4international makes its position very clear on the Iran Bomb issue.


We oppose totally Iran getting the Nuclear Bomb. We believe very firmly with Douglas Murray in a recent lecture when he said that Iran with the Nuclear Bomb would


  • be a serious and existentialist threat to Israel


  • with the bomb would be much harder for the opposition in Iran to overthrow


Murray pointed out that ages ago Rafsanjani had said that only ONE bomb would be enough to destroy Israel.


We on 4international have drawn attention to the statements of many Iranian leaders, not just Ahmadinejad, which directly threaten the existence of Israel, which are contained in the compilation of the ADL organization.


Because we on 4international raised this on the Indymedia Ireland website everything that we post is immediately removed by the Irish left Fascists who run that anarchist site.


On the left www.4international.me is alone in standing behind Israel and in the need to militarily stop Iran from getting the Nuclear Bomb.


All sections of the Israeli military leadership now believe that sanctions will not stop Iran from getting the Nuclear bomb.


The idea of sanctions stopping these determined Jihadists is a bit of a laugh but that is the centre of the US and the EU approach to the issue.


People are now telling lies about Obama. Obama is not fighting against Ikran as these people say. In fact everything Obama and Mrs Clinton do and say is to suck up to Iran. They use the same approach that Chamberlain tried with Hitler and the Nazis.


One of these who oppose stopping Iran by military means is Steven Gilmour (or is it Gilmore, he is Scottish of Irish extraction so both work) of Talk Radio Europe. Gilmour is very litigious so we can go no further than to say he claims that the US and the West are “provoking Iran” (Gilmour once threatened legal action against www.4international.me.


Even if we on 4international were in a minority of one we would call on the world to stop these antisemites in Iran from having the Nuclear Bomb, and to use all means to do so.


(readers should see both www.debka.com and also the Atlas Shrugs website to see more on Obama and Iran. Of great note is that the Obama team are refusing now to prosecute Iran for the bombing in Lebanon of the US barracks in which over 200 US men were murdered by Hizbullah, the Iranian proxy)


(Pamela Geller also carries a video on a wonderful speech by Douglas Murray to students in England where he castigates English diplomats for supporting Iran and the Nuclear Bomb)



Education series by www.4international.me will seek to cover many vital issues dealing with history, and the aim is to create a common body of knowledge with which to go forward. When we build up a readership we will announce the programme of these lectures which will be very wide-ranging in content. In doing this we will use our facebook facility as well as twitter, in fact every method we can master.