I am a really big fan of Gates of Vienna, both the Baron and Dymphna, and the latter reports are always brilliant. like this one. All Marxists should read this. It explains in an indirect way why the Islamist Fascists just like the Hitlerite Fascists can make hay in this climate.




Dymphna here is referring to the need for a “truth Doctor” and it looks as if she has found one. Is this paragraph not thought provoking about the depravity of capitalism in terminal decline and the kinds of pressure it places on people:


Thus we come to a Truth doctor, one who has no qualms about bringing these reports to life:

Among many other things the MSM doesn’t touch, Debbie Schlussel has been reporting on the waaay strange and quite bent appointments emanating from the Obama administration since at least 2010 — her information probably goes back further, but that’s as good a place as any to begin before moving on to her current series of stories on our Department of Homeland Security. Her work will not make you feel more secure.

I learned two new things on that post. The first is the word “tranny” for transgendered persons. Ms. Schlussel is not sparing in her details of their surgery. Thus, the second thing I learned was that in order for Mitch to become a more credible “Amanda” he had to have his forehead ground down and his Adam’s apple removed. Shudder. No wonder Islam thinks we can be rolled without a problem. I don’t know the critical point for a culture which promotes such decisions as a good, but sometimes it seems our little barrel is tumbling way too fast toward the Falls.