There is not the slightest doubt now that Bibi Netanyahu is following a definite plan of keeping Hamas intact. Whatever way Netanyahu reasons this it amounts to treason to the Jewish people. Netanyahu is a traitor


It is bullshit, total bullshit, all of this business of Israel appearing humane by warning people that they intend to bomb a house…hence result is they bomb an EMPTY house


It is doubly bullshit on the part of this traitorous leading elite in Israel because they know: THE PALESTINIAN ARABS WILL PUT PALLYWOOD IN OPERATION ANYWAY


The “Palestinians” do not need any deaths because they have their own Pallywood department.


In a confrontation on Talk Radio Europe editor of Felix Quigley had a confrontation with a high up in a radio station. This guy (a certain Richard Tildesley) who is a leading Jew in the station and Marbella Area stated he had never heard of Pallywood


At the same time another this time Irish Jew called Jenni Hutchinson joined with the IPSC (same as ISM) to attack me, Trotskyism and 4international


As I say to everybody these days Trotskyism has no friends, does not seek friends per se, has only truth as friend

Let me get this straight my dear Jewish friends. Why would the Israeli planes bomb empty houses, having issued warnings so the Fascists can flee. W H Y???


As I said the name of Jews will be blackened anyway by Pallywood (even though Marbella Jew Tildesley has never heard of it it exists)


Further note on this dear Jewish friends. Tildesley was leading the panel discussion over 2 hours…well prepared eh!


So then we have to ask what is Netanyahu and this Israeli elite at.


Here is my take


  1. Netanyahu and his elites fear the great power of the Jewish people
  2. The power of the Jewish people is not only in themselves and in their old religion, it is in the place they and their religion hold because of this long history in contemporary society
  3. And Netanyahu and his elite know this and back away from it


We have emphasised time and time again how difficult a war this is against Hamas. For a start it is not just against Hamas, it is really Hamas, Fatah, Iran and Hizbullah .. and counting


The recent Pew Poll shows Antisemitism in these Arab countries at 90% plus with variation of just a few points from gaza to Morocco


This is not an easy war to win.


But it means that the orientation for war has to be correct. And the arsing about by Netanyahu is traitorous, and it was totally the work of a traitor to expel Danon


This brat Netanyahu and his brat wife Sara have really no class at all when they do not encourage a debate as to how to conduct the war.


The Israeli elite is corrupt. Time to start exploring urgently new solutions. In short investigate us. Investigate