by Felix Quiigley

June 13, 2009

I believe it is although for different reasons than many say.

As I understand it the position of Netanyahu is essentially a delaying action.

There is no doubt that Obama, Mitchel and Clinton have powerful forces and resources at their disposal. They have the power of the Media which can be all powerful as happened in Yugoslavia and the campaign against the Serbs.

They also have a very serious new ally which is the American Jews who in fact are largely traitors to Israel. And there are also plenty scattered around the world.

(The sigue of traitors among Jews is really one of leadership. Alter 2000 years of slavery and persecution it is inevitable that what emerges is full of Duch slavish complexes)

The point to remember is that Obama is really a left Islamist. Obama was educated as a Muslim, then changed horses when he joined Wrights infamous Church. But Wright himself as really a palestinian pro Islamist so it was more of the same, really.

America as a nation however is not Islamist as say is Britain and Europe. America is a very centred place with enough raw material and resources to make it independent if it wanted to be.

Of course this must be placed against the reality of the world market that capitalism has created, but Russia and America are the two countries which should not be easily swayed by Islam and oil money.

The crisis in the world capitalist system is going to bring large battalions of workers in America into conflict with Obama. Place that alongside the hatred for Obama which will intensify among Christians. As they understand what Obama is doing to Israel.

When these people see through the subterfuge.

This is why Obama and Mitchel on the one hand strip Judea of every last Jew but talk endlessly about how this is good for Israeli security. I mean how long precisely can they continue to sell this particular crock of shit to the American people.

Perhaps Netanyahu does it instinctively. But whatever, his tactic, and the tactic of Lieberman of delaying Obama in his mad rush to create a Palestine state on Judea, which involves ethnic cleansing of Judea of Jews!!! … this may be just the ticket.


Because it allows time for tremendous forces to build up in side America against Obama

Everything will be decided by leadership. More on this issue of leadership another time.

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