By Felix Quigley


December 12, 2008


The treachery of the present Israeli Government of Livni, Olmert and Barak was shown yesterday when trucks trundled from Israel carrying what!!! Loads of cash for Hamas which will be used to finance the killing of Jews in Israel since there are NO Jews left in Gaza for Fascists to kill.


An organization of Jews in Israel which is campaigning for the release of the young soldier Shalit which Hamas kidnapped and holds rushed down to the border crossing to try to stop the trucks of bullion making their way to make this grand gesture and donation *For arms( to Hamas.


The Jewish Homeland decided wrongly that they would pull every last Jew out of Gaza and thus emulated the German Nazis and other historical anti-Semites in making the Gaza Judenfrei.


The response was not a thank you let-s try to make something of this place for ourselves by the Gazan Arabs. Their response was to give Hamas the Fascist organization almost total electoral support.


Hamas won the election in a landslide thanks to the innate anti-Semitism in the Arabs now for the past 30 years or so newly christened with the name “Palestinians”.


Perhaps some Israeli Jews thought by pulling out they would be answered by peace from the Arabs, or maybe just leave them to their own devices.


They miscalculated on the latter because the devices of the Arabs is to use each and every occasion to stir up hatred of Israel. The Arabs as a whole wish to destroy Israel.


In doing this they call in the services of the Independent, the Guardian, the BBC etc. That is the top end of it. The bottom end, the openly anti-Semitic Nazis are to be found in the ISM in places such as Galway, Ireland, where open Jew Hatred is preached by the ISM.


Part of the INN news report wrote on these incredible events

[begin quote here]


( Five trucks brought NIS 100 million into Gaza Thursday afternoon from banks located in Hevron, Jerusalem, and Tul-Karem after Defense Minister Ehud Barak ordered the money transfer to prevent banks in the region from collapsing. The Legal Forum for the Land of Israel made an urgent appeal on Wednesday to Attorney General Manny Mazuz to stop the transfer of money. “According to the law forbidding the financing of terrorism, this money should not be transferred. The transfer is neither legal nor ethical,” the Legal Forum stated.
INN report further wrote

Gilad Shalit was abducted 900 days ago in a Hamas terrorist attack at a Gaza crossing where two other soldiers were killed. The head of the International Red Cross (ICRC) delegation in Israel said Wednesday that he has done whatever is possible to make contact with the kidnapped IDF soldier but has not been able to surpass political obstacles.

Hamas senior officer Mahmoud al-Zahar on Thursday repeated that Shalit could be freed in “one day” if Israel were to meet its demands by liberating 1,000 terrorists and opening all Gaza crossings, including Rafiah.

Humanitarian Gestures While Under Attack
Whether calm in the Gaza area will be restored through Israel’s humanitarian gesture of transferring money is uncertain. This week, terrorists from Gaza continued to fire Kassam rockets and mortars at Jewish communities around Gaza. In addition, Israel’s army found several bombs that had been planted in the area around Gaza.

The head of Southern Command, Major General Yoav Gallant, has instructed the army to prepare for a possible Hamas attack next week. Sunday is the anniversary of the founding of the Hamas terrorist organization and next Thursday marks the official end of the cease-fire.



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