By Felix Quigley

August 1, 2008

Some notes made towards understanding the Srebrenica Massacre


  1. The reality of the Balkan Holocaust, not 60 years ago, but by the year 1980 35 years ago
  2. The rescue of Croatian Nazis by the Vatican. The general rescue of  Nazis by US and British Imperialism
  3. In that context Hajj Amin el Husseini is enabled to escape to Egypt where he promotes the 1948 war on the Jews by the Arabs
  4. According to John Loftus the adoption by the CIA of Islamists members of the Muslim Brotherhood led by Mohammed el Banna
  5. Their transfer to Saudi Arabia still under tutelage of the CIA, a pupil of which was Bin Laden
  6. With the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan Bin Laden and his CIA backed group brought to Afghanistan
  7. Where they helped in the overthrow of communism
  8. This use of Bin Laden is praised by B as something which is normal and common sense
  9. Leading to claims by Gil White that US Imperialism lay behind the ascent of Khomeiny to power as an Islamist dictatorship in Iran
  10. And that the hostage “crisis” was promoted by US Imperialism
  11. Close alliance of US Imperialism (also Germany) with Croatian Nazi Fascism
  12. Promotion of Izetbegovic dream of creating an Islamist state in Bosnia
  13. Direct assistance from earliest stage of the terrorist KLA even as it was labelled as a terror organization by the US legislators themselves
  14. Information from the Muslims that Clinton wanted a massacre at Srebrenica in order to give the excuse for US to intervene in Bosnia against the Serbs
  15. Srebrenica had not been a safe area at all. The Muslim army there never disarmed
  16. The real Srebrenica Massacre carried out by Islamists from 1992 to 1995
  17. Later Naser Oric shows videos of killings to a Toronto reporter
  18. Muslims attack Serbs across the lines, as a come on
  19. Muslim leaders, especially the main leader Naser Oric, had been withdrawn
  20. The Muslims had decided not to defend Srebrenica
  21. A column set off leaving the women and children to the mercy of the Serb army
  22. The women and children are bussed to Tuzla by the Serbs where they were keen to go to
  23. The column is sabotaged by their own Muslim leaders on the column
  24. The main body of the column reaches Tuzla in good order. Later Muslims themselves claim 5000
  25. Muslim prisoners are taken by the Serb army
  26. Everything is being filmed. The Serb army seems not to mind
  27. Srebrenica is taken by the Serbs in June. The US is preparing the horrific murders in the Krajina and the total ethnic cleansing of 250,000 Serbs from the Krajina where they had lived for hundreds of years, never to return, which happens about a month later
  28. That same month later Madeleine *** made that infamous claim on television concerning the picture of a mass grave
  29. Various entities flock to Tuzla to speak to the “refugees”. These entities range from the respectable to the very dubious.
  30. The Red Cross is respectable and responsible, the Human Rights group from Croatia is CIA backed, the Newspapers of the West start to coach Muslims looking for lurid stories. But still no mention of a massacre
  31. Asked were the Muslim soldiers in the safe area of Srebrenica armed the refugees laughed at the question. Of course they were. These Srebrenica “civilians” were part of a closely knit garrison and they would have been totally aware of the murdering Naser Oric and friends. Naser Oric was the Number 1 warlord and would have been as familiar to these politicised “civilians” as say Adams was in West Belfast or McGuinness was in Derry!
  32. The first stories of Serb executions emerge from these Muslim sources. The Red Cross notices that 10 or 12 stories follow a pattern. For example, the witness lies at the bottom of bodies and survives…this happening over and over again. They are obviously being coached by the Izetbegovic Islamist Fascist Nazi leadership of the SDA
  33. The Red Cross is perturbed by these groups. The Red Cross is collecting evidence in a more disciplined manner. But things soon move right out of its control. The Media walk in and out as they please. Stories start to be spun on the Media, especially on television (CNN et al). Then an amazing thing happens. Televisions mushroom in the camp area and the whole thing starts to become like a feeding frenzy of who has the best story to tell. Remember these Muslims from Srebrenica hate Serbs plus they are being coached by the Nazis
  34. The entry of the Dutch politicians on the scene is very damaging to the Serbs. The outstanding thing about this is that there is sharp conflict between these politicians who know nothing but hate Serbs and Serbia and the Dutch soldiers who were on the spot during the “Srebrenica Massacre” and who are well aware of the tricks of the Nazi Izetbegovic side.
  35. These Dutch politicians had much clout, especially among the rulers of the EU
  36. Finally after some time a figure of 8000 of a massacre in Srebrenica was arrived at. Repetition equals imprinting. My studies of the Irish Times from then until today shows hundreds of stories, all imprint the truth and reality of a massacre of 8000 Muslim men and boys, which in my opinion never happened. We are living out the Orwellian nightmare.
  37. The nightmare intensifies at the illegal NATO court.At the Hague Court this was repeated as fact. The discredited method of coaching and bribing even of witnesses was wholesale
  38. So no understanding of this phenomenon is possible without understanding the contrived nature of the setting up of the NATO court. Not set up by the UN. Not even set up by the Security Council of the UN. But by 3 NATO members and excluding China and Russia who would have vetoed. It was a NATO Court in origin and certainly was totally financed and staffed by NATO
  39. So their claim about a Massacre means nothing. Plus the evidence that they used to make this claim can be questioned


We will leave no 40 empty. A new phase of this iniquity is going to be enacted with the trial of Karadzic