The very first thing to grasp about the US and Ukraine is that it is NOT JUST Obama. It is right across the US political elite. All Republicans as well as all democrats are at war with Putin and Russia.


What have they done so far?


The first thing done long ago was that Bill Clinton completely tore up the agreement made between Bush Senior with Gorbachev. This agreement stated that if Russia would dismantle the Warsaw Pact then NATO would stay out of those countries. The American Democrat Bill Clinton (whose position is carried on essentially by Obama) broke that agreement totally, supported by the whole Republican Establishment. That in turn meant that the promises of the US are not worth the paper they are written on. The rise of the more nationalist Putin was the result of that.


Next to Ukraine (I am leaving out here the role of the US in the breaking apart of Yugoslavia and the support for the Islamist Fascists under Izetbegovic against the Christian Serbs, still being played out in the Hague to this very day) and on Ukraine it remains the central fact that Fascists got protests going in the Maidan, and these protests were ramrodded by US CIA money and involvement over many,  many years. The result of this was that a democratically elected Government in Ukraine was forced to resign just two months ago. This is what this is all about. The US stepped beyond parliamentary politics towards Fascism. We on 4international continually warn…this phenomenon is ALWAYS a danger sign on the road to Fascism, and so it is in Ukraine and the wider world.

In this part of the world for historical reasons Fascism is greatly feared. There is thus great fear from workers and nationalists towards such an Obama puppet regime.


Britain is still the key factor in Europe. It is the British continual support for US Imperialist Fascism on the world stage that is so often the key. Germany because of its Nazi history is often far more cautious, but you can always depend on these horrific little Imperialists like William Hague to blow the Russia hating horn


You would think with the likes of British Imperialism to the fore in the war against Russia that Jews with their history of British perfidy would also come to the fore in opposition and fighting on principle but…The great tragedy is that the Jewish people are led by spineless so called Zionists who never once have spoken out against the Obama Fascism abroad, and refused to draw the link to the US support for the brother fascists of Kiev in Fatah and Hamas. The bourgeois Zionist leadership right across the board is spineless and is opportunist to the core. It must be replaced by a Trotskyist Party. Silent on Ukraine are all of the Zionist bloggers. NOT ONE has yet spoken about the burning of the 40 workers in Odessa two days ago. These leaders are unable to fight Fascism in Ukraine and will be unable to fight Fascism in their Jewish Homeland also. This subservience to Obama (and the Republicans even more) means that bourgeois Zionism cannot fight against Palestinianism Fascism to the finish either but must as the reprehensible and phoney Zionist Caroline Glick has done seek an accommodation with the Arab Fascists in Palestinianism