August 2001 Sbarro pizza restaurant bombing in Jerusalem, in which 15 Israeli civilians were killed. Hamas said the attack was in response to Israel killing its officials, including two senior leaders.[31




Yes it is the most serious defeat yet because Jews in all of Israel were/are in fear of Hamas rockets. Hamas still remains and the rockets remain. Netanyahu is a total traitor to the Jews. He is also a dictator based on the Israeli corrupt Supreme Court system which will clap any opponents to the evil Netanyahu regime and method of politics in jail (as happened under Sharon during the Gaza Withdrawal)


This defeat effects every Jew living in the Homeland, every Jew in the Diaspora who is more ad more threatened no matter where they live or secure they think they are (remember 1933), and also every socialist like is 4intenational who defends Israel.


Netanyahu is a total danger to all of us. But it is not just one person here. We are talking about a system of betrayal of Jews that essentially has its roots in the Labour Party ISM of Ben Gurion, in the crimes of Stalinism which was carried into Israel by MAPAI, and by the lack of theory and anti-Marxism of the opposition under Jabotinski and Begin. That period of betrayal coincided with the murder of Leon Trotsky (great advocate of the Israel to be in the 30s) in 1940 and with literally the wiping out of the whole of the Young Trotskyists (cadre) around Leon Trotsky, including his son and key operative Leon Sedov


But the first step is to remove Netanyahu in the present because we live in the present. Every Jew no matter where they are must stop hiding and must come out and call this deal of Netanyahu as being a TOTAL AND COMPLETE BETRAYAL OF THE JEWISH NATION AND OF ALL PROGRESSIVE ANTI-FASCIST PEOPLES. Hamas is indeed Fascist


Extract from


This dichotomy leaves Israelis increasingly confused and uncertain about how to conduct their lives, especially in the areas closest to the Gaza Strip, which have been largely depopulated by non-stop Hamas short-range rocket and mortar fire.

The theory found a champion this week in an unexpected quarter: Khaled al-Batsh, one of the top men of Islamic Jihad, the pro-Iranian Palestinian terrorist movement which is Hamas’ most active partner in the offensive against Israel.

He suddenly announced he was in favor of a truce.

Lest he be suspected of overnight conversion to peace-lover, DEBKAfile’s intelligence services turns to another hidden aspect of the Gaza conflict for an explanation: The Palestinian group’s patrons, Iran and Hizballah, are working hard to paint their ally Syrian President Bashar Assad as the only force in the Middle East capable of fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – IS. If their proposition is accepted, they will reciprocate by bringing about a halt in the Gaza hostilities. They would also be able to show themselves in the light of the real forces of peace and moderation in the region.


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