THE PRO-ISLAM “LEFT” FASCISTS ON INDYMEDIA IRELAND NEED TO WASH THEIR MOUTHS OUT is the only organization on the real left which stands in unconditional support and defence of the Jews and Israel.


It is therefore not a surprise that the Fascist Left, which is certainly a pro Islam left, and is also in varying degrees a Holocaust denying left, would reserve greatest hatred for ourselves.


This is from Indymedia. The name used to attack us is “Fuck Israel”. (We would advise the commenters on Indymedia Ireland to wash their mouths out) Anyway this character mouths at me:


“Fuck off with your war-mongering and blood-lust Felix, you NAZI scum”


There is much more of the same, but do we need to read it, on


Essentially the issue is over iran and the Bomb. I say that Israel is going to strike against the Iranian bomb alone because it cannot place its security in the hands of America, of either Obama or Romney.


I argue furthermore that another name for Israel could be “never Again” in the sense that following the Nazi Holocaust the security of the Jews must always be in the hands of the Jews.


Thus on this pro Islam left there is a large amount of Holocaust Denial.


If they really took the Holocaust of the Jews seriously then they would empathise with the Jews over Iran, because goodness knows, Iran has made enough threats against Israel, usually calling it a cancer, or such like.


A new Trotskyist leadership must be built in the Left. The future does belong to socialism because capitalism is in steep decline and both the Republican and Democrats (latter under Carter/Bill Clinton/Obama) are working with Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood,  and thus we need a new left to follow in the footsteps of the Great Russian Workers Revolution led by Lenin and Trotsky.

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