by Felix Quigley

We have just published the very important IMRA poll of Israeli men and women as to their studied position on vital issues, especially on the issue of Israel withdrawing from Judea and Samaria (the West Bank), and handing this absolutely strategic (never mind culturally) significant for Jews area over to a pack of Jew Hating Arabs, who are known now to the world as “Palestinians”. Despite all of the lies that Israelis are in favour of this form of mass suicide that most significant poll tells the truth, clearly, that the Jews of Israel are totally opposed to the setting up of such a state.

Let me take the first 3 questions and answers of the IMRA poll:

[begin quote here]

1. In your opinion, is Abu Mazen and his government able or unable today to prevent terror attacks and the firing of rockets against Israel from the areas of Judea and Samaria?
Unable 77% Maybe 10% Able 12% Other replies 1%

2. Should Israel withdraw form the territories of Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem, what do you think the chances are that Hamas takes over these areas?
No chance 5% Very low chance 7%
Middle chance 21%
High chance 27% Very high 38%
Other replies 2%

3. In your opinion, what are the chances that rockets will be fired at Israeli cities should the IDF withdraw from areas in Judea and Samaria or Jerusalem?
No chance 5% Very low 13%
Middle 25%
High 23% Very high 32%
Other replies 2%

[end quote here]

It does not take a genius to see the absolutely crucial nature of the answers to these questions. They are proof that the US Government, Blair and the EU, and all of the Media, are running a scam, and are directly lying to the public and their readers, when they say that Israelis want a Palestinian state.

Israelis think that Hamas will take over the Palestine state. Add 21, 27 and 38 to give 86%

Israelis think that Abbas in a Palestine state will not be able to stop the firing of rockets into Israel. Unable 77%

A slightly more direct question. Will rockets be fired from Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem into Israel. Add 25, 23 and 32 to give 80%

You can see the authenticity of this poll. All good pollsters have questions which back up data, testing the veracity of the process. These three questions back each other up, and the totals of 77, 80 and 86% are very close indeed.

But more to the point they show that the Israeli Jews in the great majority, about 4 out of 5, are totally opposed to a Palestine State. The Israeli Jews are not stupid, neither do they have an urge towards suicide. Let us go back a litle to the time a little under 3 years ago when Sharon forced Jews to withdraw from Gaza. Those Jews in Israel know very well that support was turning against Sharon as this whole disgraceful episode went on day after day. Many young Jewish youth travelled around to engage in discussion with other young people, soldiers in the IDF, and eventually the religious youth were earning the respect of the broad masses of the Israeli public, many of whom are not all that religious at all. So the most vital component to success was being created, unity between the secular, not so religious or not at all religious Jews, and the religious Jews. It was happening in the course of the struggle.

Jews learned from that. All Jews. Nothing in this material world, this world governed by cause and effect, ever goes amiss. There is always a reaction to an action. Jews remembered how a rich Jewish man donated those green houses to the Arabs. They remembered also how they handed over the Gaza synagogues as strong block built structures that could have ben converted into many things, some said into gymnasia or youth clubs. The Fascists among the Arabs tore them down block by block, glass pane by glass pane. And along with that they remembered that in order to leave Gaza the Sharon led IDF had to have an unspoken truce with Hamas, begging Hamas to relent for a while on the firing of those rockets.

And of course since the Jews pulled out of Gaza, Hamas claimed the credit, was given a massive majority in the ensuing election by the Arabs of Gaza and the West Bank, started again their war on Israel…from Gaza. It is clear that ALL of those lessons have been taken on board by the great majority of the Israeli people. THAT is what Bush, Rice, Peres, Olmert, Barak and the Israeli Peaceniks and Liars have to hide. They hide, all of them, by continuously and blatantly lying. It really is Yugoslavia and the lies of Kamm, Hoare, Harrys Place, Vulliamy writ large this time in relation to the Jews. The link between anti Serb and anti Jew is very close.

Look closely at this recent exchange of views and opinions at a meeting held in Jordan!

It is from the US Department of State and Rice their prize exhibit is appearing. It is titled “Remarks with Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas, dated Mach 31, 2008, from Amman in Jordan.

[start quote here]

PRESIDENT ABBAS: (Via interpreter.) Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Masterful. I have met today and yesterday with Dr. Rice. I would like to extend my thanks to the efforts that President Bush and Secretary Rice are extending to make the year 2008 a year of peace and a year to implement the Roadmap, as well as the international legitimate resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative and President Bush’s vision to have two states. And I have discussed with Secretary Rice, here in Amman, a number of the issues of the final status.

