by Felix Quigley

February 19, 2009

Israel is alone facing the might of the Arab and Islamist world, a nation of 6 million Jews against hundreds of thousands of Arabs and Islamists


[Begin Debkafile report on Egypt war plans here]

Egyptian war game in Sinai practices rebuffing “Israeli attack”

DEBKAfile Special Report

February 19, 2009, 10:43 AM (GMT+02:00)


DEBKAfile‘s military sources report that the Egyptian 2nd Army’s mechanized division carried out a 10-day military exercise in Sinai dubbed “Bedouin 3.” Infantry, armored and artillery units took part as well as F-16 fighter-bombers, Mirage 5E2 fighters and Apache assault helicopters, using live ammunition.

Their scenario hinged on a mock hostile Israeli invasion of Sinai aiming for the Suez Canal. The Egyptian units ranged in an east-to-west line across the mountainous Jebal Libni of central Sinai south of El Arish to cut off the “Israeli advance.”

The game ended Wednesday, Feb. 18, with high praise from its commanders. They found that in a two-day engagement, the Egyptian forces had forced the “Israeli attackers” to retreat behind the international border to the Negev, displaying greater mobility, flexibility and speed than in previous exercises.

The Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty permits Cairo to maintain a single army division in demilitarized Sinai.

Note the expensive military hardware involved in the above. Where did it come from. America provided it.

People have become indoctrinated by the “Fascist Left” that Israel is strong and the Arab and Islamist world is weak.

This is a Nazi type lie. The Fascist Left have indeed joined the Fascists as they march around with Islamofascists from Spain to England.

And the above is just one Arab country. There are 21 others. Why prepare for war if you do not expect to wage it.

Technically Egypt has a peace treaty with Israel, reached when Begin gave away Sionai in return for “Peace”. This peace however is a cold affair, as cold as the grave, the grave of Jews.

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