking that promise.


Two months ago now NATO, the US and EU countries set in motion the most dangerous situation for humanity when it promoted the overthrowing of a DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED Government in Ukraine.


This type of action is ALWAYS a most dangerous road to tread. It is always a big danger within capitalism to step outside of the democratic parliamentary process.


As soon as you step outside of that process and towards the use of ARMED BODIES OF MEN ON THE STREETS that is taking a step towards Fascism


THAT is what has happened in Ukraine and that is being hidden even denied by every Jewish blogger that I know.


We have seen much in the last 20 years since the Yugoslavia crisis began.


The Yugoslavia crisis was marked by the US and EU joining forces with radical Islam, with the Jihad in the case of Yugoslavia with Izetbegovic, who it is known played host in Bosnia to Bin Laden who was using Bosnia as a transitional point before Afghanistan and 9-11


We have also seen the US and Mubarak, the US and Tunisia, the US and Gaghbo, the US and Libya. In the latter the US armed directly the forces of Al Qaida to destroy Gadhafi.


In all of these situations the US has been a huge destabilisation force in the world. The leaders of the EU are forced along the same road by this insuperable crisis in their system.


Steven Plaut may feel isolated in this world wide crisis because Israel is very successful.


The problem is that Plaut is an American who is totally behind the US led Imperialist Capitalist system.


That is a big problem for every Jew because Plaut is no different to any of the bloggers I know.


Answer me this clever gentlemen. If world capitalism plunges into Fascism it also plunges into world Antisemitism


What then? Where do you turn?


You simply should not be in such a hurry to tell your lies about the Russian Revolution. Pay just a little teeny weeny bit more attention to capitalism as a system and what it is doing to the world.


There is no hope at all that these kinds of hardened American ideologues like Plaut will change. But the Israeli youth that is a different matter. They live in the midst of this US generated Fascism which is called “Palestinianism”. Some of these Jewish youth will begin to see that Plaut’s capitalism is not the answer but is the root of the problem. Do not be in such a hurry to dismiss old Karl just yet!


by Felix Quigley

From “Dispatches from an Anxious State”…”The Shame of it all”

by Daniel Gordis

In the morning, the papers report the attack, but there’s not a single mention of a response, or even a contemplated response. Of course one will come, but not yet. Continue reading