by James Stephens

March 17, 2010

On this Ireland´s national day we on 4international send greetings to Jews, Serbs, and all who are prepared to fight the twin evils of Islam and  US and EU Imperialism.

We are a revolutionary socialist movement and the only movement to affirm that Israel and Serbia have been fighting against Jihad, a Jihad which is urged on by US and EU

Ther issues are not being reported

Who knows of the terror being inflicted on Jews in Israel over religious sites.

The most important religious site in the world is surely the place where the Jews thousands of years ago built their Temple, now called sometimes The Temple Mount.

it is on this asrea that the Arabs are mounting campaigns of Jew Hatred.

You can see the game of the Arabs in this. They are using the theme of victims and victimisation to its full extent.

But this theme has at its very base antisemitic foundations.

So we have Arabs being reported fully on BBC organizing a campaign of boycott of goods made in the jewish “settlememts”

This is pure antisemitism

And it is pure antisemitic racism to say that Jews cannot live and live happily in Judea and Samaria, the right name for the “West bank”

I can see how the antisemites in the west, in France, Spain etc, latch on to these issues. These antisemites fairly spit out the word “settlers”.

But they obscure the dangers to Israel.

1. Hizbullah has taken over the country of Syria. Rockets point at Israeli cities.

2. Syria stands poised to strike along with Iran

3. Hamas is the direct agent of Iran

4. Iran prepares huge rocketry and a nuclear bomb, both very interconnected

But these Spanish and English and Irish morons cum antisemites should stop an d ponder that these rockets of Jihad Iran can also hit them, say the miserable lives of the ex pats in Spain lounging beside the swimming pools…will they be safe? perhaps not!

In the miodst of this Hamas calls for a new Intifada:

Israeli border policemen arrest a Palestinian youth during clashes in the east Jerusalem Shufat refugee camp. Hundreds of Palestinians clashed with Israeli security forces across east Jerusalem on Tuesday in the worst rioting in years, as a senior Hamas leader called for a new “intifada,” or uprising.

(AFP/Marco Longari)


The Wall Street Joyurnal has summed up the strange courtship of the Obama regime with Islam

In his message, the Syrian president warned Washington frankly for the first time to stop expecting him to break off or degrade his ties with Tehran. In so doing, he has snatched a key Obama foreign policy goal out of the administration’s grasp. He explained that his bond with Iran was less ideological than strategic, grounded in the Arabs’ need to keep up their “resistance” to Israel. The Syrian-Iranian bond, says Assad, will peter out of its own accord when this need disappears.

Syrian contempt, intransigence and commitment to Arab violence against Israel have not discouraged the Obama administration in its courtship of this terror-sponsoring dictatorship. A senior emissary, John Kerry, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, later affirmed his belief that “it is important to have diplomatic representation in Syria.
On March 14, The Wall Street Journal wrote succinctly:
“Mr. Obama’s foreign policy pattern to date: Our enemies get courted; our friends get the squeeze. It has happened to Poland, the Czech Republic, Honduras and Colombia. Now it’s Israel’s turn.”


This strange thing that is Palestinianism was on show and was analysed brilliantly by DEBKAfile in the following

DEBKAfile Special Report March 16, 2010, 8:57 PM (GMT+02:00)

Tags:  intifada   Jerusalem   Palestinians 

Jerusalem on high alert for Palestinian violence

No Palestinian or Israeli Arab masses showed up in Jerusalem for the Day of Rage, Tuesday, March 15, called by Fatah, Hamas and Israeli Muslim leaders in a bid to stir up a third uprising (intifada) against Israel. No more than 500 teenagers were out on the streets of half a dozen Palestinian enclaves in Jerusalem, hurling rocks, rolling burning tires and blocking roads against the thousands of Israeli police armed with tear gas and rubber bullets ranged against them.
Around 14 policemen and three dozen Palestinians were injured in clashes – none seriously, and 60 arrested. One police officer was injured in the single shooting attack of the day at Ras al-Amud.
Police commissioner Dudi Cohen said reinforced Jerusalem units would stay on alert for more outbreaks until after the Muslim Friday prayers on Temple Mount. He hoped normal life would return to Jerusalem by next Sunday, March 21. The slogan of a Third Uprising made a snappy headline, nothing more, he said.
The riots scarcely seeped over into the West Bank. In Hebron, the Palestinian Authority’s US-trained security force drove a flying wedge between would-be rioters and Israeli troops.

Monday, Halil al Haya, speaking for the ruling Hamas in the Gaza Strip said “rivers of blood must flow,” while the radical Muslim leaders of the Israeli Arab communities threatened to descend on Jerusalem in force.
debkafile’s counter-terror sources report that a group of Israeli Muslim leaders were admitted to Temple Mount Tuesday and prayed at al Aqsa and some of their followers joined the Palestinian rioters. But two buses packed with Palestinian sympathizers heading for Jerusalem were turned back by police roadblocks on Galilee and central Israeli highways.   

In a bid to bring out the masses, Abu Ala, former Palestinian prime minister and peace negotiator with the Olmert government, and Hatem Abdul Qader, head of the Jerusalem desk in the Palestinian Authority, said Monday the Day of Rage must be the opening shot for a fresh uprising (intifada) against Israel.

In rabid anti-Semitic diatribes, they again accused “the Jews” of “plotting to seize al Aqsa” in order to build their Third Temple. All Jewish claims of an ancestral connection to Jerusalem “was one big lie,” they said for rewriting Muslim history.
There never was a Hurva (Ruin) Synagogue in the Old City, said these Fatah spokesmen, referring to the 300-old synagogue, rebuilt and rededicated Monday, March 15, on the ruins of the Jewish house of worship and community center the Jordanians destroyed during their 19-year presence in the Old City up until 1967.
The structure was restored stone by stone according to the photos and plans of the old building.
Palestinian leaders took encouragement from the Obama administration’s harsh campaign against Israel as their big chance to embark on another violent war of “resistance” to Israel. They believed the Jewish state was in such bad odor with its best friend, America, that it would be held by the entire world responsible for the violence.
According to debkafile’s military sources, Mahmoud Abbas stood up to the pressure of his colleagues to let PA security forces off the leash. Instead, he ordered them to keep would-be rioters in check. 


How can these antisemites in the west not see what is going on?

For many reasons.

Firstly the high level of historical antisemitism which today runs through contemporary Europe, reflected all the time in the BBC reportage

Secondly the ordinary people just do not know or understand and how on earth could they…the background musak is antisemitism

Thirdly the Left (really Left Fascists) betray the Jews

Best example of all of this is the Jerusalem “settler” issue

BBC always says when speaking of East Jerusalem “Occupied East Jerusalem”.

In other words a lie about history. Easy to rattle off, the actual history of Jerusalem much harder to learn.

And then take a prominent Jewish man who I heard on Spanish radio joining in on the attack on the Jews re East jerusalem.

A prominent Jewish religious man at that.

Who believe me really hates Trotskyism.

There can be no way out and no step forward without a revolutionary party. That requires people who will fight, who will not cut and run, who will fight int he same way that the great Z Street has shown, who can get out on the streets and fight the Left Fascists.

Time to decide. Time to choose. Time is up now and you have to decide what to do with your life.

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