I do extend my thanks to his – to President Bush for his invitation to me to visit Washington, where I will meet in the third month – in the third part of next month in April, (inaudible). We do assert our commitment to the peace process and we will extend every effort possible to implement our obligations and the Roadmap. And we hope that the American referee or judge will make sure that Israel will meet its obligation, in particularly, namely, to stop settlement activities, in particular in Jerusalem, and also to fix a comprehensive reciprocal or mutual truce and also to release the (inaudible) detainees as well as to ask for the return of the (inaudible) and to reopen the institutions in eastern Jerusalem and to reinstate the situation before 2000 – year 2000. And all of these are agreed under the Roadmap.

(Note how this Fascist Abbas proceeds, he is a direct descendent of the notorious Hajj Amin el Husseini, was trained along with the murderer Arafat by el Husseini. He was thus trained by one of the main organizers of the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews. Note how Abbas has got this very special relationship witht he US Imperialists, with Bush especially. Note also how he talks about the Road Map in the context of what Israel must do. But as the IMRA poll shows, this bluff by Abbas has not had one word believed by the vast majority of Israelis)

Dr. Rice, I recognize that we are striving to work for disarmament of our — the weapons and we will spare no effort with the Israeli party and all (inaudible) to reach a peace agreement for all the issues of the final status. They are, in particular, Jerusalem, frontiers or borders, settlements, refugees, as well as water, security and other relationships in addition to the captives or detainees. We do support all efforts exerted to fix the – to remove siege on Gaza, and these efforts are being exerted by Egypt in particular. And we do support these efforts.

(Note how Abbas has this very special relationship with Rice. He talks to Rice about the “seige” of Gaza and does not say one word about the continiual war waged by Hamas against Israel, and a war which placed Israeli civilians in total and continual danger. These are the words of a Fascist Jew hater and Antisemite. But not ehe is talking to Rice like this in public and is not expecting any rebuttal from Rice. He knows there will be none. He knows that Rice is on his side. But they both are hiding the truth and reality. The Big Lie they tell is that the majority of Israelis agree with this Palestine State projection)

I have asked Dr. Rice to continue in delivery of pharmaceuticals, water, electricity to our people in Gaza with practical steps in order to relieve the siege and the closures at the Palestinian internal affairs level. I do reiterate our situation that Hamas should retreat or decline from throwing out of the authority in the Gaza and also, it should announce its obligations at the regional and international levels. And we should go together to early elections and this has been (inaudible) in the Yemeni initiative, which has been approved – which was approved yesterday during the Arab summit in Damascus. We are committed to this initiative if Hamas is committed to restore clearly the situation before the events in June last year and also, to have early elections. (This as the poll shows every Israeli understands with great clarity, is utter gibberish. The Israelis have the measure of this PLO, PA, Fatah or Hamas, or whatever they call themselves. They believe none of this Mullarkey. It is rubbish and furthermore Israelis now know that their lives are on the line)

Thank you, Dr. Rice, for your efforts and we would like to extend efforts to President George Bush. Thank you.

SECRETARY RICE: Thank you very much, Mr. President, and thank you for welcoming me twice on this trip. I have had the opportunity to spend time with you, with Prime Minister Olmert, and this morning, I had a very good and extensive meeting with Foreign Minister Livni and with Mr. Abu Ala, your negotiators. And I can say that these are serious people who are engaged in serious work. I know that your teams have a lot of hard work ahead of them, but I have to say that I find very impressive the work that is being done and the seriousness of the process, and I think it’s all moving in the right direction.

(Yes. You can imediately see the Big Lie that the Bush regime is putting over on the Israeli public. Negotiations are definitely going on but they are going on only because the leadership of the Israelis, of Olmert, Rice and Livni are total traitors, and as the poll above shows do not have the suupport of the PEOPLE WHO THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE REPRESENTING. 4 out of 5 Israelis are opposed to all of this, do not believe Abbas and therefore are very aware that Bush and Rice are lying to them, WITH THEIR OWN JEWISH LIVES BEING PLACED ON THE LINE BY THE BUSH REGIME. It is a repeat in a way of the US and British decision in the last world war to refuse to bomb the railway lines leading to the death camps, even as their planes flew sorties over those very death camps and railway lines.)

Thank you also for our conversations. They have helped me to understand better some of the challenges and opportunities before us. We will indeed continue to pursue the Annapolis tracks, each of them, the improvements on the ground. And in that regard, I want to thank Prime Minister Salam Fayyad for his meeting yesterday with me and with Defense Minister Barak to begin the process of trying to improve the lives of the Palestinian people. I want to thank General Fraser, who is here with me, who will return often to the region in his role in helping the parties to meet their Roadmap obligations and, of course, the third track of Annapolis, the political negotiations, which are aimed and focused at achieving an agreement by the end of the year that can lead to the establishment of a Palestinian state, subject of course, to Roadmap implementation, which is why we’re working so hard on the Roadmap as well.

But that is our goal. I fully believe that it is a goal that we can reach. And so I look forward to seeing you in Washington, as does the President looks forward to inviting you there.

