by Felix Quigley


July 4, 2008


The firm belief of this website 4international is that the  Serbs did not murder a single person when they recaptured Srebrenica. This was a battle in a war and the Srebrenica Massacre  (so-called) was and is one giant hoax. We have asked Hoare, Kamm and co. to hurry up and bring forward the evidence for their low claim but we know they Hill not do so because it does not exist.


I plan to place some material down in print as part of our continuing articles.


The following is the Wikipedia entry which follows. Their url is at the end, you can consult the total which contains some photos, this Wikipedia entry seems to me to be blatant lies. But it stands there untouched and such is the power of the whole Imperialist class committed to the promotion of this Srebrenica Big Lie, and it must be said the crisis of leadership inside the opposition to Imperialism, that it will require a huge effort to dislodge.



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