4international who are the inheritors of Leon Trotsky and are devoted to telling the truth about Jews against Arab Antisemitism


The structures that she (Rachel Corrie) was attempting to protect by lying down in front of a bulldozer were fronts for tunnels along the border between Egypt and Gaza through which munitions and explosives intended to kill innocent Israelis were being smuggled.


Well damm it all folks! So it was a big lie that Rachel Corrie was defending a house that was being demolished. No What was at stake was or were tunnels through which arms and explosives were being smuggled through to Gaza TO USE IN THE MURDERING OF JEWS.


Even more to the point, the idea that Corrie was in Gaza to promote peace is a myth. The purpose of the International Solidarity Movement’s activities in Gaza was to shield Hamas and Fatah terrorists and to prevent the Israel Defense Forces from carrying out measures intended to stop the flow of arms and terrorist activity.

(both quotes from the excellent Commentary Magazine


Now here is the point. Christy Moore of Ireland who is a very good Singer with a huge following has devoted a song called Burning Times to Rachel Corrie. The words of the song are peculiar in that they have nothing to do with Rachel Corrie at all.


In fact the words of Burning Times are anti-Christian which is just fine by us on 4international BUT Moore has never uttered a Word against Islam and Sharia…so we on 4international call Moore on that…sure slam the Catholics but sing songs to the Sharia protectors.


Which all adds up in my book to Christy Moore being a very good Irish Folk Singer but a very poor human being


Snap out of it Christy! For Christ sake grow up!



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