Thank you very much.

MODERATOR: (Inaudible.)

QUESTION: (Inaudible) President, you were optimistic, especially after Annapolis, for the establishment of the Palestinian state within the tenure of President Bush. Are you still optimistic with that?

PRESIDENT ABBAS: (Via interpreter.) We said, actually, that we are interested in reaching an agreement, a comprehensive peace agreement, in 2008, and this was also said by President Bush. And it is apparent through the extensive efforts that are being exerted by the President and the American Administration, in particular, in order to reach such an agreement. I am confident, God willing, that we will reach comprehensive peace in 2008. And we are, and the Israelis as well as the Americans and all stakeholders, we do work (inaudible) in order to reach this goal.

SECRETARY RICE: We have a question here. Arshad.

QUESTION: Secretary Rice, this morning the Jerusalem municipal authority, just after you left Jerusalem, announced that it is going to proceed with building 600 additional housing units in (inaudible). What is your reaction to — the latest announcement of settlement building by — or additional housing units by the Israelis?

Secondly, Israeli officials are telling us that you are trying to get some kind of an interim agreement or interim document by the time the President is expected to come back in May. Is there any truth whatsoever to those reports?

SECRETARY RICE: Well, Arshad, on the second point, I’m not going to respond to comments by unnamed Israeli officials. I can tell you that what my work is focused on, and it is what the President said, our work is focused on achieving agreement by the end of this year that can establish a Palestinian state, subject to the Roadmap, which means we have to work hard on Roadmap obligations and we have to improve the lives of the Palestinian people. I don’t see any purpose in talking about anything but getting to an agreement. And we need to, by the end of 2008, which is what Annapolis has set out, get to an agreement that will establish a Palestinian state. That’s what we’re focused on.

As to settlement activity, we continue to state America’s position that settlement activity is – should stop, that its expansion should stop, that it is indeed not consistent with Roadmap obligations. That is why, nonetheless, we have a committee that deals with Roadmap obligations. And it is my very strong view that the best thing that we can do is to focus on getting this agreement, because then we won’t have these discussions about what belongs in Israel and what belongs in Palestine; we will know. That is why we need a Palestinian state. But let me say very clearly that nothing that is undertaken under any guise from the point of the United States can prejudge a final status outcome. And that has been our position and continues to be.

[end quote here]

 The major question that Jews are faced with is what can they do to stop this. The IMRA poll shows that a giant lie is being promoted. Israelis do NOT accept pulling out of Judea and Samaria which will then be used as the next stage in the attack on Israel. Israelis are devoted to the Jewish state, and the poll shows clearly that it does not matter whether they are religious or secular.

This was precisely why in our original article on the IMRA poll we flagged this part of the report as being of extreme importance:

Background question: (Of great importance…FQ)
Religiosity: Secular 51% Traditional 24% National-religious 10% Ultra Orthodox 12% Other replies 3%

That shows that there is a very large section of the Jewish people who are secular in outlook, but they have come to very firm and clear decisions on the nature of the Palestinian Arab Islamofascist movement. Nor is this separated from the growing awareness of Islamofascism internationally, and the growing opposition to Islamofascism from the majority secular people of Britain or Holland or wherever.

So what can Israelis do. The central issue is leadership. There must be a new, patriotic leadership placed in power in Israel, and it must fight on a specific programme. Actually, we on 4international believe very strongly indeed that this programme, the germ for this programme, was laid out by the great Russian socialist revolutionary, Leon Trotsky.

As we said in introducing the IMRA report, it calls for the implementation of this programme, and urgently:

[start quote here]

Our position on Israel follows on from that of Leon Trotsky in the 1930s, when he called for Jews to at all costs escape from Europe and certain death at the hands of the Nazi Fascists, and make their way to Palestine. There, Trotsky asserted, the Jews must set up their Jewish state which they must make free from antisemitism.

[end quote here]

Yes, the similarity with the 1930s is very great. In the 1930s Trotsky understood very well, because he had a deep understanding of this modern phenomenon of Fascism, that the Jews of the world were in horrific danger from the Fascists and from antisemitism.

The major question is today how can Israel, and the Jews, be defended against a repeat of the Holocaust? The time is ticking away until the Iranian Fascists will hit Israel with a Nuclear Bomb. Israel faces the most serious of challenges. What kind of leadership can meet this situation? It must not be “strong individuals” who promise much, but it must be a leadership based on a certain programme.

That is why we on 4international call for a United Front organization and inside this United Front we will fight for a clear understanding of what needs to be done. In many ways we are returning to the great struggles of Leon Trotsky in the 1930s and we shall allow nothing to stop us developing this discussion and preparing the Jewish people for what are gigantic tasks. Future articles will discuss this necessary programme.

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