by Felix Quigley

October 26, 2008

Yesterday we wrote on 4international:

[tart quote here]

There is OBVIOUSLY a great crisis in Judaism. There are Jews like Belman and others in Israpundit supporting avidly US Imperialism who from the start along with the British were totally opposed to Israel.

And there is a huge crisis inside Israel. Note the DEBKAfile report, there is not one mention of how to deal with the Iran Bomb threat to the lives of millions of Jews.

Only 4international will fight in the election on a correct policy.


This following article will deal mainly with the policy and programme of one Jewish American Canadian site, Israpundit, and its editor Ted Belman. We on 4international are more and more convinced and concerned that a giant betrayal of the Jewish people is being carried out by Israpundit, by Belman, by his bunch of pro US Imperialist writers some of whom seem to emerge out of US Intelligence community, but meanwhile and of great moment the joint founder of Israpundit Joseph Alexander Norland has said not a word to date about this betrayal of the Jewish people.

So…This article will focus on the refusal to date of Belman to address the momentous article of DEBKAfile of some days ago, which told the world that the Iranian Nazi Mullahs had perfected the technology for the H Bomb, and that there is very limited time left. They said end of January 2009. Yes that is 2009! But it is even worse if that is possible: Belman and Israpundit seem to be diverting this DEBKAfile news of huge significance. If this is the case and it looks like it is, then Belman and Levinson plus others on Israpundit are obviously total traitors to the Jewish national cause, and the Jewish Homeland of Israel.

We cannot for a second discount that there are agents of the enemy, of US Intelligence, at work inside Israpundit. Grim times indeed!

In relation to this crisis in Jewish leadership we also wrote yesterday:

[start quote here]

Let us consider what is the main question facing the world, and especially facing the Jewish nation. This is the Iranian Nuclear Bomb, now very advanced, and the threat of a New Holocaust of the Jewish people, this time in Israel where most of the Jews of the world are now concentrated.

This is the key issue facing humanity and of course facing Jews. Therefore, in this situation we have to consider the treachery of many Jewish Leaders in America and Canada (especially) over the past 18 months and their despicable conduct in the US Election campaign.


Israpundit and its writers represent one extreme example of how American and Canadian “Jewish” US Imperialists are now betraying Israel and laying a serious trap for Jews that throws Jews into a most dangerous situation, as dangerous as that faced by Jewish people as they were thrown into cattle trucks by the Nazis to be murdered en masse in the Death Camps.


We on 4international are saying clearly that this is now the main issue facing humanity in general. There must not be another Holocaust of the Jews.


The whole world knows very well, and does little, that Ahmadinejad and the Iranian Nazi Mullahs have threatened to wipe Israel off the map. This has been greeted warmly by the Nazis in the ranks of the Arab peoples, especially the Hizbullah, Fatah and Hamas. These Nazis would like nothing better than to see Israel wiped out by a Nuclear Bomb. The cost of Arab life would be mere collateral to these Nazis. Remember that Hitler, Himmler and Eichmann held on to their gory plans to wipe out the Jews even as they themselves were doomed.


But since the issue of Jewish leadership is so crucial in this situation we have to focus on that.


Let me demonstrate in graphic form the disastrous nature of this pro US Imperialist Jewish leadership which is working itself out every day.


First of all a little historical review:

In our article we laid down precisely what was the main focus of the politics of our Trotskyist 4international. It is that we are concerned with the plight of the Jews in relation to the Iranian bomb, just as Trotsky all those years ago in the early 30s was predicting the terrible fate which awaited the Jews at the hands of the Nazis.


It is a complete fallacy to say that Trotsky did not differentiate between the various capitalist or imperialist powers of his time. He was right to point out that Fascism arises out of decaying capitalism in general. So in the coming war it was not at all permissible to take sides between these Imperialist Powers.


But any fair person looking at the literature of the period will acknowledge that Leon Trotsky in his writings turned to the extreme dangers from Nazi Germany emanating from the insane ideology of Hitler. He gave this almost total attention. For example;

He looked first to the German workers to defeat the Nazis but they were betrayed by Social Democrats and Stalinists. He then looked to France but again the workers mass movement was corralled behind the Popular Frontism by the Stalinists. He then turned his attention to Spain where a genuine workers revolution was beheaded by the Stalinist police machine. This entailed Stalinist thugs assassinating worker militants, Trotskyists and Anarchists…as a campaign of lies was broadcast through a willing Media against Trotsky.


In all of these Trotsky had in mind the danger to the world, and especially the danger to Jews, of Nazism. When Trotsky was fighting for workers revolution in Spain to defeat Franco it was in the context of stopping the Nazi juggernaut in its tracks. His focus was always on the German Nazis.


