1. Remove the European Hare from Ireland.

2. Do not cut silage until July 1 and then cut from the inside out. Every field must have a border left uncut

3. All dogs chipped and registered. Fox population controlled.

These are the key issues in saving The Irish Hare. By far the most important is to take decisive action on the European Hare issue. Hamane measures such as transfer to the European mainland should be used. Massive and crippling fines for anybody bringing hares into Ireland need to be imposed. But action must be taken now.

1, 2 and 3 above are in order of importance and 1 suspasses all others in importance and in urgency.

The silage issue: there are two aspects here. 4international believes that farmers of Ireland are good people and we must try to convince this new thinking to start at once on a voluntary basis. But the answer is not voluntary. This must be law, again with huge fines imposed, for any breaking of this law (It needs to be law)

The dog issue is self explanatory. The chipping of all dogs in all of Ireland is vital. The registration fees for having a dog needs to go to saving The Irish Hare.

We have left the issue of Hare coursing to the last. 4international has nothing good to say about this. We do oppose it totally. However the issue of Hare Coursing has been used by Anarchists in order to provide a cover for the need for action on the above. Anarchists oppose taking action in the form of real practical steps especially on the issue of removing the European Hare in order that we can save the Irish Species of Hare, the Irish Hare. The Anarchists see this as tampering with Nature and thus they are the total and complete enemies of The Irish Hare, and they will behind their pious words and lies bring about the extinction of The Irish Hare.