4international stands fully in defence of Israel because Israel is the only Homeland of the Jews.
However the Jewish leaders are betraying the Jews because these Jewish leaders are silent, or some even supporting, the planned thermo-nuclear war against Russia by US and EU Imperialism fronted by NATO
The whole pretext for this war is the Ukraine. Here the Jewish leaders have been totally silent, or if they said anything it was to attack Russia and Putin.
We have seen this many times before.
The really important time was when Slobodan Milosevic was put down continually by the Media and then we say it emerging that this was the excuse for a WAR.
The stakes now are even higher.
A verbal exchange took place recently between Anders Fogh Rasmussen of NATO and Lavrov the Russian leader.
He said NATO is concerned when it hears Moscow describe its planned missile-defense system as an offensive weapon endangering Russian security.

Lavrov said that “when a nuclear shield is combined with a nuclear sword, it is very tempting to use this new capability offensively.”

The “Nuclear Shield” that NATO is so eager to place in Ukraine is of course to disarm Russia.
But the “Nuclear Sword” is aimed at the destruction of Russia
And this is what the Ukraine issue is all about. It is about this thermo-nuclear war against Russia
But this would not at all stop at Russia. The biggest threat to the US in the world is not Russia but IS China. Thus it would lead on to there and that means total world conflagration.
Yes the Ukraine seems in one sense a tiny little country and issue. But that is a disguise
Where does Israel and the defence of the Jews and the defence of the Jewish Homeland fit in to all of this?
It fits in here very precisely.
1. Victoria Nuland who is the envoy of the US and NATO has met with Oleh Tyahnybok who is the leader of the Svoboda Party
2. The Svoboda Party was at the centre of the Hiter Nazi war on Russia, being an ally of the Nazis, in which millions of Jews were executed by the Nazis. We are talking “Holocaust” here

Now here is the kicker in all of this:

A/// Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer of Atlas Shrugs and Jihadwatch respectively have maintained a strict silence
B/// Ted Belman editor of Israpundit has taken no position. He has on his site still a Fascist misnaming himself Jewish who has advocated abandoning the Jews of Hungary because in his opinion they are not Jews
C/// There are many other Jewish leaders too numerous to mention, such as Dershowitz and Glick who are supporting NATO against Putin

That is the danger to the Jewish Homeland and to the Jewish people right there.
The danger to the Jews once again is not only from Antisemitism, but is an historic issue of leadership


The future lies with Marxism and with Trotskyism

We have actually and totally been here before. This was in the 1917 Russian Revolution period, and was in the 1930s later period when Leon Trotsky analysed and wrote about Imperialism, Antisemitism and about Fascism

Readers of 4international must understand that all of the above leaders of the Jews such as Glick and Belman are totally opposed to the Jews understanding any part of this history
Understand therefore what you are doing when you contribute comments to the likes of Israpundit, you are helping people like Belman and his Fascist associate there to keep this history away from the Jews