Trotsky predicted what the Nazis would do to the Jews. Trotsky did predict the Holocaust a dozen years before it was carried out. Jabonitsky later on also did predict the Holocaust but with only a shallow understanding of the social conditions which underpinned Nazism.


So please…Can we return to Belman, Israpundit and in general Jewish American elitist leaders who are tied to US Imperialism rather than being tied to the welfare of the Jews.


It is like this:


  1. The Nazis in Iran have threatened a Holocaust through the Nuclear Bomb. Not once, but many times and these threats are not only from Ahmadinejad
  2. Ever since the British sick making Labour reformist Robin Cook embarked on his policy of negotiating with Iran over the Nuclear Bomb issue 6 years ago the Iranian Nazis have successfully kept at the job of death making. And meanwhile all the time…
  3. Over the past year at least Belman has turned Israpundit into an outfit which is devoted to achieving a win for McCain
  4. Meanwhile the Iranian Nazis keep on going
  5. 3 days ago the very useful and I think very truthful DEBKAfile explained in simple terms that McCain and Obama were called in by US Intelligence and given dramatic news. What this news or vital information consists of is of vital importance to Jews.
  6. DEBKAfile give us a very precise interpretation. DEBKAfile believes that the Iranians will have the Nuclear Bomb by end of January. That is what was passed on they believe with their serious contacts to the 2 candidates Obama and McCain. US intelligence called them in. Could it be anything else.
  7. The candidates to this election have kept quiet and have not told the American people and the Jewish people of Israel what the big news. But we got something from Biden, from McCain not a thing. Biden in a speech says that the new President will be tested very rapidly within taking power. McCain says he is the Commander of the Ship blah blah blah. Neither told the truth as to what the information was but Biden came closer in my opinion to letting the cat out of the bag. Yet we need to know.


We now enter the murky waters of Israpundit as we begin to examine how they interpret this.

Part of the treachery of Belman is that he and Israpundit completely discounted the DEBKAfile interpretation of the Intelligence information.

But why, that is the momentous question?


Belman wrote an article in which he did not mention the Iranian Nuclear issue once. Belman is so hung up on doing in Obama and is so intent on his love affair with Palin, and his cover for the crimes of McCain and Lieberman in the Balkans, that he seems to me to have covered for the greatest possible danger facing the Jews of Israel.

This si how Belman responded:

[egin quote here]

Biden’s “generated crisis” will be a war against Israel


By Ted Belman

Senator Biden recently warned about an upcoming generated crises and asked for political support for Obama’s reaction.

    “Because it’s not gonna be apparent initially, it’s not gonna be apparent that we’re right.”

I know what he is referring to. At least I believe I do. Fatah, Hamas and Hezbollah will attack Israel in a big way to get Israel to attack them back and the UNSC will then pass a Chapter VII resolution, without an American veto, demanding that Israel withdraw to the greenline and abandon all settlements. The UN sends a force consisting of soldiers from Jordan, Egypt and Syria to enforce it and establish “peace”. Here’s my reasoning.

Here Belman has skewed the issue into something which he is calling a “generated crisis”


At the expense of boring our readers let me point here that Israpundit has developed a whole conspiracy theory surrounding something that they call “generated crisis”. This emanates from the wierdo “Laura” who thinks that she is living in the McCarthy era once more, seeing reds under the bed here there and everywhere.

Belman latches on to such stuff!


To him DEBKAfile was wrong. The information given to the 2 candidates was not about the Nuclear Fascist Bomb.


If you think that I am wrong in stating that Belman covered up this vital issue of the US Intelligence briefing the 2 candidates then consult the whole articles on Israpundit.

Especially this one:


Essentially what this means:


Israpundit is thrown into a situation of leadership. But these people on Israpundit are US Imperialists engaged in a dubious campaign on behalf of a section of US Imperialism, that section around McCain Palin. Consequently they are leading the Jewish people by the nose to disaster.

When Belman, “Laura”, Yamit82 etc engage in such politics it is a serious matter for Jews

I believe firmly that DEBKAfile is right. These 2 candidates were called in to be told of the readiness of the Iranian Nuclear Bomb by the end of January. At least that has to be a very serious contender for what was told to them.

That was days ago now. And Belman has written not a word to reflect the DEBKAfile news.

Belman and Israpundit have gone on a further witch hunt and in doing so have obscured the real issue. How is it possible for Israel and its friends around the world to stop the Iranian Bomb.

It is so serious because the lives of millions of Jews are at stake in a new Holocaust. And the betrayal of the Jews is at full swing on Israpundit under a cover of Jewishness (actually)


We on 4international will do our best not to allow this to happen.



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