CRISIS IN LEADERSHIP…Jewish groups sponsor anti-Occupation week at Brandeis

These children who play at the game of politics and betray the Jewish nation and people:

November 4, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO (JTA) — Two Jewish student groups are sponsoring Israeli Occupation Awareness Week at Brandeis University.

Students for Justice in Palestine and Jewish Voice for Peace are co-hosting four days of speakers and films focusing on what they say is the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands. The events at the school in Waltham, Mass., a nonsectarian university founded by the American Jewish community, will take place from Nov. 8 to Nov. 11.

Speakers include Noam Chomsky, who will discuss his new book decrying Israel’s policies in Gaza, and Alice Rothchild, who will talk about Jewish support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.

In a news release explaining the event — unusual due to its sponsorship by two Jewish groups — organizers said they wanted to show that “the student body does not fall lock step in line with AIPAC, the ADL and other un-nuanced approaches to the State of Israel and the Palestinian people.”

Melanie Phillips had this to say about Jews who today line up with the “Palestinians” and are full of hatred for Israel:

They also unleashed their venom against Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu during a speech in New Orleans a few days ago, when a bunch of them heckled him over building for Jewish households in East Jerusalem.

Netanyahu accused the protesters of joining those who believe ‘Israel is guilty until proven guilty’. ‘The greatest success of our detractors is when Jews start believing that themselves. We’ve seen that today,’ he told the assembly of Jewish Federations of North America.

… The hecklers were members of the Young Leadership Institute of Jewish Voice. Rae Abileah, a 28-year-old protester from San Francisco, shouted ‘the settlements betray Jewish values’.

On the contrary: Jewish values embody justice and truth. Along with the rest of the JfIAJ, people like Rae Abileah stand for injustice and lies – and one of the biggest lies is to egregiously misrepresent the Jewish values they presume to appropriate.

What makes these Jews for Injustice Against Jews such an appalling phenomenon is not that they ‘criticise’ Israel. That happens in spades every day within Israel itself. No, it’s that they flatly deny Jewish victimisation and find only malign intent in Israel’s every action. They thus turn Israel into some kind of cosmic evil, uniquely malign and thus deserving of a unique censure – which they certainly do not mete out to the tyrannies of the region or anywhere else. They effectively depict Israel as standing outside the bounds of humanity itself. And that is classic Jew-hatred.

At a time when Iran is building its genocide bomb against Israel, when Arab children are being indoctrinated in medieval and Nazi Jew-hatred, when similar blood libels and deranged ‘Jewish conspiracy’ theories are now rampant throughout a ‘civilised’ world which will accordingly look the other way should the rockets start falling on Tel Aviv or Haifa, it is hideous beyond measure that some Jews (including Israelis on the left too) should themselves be lining up behind such forces of evil, providing them with the cynical and spurious camouflage of ‘Jewish conscience’ to enable them to do their infernal business.

Alas, it was ever thus. Most tragically, throughout the history of anti-Jewish persecution there have always been Jews who volunteered to do the Jew-haters’ dirty work for them. Like Jew-hatred itself, what we are seeing in the JfIAJ is merely yet another mutation — of the racial treachery that has centuries-old blood on its hands.

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