a common sight above, Muslims called “Palestinians” with their violence at the Temple Mount

What might have been preached in those Friday sermons? Maybe Jew-hatred and jihad violence? How did “Palestinian” mosques get so full of Misunderstanders of Islam? “Hundreds of Palestinians riot on Temple Mount after Friday prayers,” by Daniel K. Eisenbud for the Jerusalem Post, February 8:


Before the statement from Jerusalem Post below this is the position of 4international

1. The Jews are in Israel today because there is a history of Jews here which is 4000 years long

2. The Arabs do not want to have Christian or Jew living in their áreas

3. The Arabs are in the Middle East at present driving all Jews and all Christians out of their area

4. And if that was not bad enough that Arab war against the Christians and the Jews is part of a world wide war against the “Kuffir” by Islamic Jihad, the inspiration of which is IN the Koran

Consequently this socialist movement, 4international, Trotskyism stands with the Jews and against the Palestinian Arabs. The Temple is central tot he Jewish people. In this very place on this earth the Muslims also called the “Palestinians” turn their back sides to the Temple Mount because they pray towards Mecca.

That is the difference. We are only with the Jews in this.

Minutes after concluding Friday prayers, hundreds of Palestinians attacked officers with rocks at the Temple Mount.

The violence came one day after police closed the holy site to Jews to avert another riot, following numerous anonymous threats from Arabs of probable violence should any Jews ascend.

According to police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld, at approximately 12:30 p.m. the group began throwing rocks at police officers stationed there, without provocation.

“Police responded immediately by entering the Temple Mount area and dispersing the rioters, using only stun grenades in order to prevent injuries,” he said.

Rosenfeld added that seven arrests were made after riot police attempted to quell the violence.

“Luckily there were no injuries to officers,” he said, noting that police had preemptively heightened security in the area upon receiving intelligence that the Arabs intended to riot after praying.

“Security assessments were also quickly made to ensure immediately after the riot to prevent any further disturbances in and around the Old City,” Rosenfeld said.

The frequently violent Arab response to Jewish visitation rights to the Temple Mount has a long and contentious history, dating back to when the Wakf Muslim religious trust was given oversight of the holy site following the Six Day War in 1967.

Although the Supreme Court upheld Jewish prayer rights on the site, the court allows police to prevent any form of worship there if they believe such activities will incite a “disturbance to the public order.”

Right-wing Israeli politicians have repeatedly demanded Jewish sovereignty of the area, as well as greater access, to little avail.