By Jim Stephens

May 12, 2010

Yesterday we on 4international made a reference to a powerful new rocket which Iran has just developed out of a consignment of Ukrainian Cruise missiles which it got some years ago.

This development is absolutely crucial to understand. Debkafile which carried the report made the central point that Iran can now hit Israel with a pay load, whatever that payload may be, for example with a nuclear bomb, without moving outside of the Iranian border.

It takes only a further moment of thought to follow this through to the great inherent danger to Israel and that is that this can be let off from say within a mountain fortress. This is not in any way far fetched because it is common knowledge that Iran has been building all of its nuclear centres within mountains.

That is the technology.

Iran has now got that ability, to strike against Israel, from anywhere within Iran.

So, a first strike nuclear against Israel IS possible.

Therefore please cast aside (for the moment) all speculation that we hear very often from essentially antisemites that “Iran would not dare” or that “they would be most stupid to do so because they would be signing their own death warrant” or any such permutation.

The end result of that anti-Semitic thinking is that it is OK for Jews in the year of 2010 some 65 years after the Holocaust to live in such danger.

We on 4international think it is not OK and in this we are quite alone on the Left of today. We are proud to stand with Jews and we will grow, be assured of that.

So the technology is there and it is explained and totally understandable to man´s intellect. But look also at the psychology, that is the psychology of the Mullahs who hold the power in Iran.

It is this psychology that future articles will turn to.

This psychology is rooted inside suicidal self sacrifice, which is an idea that trumps the above thought, that “Iran would not dare”!

And further articles also will turn to examine the real effect of the Iranian and Afghanistan wars, that Iran has been helped by the actions of the United States and European Governments.

The material world exists outside of the individual brain (or consciousness. As an addition to the above:

During the years from 1930 to 1945 the nearly whole `population of my country, Ireland, was kept in just about complete ignorance as to what the Nazis were doing to the Jews.

It seems to me as I read the Media etc that we are again in that kind of situation.

There are many articles on this theme (of the coming war on Israel) on the net

Try this

On the issue of Anne Frank, this young girl and her sister Margot were moved from their home town of Frankfurt Germany, to Amsterdam in Holland, but events were overcoming individual initiative. The Nazis invaded Holland and when in June and July 1942 the Nazis began moving the Jews to a centre close to the German border, Otto the father of Anne took the family into hiding in an attic.

The central lesson…do not let this happen again…the individual cannot fight alone

There are many articles on Anne Frank on the net. Try this:

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