by James Sephens

March 15, 2010

It appears to me as a member of 4international that the Jews will perish in a way that is even worse than the Holocaust by the Nazis if a new leadership based on Trotskyism is not created

These are some of the things that I have experienced in the past week or so.

  1. A Jewish man living in Spain, highly prominent in charity work cancer etc was condemning on the radio today that Jews are building new houses in Jerusalem. So then according to this man what then is Jerusalem
  2. As against this man we on 4international say that Jerusalem is the historical city of the Jews and the very name which goes back thousands of years says so. And yet we are not Jewish, we are a movement based on atheism and dialectical materialism
  3. On the Jewish American website Israpundit the following happened 1. direct and horrific attack on the Serbs  2. out and out attack on communism, on Trotskyism, on the morals of myself, on Leon Trotsky glorying in the murder of Trotsky by a Stalinist thug Ramon Mercader in 1940. A discussion on the significance of Kosovo for Jews and Israel completely destroyed.


My feelings on 3, if Jews cannot see connection between Kosovo and the Jihadist Palestine state of Obama there is no hope

It seems that Jews have not been able to assimilate the lessons of OSLO 1993 when Arafat and Abbas began the practice in a big way of speaking in two languages, one for the Arabs, one for the so gullible non Muslim people. The Jews of Israel thought they had peace in 1993 but Arafat orchestrated suicide bombings on buses, bars etc.

And they have not learned the lesson of Gaza because in return for taking possession of Gaza, and the Jews making Gaza free from Jews for them, there was intensified the bombing of Israel by Hamas over many years.

The big question is why are these Jewish people not able to draw the necessary lessons, that the Arabs and Islam are not really out to make any peace with Jews, but to kill Jews???

Of all these issues over the past week the most hurtful by far for me personally and for the future of the Jews is that with the horrific attack on myself as a Trotskyist and on Leon Trotsky there was not ONE on the Jewish American website Israpundit to step forward with just the tiniest bit of courage and challenge the horrific slanderer, at the key level not of personal hurt feeling but of the understanding of the historical role in this issue of Leon Trotsky.

In relation to that horrific slanderer and liar I will not give her name because I start from the position now that names mean absolutely nothing on the net. Until I find for sure that people on the net are real then I will treat everybody with “suspended belief”.


First and foremost there must be created in Israel a revolutionary Trotskyist party which is based on

  1. The historical crisis of capitalism meaning that capitalism is in its death agony, meaning terminal decline, with the future only Fascist rule and military police dictatorship. HAMAS AND IRAN ARE A MERE REFLECTION OF THIS TERMINAL CRISIS
  2. The total right of Jews to have a Homeland and to defend that Homeland by all means necessary. This means above all a clear understanding that the creation of a PALESTINE STATE IS A STRATEGY TO DESTROY ISRAEL


We on 4international are absolutely sure that the majority of Israeli people can be won to that position, a total rejection of the concept of a Palestine state. Such a state will only bring intensified attacks by all of Islam and all of anti-Semitic Europe and the American ruling class, whether Democrat or Republican

But we warn this can only be done through the building of a revolutionary Trotskyist party which is based on these principled positions of total opposition to Islam, total opposition to American ruling class interests and interference, which really is the bullying of Jews and setting them up for horrific mass killing, JUST AS AMERICA, BRITAIN AND OTHERS DID TO THE JEWS IN THE HOLOCAUST PERIOD

In this period of great tension we send our warmest greetings to the wonderful fighters against reaction in America, against the Left fascists, of Z Street and also to the totally justified English patriots (EDL) who along with Geert Wilders are fighting against Islam Fascism in Britain and Netherlands

We salute the revolutionary youth of Iran who have shown great courage. We are not in the slightest in fear of Islam which is a reactionary ideology and has nothing but oppression for youth and for women.

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